One Last Chance for Me

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This is a poem about a girl who was my world and i threw it away. Sorry for the ill grammar.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



your name starts with n you know who you are,
weve done alot togther like sit up and stare at the stars,
i met u a long time ago and never gave you a second glance,
but now youre all grown up and lets say you filled them pants,
i realized you were pretty special and i gave it a shot,
even the first time we were together i thought you were hot,
things went well but u were kinda shy,
and like a jackass i acted like a guy,
i thought i could do better and left you for another,
who i found out was jus a fat ass bitch whos gonna be a mother,
i didnt deserve it but u gave me another chance,
and this time you wasnt shy you let me right in your pants,
it was the greatest thing ever but again i was retarted,
i went back to that bitch or whatever u wonna call it,
and again u were so gracious to let me back in your life,
and this time i cherished it i would give it no price,
we went here and there i wanted to give you the world,
our love was special it was something for people to envy,
and it was amazing something we shared jus you and me,
we traveled for miles so together we could have fun,
but i didnt care where we was as long as u were the one,
and we had a blast together and it was great,
but i fucked it up again i guess it was fate,
and i try every day to make up for what i did,
i still love you i want us to have a family a kid,
im the last man on earth who deserves you,
hell lock me up and throw me in a zoo,
i dont know if there is nething left for me and you,
but for the life of me i hope its true,
i sit up at night and all i see is your face,
i dont know how much longer i can keep this pace,
without you im slowly dying slipping away,
i dont believe in it but for you i pray,
pray that we can one day look at the stars,
look at the rides,
look at the lasers,
look at each other,
but instead of seeing pain we could once again see love,
a future,
a family,
and hopefully you can see me for what i am now,
not the can artist you think i am,
not jus some pretty words to have you back,
not jus a guy,
but the guy who makes you smile,
makes you happy,
makes you feel loved,
im not askin for forgiveness or for your full love,
i only ask to look forward look at who i am now,
cause who i am now is a man who wants nothing but to be with you,
sad that it took all this to realize it but its true,
i know ive hurt you more than ne ever could,
but im tryin to do the things i should,
im done getting mad,
im done being controlling,
im done with neone else,
im done hurting you,
im done being insensitive,
im done,
and now that ive said all this i dont expect nething to change,
to you i am what you think i am,
but i jus wish for 5 min you would re-evaluate,
and maybe no hopefully i can be jus a lil great,
jus great enough for you to smile again,
to maybe let me back in,
so i can show you what i am today,
and not the guy you knew from yesterdays,
so i can come in and be part of you again,
im making this about me making you happy,
like your missing out without me,
when actually you r a big part of me,
im nothing without you,
without you the only color i know is blue,
you made me feel like the luckiest guy ever,
i miss you,
i want you,
i need you,
i love you,

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