The alien in the basement

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Submitted: January 10, 2010

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Submitted: January 10, 2010



I was asleep one night when my little brother, Josh, came in my room. Josh is a 4ft,6 year old guy who wears casual clothes like jeans, and white t-shirts, and can make a joke out of almost anything. Josh came in my room and studdered,

"I heard something downstairs. Can you go see if theirs anything down their Blake?" Blake's me. I wear jeans and white t-shirts, and a jacket-half zipped so im pretty casual. Im 13 and my lil bro looks up to me too much. I think my friends make fun of me at times. ButI told Josh,

"Josh,theirs nothing down-"CRASH!!!!!!!!!

"Blake what was that"said josh in a weery voice I said

"Josh i wish i knew stay here".I walk down the stairs and notice that we put in new carpits on our stairs.But i walk down the stairs and see something really really odd.Slime.I put my finger in it and it was cold like all other slime is.But the trail just kept going I followed it.The trail of green slime led to the basement.I walked down to the basement and i see a shadow.Of something with four faces,and stuff was falling off him I couldnt tell lwhat it was but i was sure it was more slime.I take another steep and I see why the slime was green.Their was a alien in our basement.I reacted like a caveman disscovering light.I screamed at the top of my lungs and charged up the stairs.Josh of course when i ran up the stairs he was staring at me and he was like

"Blake,what happend to you"?!!?!?!?!I said

"what do you thinkI did?I said

"I dont know,but what was down their?"asked josh.

I said as calm as someone could say

"Josh,theirs a alien in our basement".

"No way."said josh in a exited voice I said

"Josh this alien could be dangerous,we should try to get out of the house."I said

"Blake but what if hes friendly,I know in all of the movies the alien eats his face off but what about in Chicken Little?said josh.

"Josh,those were chickens and farm animals and ducks that talk...i said

"But theirs a alien in our basement.Stated josh I knew i couldnt convince him that their wasnt one but maybe he should go have a look then he said

"I have a cap gun in my room should i go and knock his daylights out?"

"JoshI dont think a cap gun can help us in this situation.I said but thenI heard a sound something was coming up the stairsI was wondering who it was maybe it was the alien so I told Josh

"Josh grab your cap gun"!

then when Josh came back he saw the slime coming up the stairs and he said

"Blake you faild that was dad with his new slime that mom got him and he was experaminting on it to make it bigger".

the end

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