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Account of my wife Sharon and my 53rd Wedding Anniversary at our mountain cabin, not ceremoniously but doing everyday chores and enjoying each others company.

Submitted: August 26, 2018

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Submitted: August 26, 2018




Account by Virgil Dube’ - August 14, 2018

Sharon and I arrived at our cabin Monday, August 13. We were tired but excited as always to revisit our home away from home after traveling 10 hours over Georgia back roads. The next day the 14th would be our 53rd Wedding Anniversary. We had no special celebration planned, just to enjoy quietness in our little mountain retreat away from the hustle and bustle of modern-day suburbia.

Noticing fallen limbs across our wooded yard as we motored down our drive, the weather quite rainy and windy in our absence over several weeks, we realized we would begin our special day tomorrow doing cleanup. This isn’t so unusual, because Sharon and I expect to do such tasks on any landmark day.

We awakened Tuesday wishing each other a nice wedding anniversary, a kiss following. After a normal breakfast, and bedroom and kitchen neatly rearranged, we set about doing our yard chores, the outside temperature chilly at 58 degrees and stimulating. We began by policing the yard of fallen debris tossed into a wheelbarrow, our down-to-earth anniversary fully underway.

Trash collected, Sharon moved to another task. Prior, she had uprooted excess Aztec border grass from our Jacksonville home to plant in front of our swing-set beside swift-running Fightingtown Creek. The sloping ground was bare in the area we wanted to enhance the creek view and also reduce soil erosion. While she planted grass I started the blower and blew main areas of the yard clear of a surprising amount of fallen leaves for this time of summer. We hear this was is a sign of a cold winter coming. That job done, I helped her finish her project, the once barren space soon nicely planted.

After our normal lunch, comprised of a sandwich, mixed nuts, chips, a cookie, fruit (grapes), and tea, we rested as usual, which involves reading initially then napping afterward. Up and about again in ninety minutes, Sharon put a large pot of water seasoned with salt on the stove burner and began boiling peanuts we bought at a Wal-Mart in Hazlehurst, Georgia on our trip up.

As the peanuts cooked several hours in the afternoon we returned to manicuring the yard. We began where we left off, which everything was hunky-dory before. However, now as the days’ temperature rose, we had to tolerate gnats that became increasingly annoying during our sweaty labor, which finally necessitated an application of OFF on arms, neck, and face! YUCK! The spray failed to repel a ticked-off wasp that stung me on my forearm while I trimmed holly bushes alongside our cabin.

OUCH! I hollered, withdrawing speedily from the hedge.

Glaring at the bush and hearing the menacing buzzing within the dense foliage, I realizing I wasn’t able to proceed without taking action. I decided to take care of the nest of aggressive stingers promptly, which I proceeded to do, spitefully. The situation nullified, I returned to complete my trimming.

Barbecuing a select cut of sirloin steak later on our front porch grill along with a dozen sausage links for future meals, we added potatoes cooked in Sharon’s baked potato pouch, also vegetables to have an anniversary supper better than we would have ordered at most restaurants. Normally, we would drive to the scenic Toccoa Riverside Restaurant 12 miles outside of Blue Ridge on Aska Drive. This year with responsibilities needing done, we gave them priority.

Later as darkness encircled our little abode and ready to watch TV shows, we sat side-by-side on our sofa with a bowl between us. Happy with our day’s accomplishments, we enjoyed boiled peanuts that we hadn’t personally prepared and eaten in years, for which we indulged eagerly and declared bite after yummy bite, they beat the heck out of a fancy cake covered with all that gooey icing. We ate plenty that first sitting, and had enough peanuts left over for snacking several more days, four in fact.

Our special day drawing to a close with tasks accomplished and activity not so different from umpteen dozen other days during any month, we took a shower well deserved, then lay under the bedcovers reading from our respective novels.  Our eyes began to grow hypnotically weary and heavy, the words getting harder to comprehend and us yawning increasingly while further enchantment embraced us hearing the mesmerizing flow of Fightingtown Creek just 35 feet away mingled with crickets rhythmically chorus outside in the nearby woods. We finally called it quits for the day, and did a half-conscious kiss, our always ‘love you and sweet dreams’, then soon fell contentedly into slumber to begin one second past midnight our 54th year of togetherness in dreamsville.

*  *  *

One scratching his head might ask, “Sharon and Virgil, what’s so extraordinary to mention all this normalcy and lack of celebratory hullabaloo on your 53rd Wedding Anniversary?”

We each would probably pause momentarily looking one to the other to consider the question in conjunction with the state of the world today.

Then Sharon and I would likely reply, “What is extraordinary my friend is that what we did on our anniversary is quite ordinary for us, two ordinary married people contentedly doing ordinary things together on an extraordinary day in each other’s familiar company seasoned over 53 years doing what comes naturally.”


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