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We all need to pray everyday. We need to pray for forgiveness among other things. It's our way of communicating with our Father. We should give Him thanks and praise for everything He's done for us.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010





How does one really pray

It’s just having a conversation with God some say


What do you say or how do you start

Some would tell you just telling Him what’s in your heart


Does God really answer prayers

Does he really care


Some would say yes while others say no

Some prayers are answered quickly while others are slow


Why do some continue to pray for something for years but still nothing has changed

While others pray for something and it happens; doesn’t that seem strange


Some have given up on prayer because they feel it doesn’t do any good

But are they praying the way they should


Why does prayer come so easy for some

Where do all the words and emotion come from


While when some pray it always sounds the same

The words seem to never change


The only answer I can give to you

And the Bible says this to be true


All prayers will be answered if you believe

If you do this your prayers will be answered you’ll see


We have to seek Him first in everything we do

That means doing his will and reading the Bible too


We must give Him thanks and praise everyday

And ask for His forgiveness every time we pray


You must be specific on what you’re praying for

Get on a one on one basis with the Lord


He knows what’s in your heart before you even ask

So just open yourself up to him don’t hold anything back


You will find it’s so much better when you get it all out

Who knows you may get the urge to shout


Read your Bible, give Him thanks and praise

Do his everyday and always pray


You want to know the best place to start

Asking and accepting Jesus Christ into your heart

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