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Inspired by yesterday's world march calling for Climate Change to be addressed aggressively by countries' leaders to get together and do something about the mounting problem, I decided to post this article identifying this as our paramount and growing worldwide problem that could affect every living organism on Planet Earth perhaps soon, and probably not so far in the future.

Submitted: September 21, 2019

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Submitted: September 21, 2019




Article by Virgil Dube - September 20, 2019 - World Protest Day for Climate Change.

I wrote this several weeks ago. Today with the worldwide protests by countless millions, young people leading the way, has prompted me to post it in today’s historic aftermath, these activists I applaud, this message my small part added to the climate change protests.

Far too many people are guided by cultural doctrine or political persuasion and say that climate change is a hoax and see it as a political football being tossed around. There are far too many people who are misinformed and bend to unauthoratative reporting or speech-making by influential people that are purposely-disavowing climate change for selfish reasoning. There are far too many people who are plainly indifferent … are satisfied with status quo and just don’t give a damn. It is because of these persons so widespread and quite plainly, influential as to the state our planet that is arriving in an environmental crisis, that I write this article aside from my personal artistic passions. 


Across Planet Earth all living organisms go about their daily struggles to survive, survival of the fittest the dominating factor in success, or the lack of it, failure leading to individual demise or species extinction.

We are animals, indisputable — plain and simple, and therefore humanity is no different. We exist and abide by environment factors that supports our longevity as a species on Planet Earth, those environmental factors like that of all creatures delicately balanced. 

Within our artificial culture’s spread across Planet Earth, humans go about their daily activities as local or national law and order specifies, be the people free, or oppressed and under bondage, a high percentage unconscious that the very ground they reside is delicately sustaining their very existence. For so many human beings hard pressed, this unawareness is understandable. But for the rest of us relatively free, and to some degree knowledgeable verses those that are not, naturally, it is hard to fathom the mindset to supposedly smart people in opposition to climate change with environmental evidence staring them in the faces, hundreds of thousands suffering from incessant annual disasters brought about by increased carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. For those ideally situated in grandiose lifestyle in America with access to updated climate data, and seeing distress play out on a global scale to greater or much lesser degree, it is appalling that in our technological country there are people turning a blind eye to publicized cold hard scientific facts. This behavior for the most part is inexcusable not to be aware theirs and their children’s possible future imperilment when stepping into the voting booth and casting a vote for a self-centered politician be he/she of any party that contradicts climate change as a real occurrence, failing to support the constructive lawmaker sworn to working to save our planet that scientific data has collectively explored and is ongoing proving beyond doubt climate change actually exists and is an impending imperilment to humanity in the foreseeable future and possible life on Planet Earth in due time.


Our Sun a medium size star resides at the center of our Solar System. It is our pearl. It is our diamond. It is our giver of life, our fundamental means of existence. After it’s beginning 4.6 billion years ago bursting into existence from a hydrogen gas cloud and compressed by immense gravity inward to fuse into a thermonuclear burner at its center, it has never ceased to change. It has burned (fused) hydrogen gas ever since until the time arrives that hydrogen is exhausted and the switch is to burn the residual gas formed — helium. This will prompt the Sun to transform into a Red Giant star and flare outward millions of miles. In fact, the Sun has grown hotter from it’s beginning. 

On a minute scale each gamma ray of countless trillions that are consequence products of the fusion process within the Sun’s core, forms and subsequently bounces and interacts with material as it surges outward on a million-year voyage to the surface. At the Corona the particle of energy is ejected as a photon that when it engages with any matter in space, such as Earth or our Moon, it lights that material. This particle beam of energy reaches Planet Earth in eight minutes, where it does it’s magic - incite life. Consequently, its total time of existence in its journey here to interact with you a person is one million years and eight minutes.

As our Sun, a star, formed into a thermonuclear ball at the center of the spiraling hydrogen gas cloud, orbiting matter as gas and dust not trapped within the central sphere accreted to form rocky bodied objects that further interacted in violent manner eventually developed into planets, four inner, and a host of gaseous cold outer planets, proto-planets, and their moons.

Within time four inner planets experienced a similar formation, three with evidence of supporting water. Our Sun ever heating has altered each of these planets atmospheres, Mercury so close in orbit around the Sun it had no chance to sustain water that comets may have planted briefly on its surface, thus an incapability to sustain any form of life. 

Venus for a period did sustain surface water much like the Earth during the same period ... lots of it. But it lost this surface water due to evaporation from solar heating, the planet relatively close to the Sun, and, heightened by volcanic activity that spilled sulfuric gas and carbon dioxide into the heating atmosphere that soon bent to the greenhouse effect, a runaway condition whereby carbon dioxide accumulated and predominated, now occupying 98% of the planet’s atmospheric gasses. The surface temperature of Venus is 855 degrees, hot enough to melt lead.

Mars farther out is suspected of harboring surface water, the vital component of life as we know it. However, Mars’ distance rendering it extremely cold, its smaller size, and thin atmosphere, caused hydrogen gas to escape into space. Nevertheless, robotic devises have detected water still in existence at the poles and possible underground as permafrost. The question remains, ‘does life exist in any form on Mars in obscure places?’ My personal opinion is a shoulder-shrug, maybe remnants of simple-cell organisms trapped between organelles and true organized cells with a nucleus and mitochondria that lead to multicellular life forming to process proteins on Earth around 3.7 billion years ago.


Within any star system (even outward in any galaxy away from the highly intense central core) there is an area called the ‘Habitable Zone’ whereby a planet could sustain water and possibly harbor evolutionary life forms as has propagated on Planet Earth. Our planet was formed ideally within the Habitable Zone when our Sun was much younger, and cooler. Since it is growing hotter for reason not yet fully understood, the Habitable Zone is inching outward, we dangerously nearing its extreme inner edge. It is theorized that when the Sun reaches five or six billion years of age, it would have flared outward to the point it has cooked Planet Earth, evaporating the oceans and sterilizing it of life forms. This process will be gradual, long existing.

Meanwhile life co-exists in an extremely lucky and fortunate era of nature allowing its existence, the Habitable Zone still positioned in our favor. However, we are in fact (not fiction) bolstering by our global industrial condition possibly a forthcoming cycle of climate change that has occurred in similarity and periodically over life’s multicellular existence dating back approximately 475 million years, we possible perpetuating a sixth catastrophic episode that in past episodes has extinguished millions of life forms, the latest ones leaving us with survivor’s we observe today, including ourselves.

We can’t afford guessing with this serious matter. We must act as one, for if we don’t, our posterity and we to begin with most certainly, will suffer, and we could have engineered by means of collective ignorance and greed a wholesale extinction that very probably will include us.

I intended by physical examples of nature’s intricacies in this article to convey just how delicate our biosphere is, the fragility of what sustains us being attacked by human activities coupled with nature’s forces, selfishness a hindrance, and plain ignorance in far too many quarters. In conclusion I would like to see a Department for the Advancement of Science and Research formed predominantly in our government, not a subcommittee of Congress, but a bona fide working body where brilliant minds within work with national and international institutions and gifted individuals to challenge forces of nature for the betterment of all mankind.

Yes, the Sun gives, and then the Sun takes away. Are we going to accelerate the process, or are we going to get together as one and slow the inevitable … Virgil Dube’.

© Copyright 2020 Virgil Dube. All rights reserved.

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