Good bye note

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This story is about a married couple who complicated their lives due to sheer miscommunication.

Submitted: May 04, 2013

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Submitted: May 04, 2013



“Goodbye Note”

It took me few minutes to realize that she was packing her luggage. This was not our first episode; quarrels have become routine now a day. She got ready and left in the taxi waiting outside the house. I knew she headed to her parent’s house. I wanted to tell her that I will not come behind her every time she walks out over trifle matters.

 “Are you ok?” Sonali broke me off from my reverie.

“Yeah I am fine”

“You don’t seem to be fine Mister.” She said.

“Just a couple of bizarre thoughts crossed my mind nothing else”, I said and wore a forced smile on my face.

“So you are in for the movie that we all have decided to go today evening”? She asked.

“Yeah I am”.

“Ok make sure you and Aarti reach the cinema hall 10 minutes before start of the show”.

“Sonali there is a tiny glitch, Aarti won’t be coming tonight”, I said trying to register disappointed look on my face.

“Hey come on this the third time in a row, why can’t she come this time around? Don’t tell me you people had a fight again?

I just shrugged. She looked a bit worried as I narrated my latest encounter with Aarti.

“Why don’t you people just sit and sought it out before it’s too late?” She said encouragingly looking away towards Jatin and Amit.

They both came up to my table and invited us for coffee. Sonali accepted their invitation and I sank back into my chair alone again reflecting on my 5 years relationship with Aarti.

She was my mother’s choice and my dad also did not protest as she was his best friend’s daughter. After couple of formal discussions both the families agreed and our marriage took place. She is too stubborn to understand and I am little proud to apologize. Our heated fights and discussion has complicated our married life. I have put in lot of efforts to resolve our disparity but in vain. It is only we people involved in the relationship have made it more complex. Relation break when lots of miscommunication creeps in but she never appear to listen what I have to say.  I appreciate my friends trying to sort our not working relationship and tried helping us get back our lost love but nothing changed.

I needed to end this forever, I concluded to walk out of the relationship. I was happy already for having made the decision first .I turned on my laptop to write a goodbye note to Aarti. I was very much excited don’t know why but right now was feeling like a King who was getting ready to proclaim his victory over his most  dreaded foe.


Dear Hi Aarti

No matter how hard we’ve tried our marriage never seem to work. It has always been a compromise. We have been together but we have never had bond of love. Living together like this is not enough. Aarti please try to understand we have never shared anything that a husband and wife should have, something is missing. I don’t know what it is until today. It’s “LOVE”, you could never give me the Love and warmth that I expected from you. Maybe it’s not anybody fault, we are just not made for each other. Aarti I cannot live without the Love in my life. You may not believe but this has not been an easy decision to make but I have to decide this for myself and for the Love I seek.

Please don’t make this difficult for me anymore. We have to part our ways. I am sorry;



I finished my note; my cell phone beeped and a message popped up.


Hi Rajesh,

We have been together all these years but you never gave me a chance to express myself. All I craved is for your Love and warmth. You never responded to my feelings. We are made for each other Raj…… we have everything in our relationship. Please forgive me but it is difficult to live without you loving me.

Love you forever


I was completely shaken up after reading this. How is this possible? The missing affection in our relationship is my fault? She carved for my Love and care all these years? I was the one who never responded to her feelings? I did not have a clue that this was coming. We both seriously need to talk and resolve this at the earliest. Thank God I still haven’t mailed the good bye note to Aarti. I stood up & looked for my car keys.


My cell rang again, its Aarti

“Hi Aarti I am really happy to see your message, don’t say anything I am coming over to pick you and then we go to a ……Hello….”

“Hello Rajesh, Aarti’s papa here!!Aarti is admitted in the hospital. She has taken overdose of sleeping pills, her condition is very critical, please come over as fast as possible,”

I rushed towards our office parking, my thoughts echoing “No! This can’t be Aarti‘s good bye note"!!!!!



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