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had written some years back when being high was all and limits were endless . I knew then about the illusion of reality and feelings of insanity .

Submitted: April 19, 2013

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Submitted: April 19, 2013




how easy it is to label someone mad ,do we know anything about them , by watching some movies and listening to our elders who think just like us with the only difference in age . why do we create such stereotypes of everyone that we feel different from us . who are we to judge among other people when no one person knows anything about the other . are you normal? what answer comes to your mind - yes! . what do you understand by normal . is it to be like everybody else , do what they do , say what they say .

go find ur senses under those rocks where god made home for insects - money is material , y r u so blinded by it ... things r to use , just use - wasting ur time on them , so ignorant .. share sum with sumone , help one and help another ... how can i explain the peace i have which when i see ur faces makes me soo sad, sad to know tht u r selling everything in the world

ah society where people live with each other , oh my land where pure hearts are one and in motion for helping ... blame me , label me a misguider but do this , if not for me then for your ones - read the novel with peace in all its chapters , learn honour , principals , dun believe in race , culture or ethnicity - believe you are just a shadow of the person next to you n so on . its your life ,world n wealth, now is the time to be a wise man !

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