Blood On Dainty Fingers...

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this is the tragic story of two girls...

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



Fluffy and gloomy, the clouds roamed the horizon with menacing strides. How melodramatically appropriate, she thought to herself. She was, Miss Kiera Hamilton, the biggest loser in the entire universe. Currently teaching English to a bunch of 6 year olds, she has been trying to get a degree after failing spectacularly for the second time. If she thought number three was her lucky number, well, wrong again. To add insult to injury, at the age of 28 she still lives with her parents who find pleasure in criticizing her every move. She was SO CLOSE to banging her thick head onto the wall. Enough twittering about. She sighed as she pulled a stack of books towards her. There was only one thing that was more annoying than a bunch of 6 year kids, diary enteries by a bunch of 6 year olds. After going through half of it, her head was already reeling with minute details of their mundane lifes. Assigning them to write a diary entry was indeed a mistake as it annoyed her to the very core as she was forced to read about pink elastic bands and superman underwears. For some unknown reason, all of them were concluded with a postscript stating senseless things. She reached for the next book that had Ruby Vandergald in neat handwriting. Well, here it goes...

Dear Mr. Diary,

Today is Tuesday. I like Tuesdays. Mr. Nice I Scream Man comes on Tuesdays. But he did not come. He did not come because it was raining. Jewel cried and mamma told her to shut the hell up. Mamma was very angry. Grandmamma said mamma was cursing away like a sailor. This is because Auntie Mandy had told mamma that her bummie looked like she swallowed an elephant. I thought it did not look too big. Maybe it looked like she swallowed a baby elephant. Then i went to school. Miss Hamilton was also very angry. But Miss Hamilton was angry at Libby. Libby likes Tommy. So Libby wanted to kiss Tommy like in Titanic. Libby made Missy, Denise, Minnie, Tanya and Reena hold Tommy down. Then Libby kissed Tommy. Poor Tommy started crying. I came home after school. Papa told me to come with him. Papa said it was time for our ritual. Papa said if we did not do it Jewel will die. Papa told me that if i told anyone about it, Jewel will still die. I think it is ok to tell you Mr. Diary because Miss Hamilton said it is a private book that no one reads. Papa said we started the ritual when i was 4. I do not really remember. Papa said that we can stop the ritual when I grow big. Papa took my clothes off. Papa then took his clothes of. It was painful but papa told me to keep quiet. I cried because it my pee pee still hurts after our ritual on Sunday. But it is ok. I love Jewel very much.

P.S : God please do not kill Jewel or papa or mamma or grandmamma. Thank you god . I love you.

Mute with shock, Kiera frantically searched for Ruby’s twin, Jewel’s book. Alas, when she found it she was almost to afraid to open it. It had Jewel Vandergald written just as neatly on top of it. Her hands shook as she opened the pages...

Dear Me,

Today is Thursday. Mama scolded me. I did not finish my homework earlier. Ruby finished her diary on Tuesday. So mama told me to finish it or else mama will hit my bummie untill both of it falls off. Today Ruby and I went to school late. So Mr. Saunders scolded us. As usual, Miss Hamilton was angry. When i asked Miss Hamilton why, she asked me how would i feel if my mama called me a dummy. Miss Hamilton did not let me answer her. Miss Hamilton told me to go and sit down. Then it was lunch time. Papa always called mama an excellent cook. So I do not understand why mama always gives us burnt toasts all the time. Mama always said that it was the best she could do. Mama said we cannot complain. Mama said if we complain, mama will feed us cow dung. I was eating the black toast with Ruby and Tommy. Libby came to us and spat on my black toast. Libby said Tommy was her boyfriend because she kissed Tommy. Ruby pulled Libby’s hair when Libby wanted to punch me. I slapped Libby when Libby pulled Ruby’s hair. Tommy pulled Libby’s hair when Libby slapped me. Mr. Saunders found us fighting. He called papa to school. Papa did not scold us. Papa laughed and said we were both like lions. Papa told Ruby to take a shower. Papa brought me upstairs to the bedroom and kissed me goodnight. Papa said we did not have to do our ritual because he was tired. Papa pinky swore that nothing will happen to Ruby ever and forever.

P.S : I hope Ruby will not die. It is ok if my pee pee hurts when I pee. I love Ruby very much. I will ask god on Sunday to not let Ruby die. I love you Ruby. I love you papa. I love you mama.

Unable to move a muscle, she looked out at the dark sky and listened to the rebellious rain against the window panes...

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