My is a lie

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A teen Casanova on hunt but tries to prey upon a Hunter by his own 3 step strategy...gets ditched...but did he felt love this further...

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011





My infatuations

…..Love is a lie.



Well it all started with my first day at the last year of my schooling; yeah, I, Samrat Singh, was finally in my 12th grade.

Astonishing and rather impulsive decision of my father to move on to an entirely new city made life far from easy. Although it’s always hard to change school just after 11th grade, my not so surprisingly high grades helped a lot. There had been always a funny story to tell about my scores as I grew up, much for my apprehension and my so-called friends’ astonishment. I had a weird track record of performing my best academically whenever my romantic life suffered miserably. How it worked was still a mystery but nevertheless it always helped. I had performed well may be due to this very fact since last 3 years now.

But this time, I have had enough of this sentimental shit and wanted to get over it, once in for all. Moving on with what all happened last year wasn’t easy but may be God has structured me perfectly for it. So, I employed my savored skill of constantly moving on. But this time I had a determined sense of permanence.

Physically I wasn’t in any way stunningly handsome or something but just a lean (well, it’s an understatement) guy who at first appeared to be normal. Then, whenever a girl approached me (or the reciprocal) something in me triggered a well laid ‘3 step strategy’:

  1. Appear to be fully nerd at first, hard to digest and ignore
  2. All of a sudden become casual, performing without effort and let the aforementioned girl to astonish the versatility for a while….Give full heed
  3. Then all of sudden stop performing or subside your charm for a while….again Ignore

The result was almost every time positive for the ‘ignore-heed-ignore’ policy. The feminine habit of being curious of every psychological upheaval occurring in their ‘good-friend’s life’ always surfaced and it was easy to manipulate them.

However the most astonishing aspect of the whole procedure was the unusual feeling I felt myself. Every single time I thought I was in love this time but the subsequent post-breakup time had always been so tiny, I am certain I can never be in love.

Well, now I thought myself to be grown up and mature in all these aspects and hated the old Samrat. But how can a gambler live without wagering his luck? The dreaded happened again.

 Honestly I wasn’t able to recognize, even faintly who the hell she was? But as I have learnt through observation, its masculine human nature to never put down a feminine demand of having an acquaintance.  My first day at my new school hadn’t brought much joy to me, not surely because of the start, but of the back-story behind. And with all the odds superficially going with, but deep within against me, this seemingly pretty girl (a gender I wanted a safe distance with) intended to start a tête-à-tête chat.

It all started at our first practical class. Apparently she and I were alphabetically consecutive in the roll call (her name being Smriti). Understandably I was her lab partner. I tried it to be all about academics but her constant dubious gaze on my devoted operation in the class made me bumpy. Eventually she cornered me in front of a window after one of our practical classes with authority. What she uttered, subsequently made me aghast more than the drag she gave me.

“Hey, do you know anything about Anshika? She was your ex-classmate I suppose.” She asked with scandalous eyes.

I, all of a sudden, slithered from the window panel that helped me stand after the drag. The prospect of the slip was surely comically stupid for spectators but for Smriti it seemed anticipated. She helped me stand again and with a cunning smile said, “I should take that as a Yes!”

I nodded with an hmm…

“Well we were…I mean are…childhood friends. She said you were special to her!”

I took my glance away from her. The amount of emphasis she put on the ‘were’ was nailing for me. 3 months! I thought 3 months would be enough to recuperate.

“Come on!! Agree with me!”

I nodded absent-mindedly. Why every female in this world interested about anything close to a spark of love.

Anshika…Anshika…the very name shots a bolt down my spine!

“What do want from me? I mean… why a girl would all of a sudden point out the name of her allegedly best friend to the latter’s ex-boyfriend?!?!” I yelled out of nowhere but thank God, the classroom was in a process of dispersal and nobody noticed.

She seemed to be back off by my reaction and gave me a look that probably meant she was right about you!! She stormed out, leaving me alone, pondering upon what had happened a year ago…

It was my first day at the 11th grade… my first day after my board results. I had aptly chosen Medical stream as planned and was ready to continue my good academic record in my homely school…Yeah, I that was  MY school, where I had spent splendid 12 years… made all friends…enemies…admirers and envious foes…I loved my school that taught me how to live.

Well the first day was nice as always, making new acquaintances with the new-comers. Well it was not just act of making new friends; it had a different story behind. Every year, just for light humor, boys of our schools became lady-scavengers for the first week looking on for new and fresh dwellers of this forest of awesome! This very scavenging pair of eyes noticed her…Anshika…fair as silver…cute as a doll…everything a 16 year old stag will require. So, Samrat was on for the kill.

She was my classmate and so it was quite easy to strike out a conversation but I waited, lingering on for the right moment. It came a day afterwards at the chemistry lab (I don’t know why it always triggered at the labs!). We were practicing the use of pipette and she (may be deliberately) wasn’t able to do such a minion task. I glanced at her and with the classic flirting tone and said, “You are dumb at sucking!” I don’t know why I threw such a cheap shot but it worked. She smiled. Then the very subsequent recess brought ample opportunities. I threw more cheap shots but with prior warnings and she seemed to like the way I wasn’t acting fake. Classic trick!!!

Then, next day I started ignoring her…the first step was on! She did seem worried and tried a lot to churn out the reason from all possible ways. I was for sure performing nice in every class (well, except MATHS) more concerned about studies, totally avoiding her that day. 

The next day, I met her before the start of the day while she was climbing up the stairs. I smiled but she didn’t. I struck in between, turned around and re-struck a conversation.

“Hey! Wassup! Sorry for yesterday, actually I was out of my mind.” Then I made a swirling-finger gesture around my head. She gave me a weird reaction but removed it quickly.

“Ah! I think that’s what happens with brains like you!”

Tigress on the move….yeah, it was time for the second step!

“Nah! Well I thought why would an omnisciently sought after girl like you talk with me!!”

Always reply in equal terms….simple but practical approach.

She blushed a bit but diverted the topic to me.

“You seemed to be the only guy who’s not staring at me like that!”

“I can if you want.”

“You just can’t!”

“Well, we’ll see!”

And then we departed to our ways. That day I stared her all along. Behind the desk during classes, during sports class in the ground etc. etc.

During departure, she approached me.

“Well, it seems impossible to prove you wrong!”

“May be you were not trying too hard.”

Classic trick again…show her that you know she is interested.

“Hmm… Don’t speculate, Samrat…Hey, I was thinking if you’ll help me find a good chemistry book from the library tomorrow…I am dreadful at it.”

You are a troll at everything idiot!! I wanted to say this, but remained silent.

“Yeah, why not! I think nerds are perfect for this!”

“You are not a nerd”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I just know it.”

And she beamed at me. The fish was in the trap. Time for, step 3.

Next day, I ignored her all along. She acted like frustrated witch ready to boil me in her cauldron. During the library hour, she was searching for the chemistry book she longed for with a slant glance at me. Yeah, she was in my pocket now, time for kill.

I sneaked towards the shelf she was browsing alone. Luckily, it was a cornered and sort of secretive shelf. I sensed something fishy but ignored blinded by ‘Miss awesome’.

“Now, why even help, Samrat?”

“Hey, sorry again, it’s that…argghhh I can’t explain.”

Every bit of my body was yelling that I was going too fast! But I was ignorant as always.

“Don’t! I can understand…” And she dived into my eyes finding for a minion hint. Probably, she got that and allowed me to help.

As I offered her a book and she held it but couldn’t possess it as I wasn’t ready to release it. She came closer to me and out of nowhere, we kissed. Fortunately, I was leaning along the side of the shelf totally hidden from sight and she was leaping over me. So, we remained guarded,

Every fraction of my brain was screaming this to be quicker than it should be…that this is a plotted act but I was blinded by something I couldn’t understand well at that stage.

So, Anshika was my new Girlfriend (within the first week of school) and this news spread like a fire. I had never been this close with anyone and again that unusual feeling of perhaps, love struck me hard….


I came out of the flashbacks and went to the classroom. I saw Smriti, staring at me like a watchful owl. It was hard to ignore, but over the year I had perfected the art of ignoring.

That night I thought just about the look Smriti gave me when I yelled at her. I decided to clear off the matter at once.

“Hey! What Anshika told you about me?” I asked Smriti the next day during recess.

“Oh! Interested!” she gave a dirty, cunning look that reminded me of Anshika. “Well, she told me about the brief relation you had with her and everything you two did!” She blushed at the thought of it.

I kept looking at her interested so that she could continue.

“She told me you ditched her! Is that true?” she again gave the same cunning look but keeping her eyes away. I was feeling an instant surge of rage.

“I DITCHED HER!!!!” I felt an intense feeling of killing someone. “DIDN’T SHE TOLD YOU THE WHOLE STORY OR SHE JUST PRETENDED TO BE A POOR LITTLE HEART-BROKE GIRL TO GAIN SYMPATHY!!!!!!” I monstrously barked at her. She felt as if crying. I tried to control myself.

“Listen, I had gone through a lot of trouble to get over her. So, just leave it.” I tried to depart but she stopped me.

“Just tell me the real story…Actually; I am not in good terms with her now, so I will be neutral. This will help you also, I suppose.”

She was right. I indeed needed to tell someone what really happened to relieve myself.

“Ok, as you know, Anshika and I were in a heaven-like relation. We had developed our own world without even noticing how quickly we were going forward. We had gone too far, and there was nothing left to look forward to. And one day, I heard a friend of mine flirting her. This was outrageous for me and eventually led to a fight. Similar incidences happened again and again. I was always spared from any severe punishment because my good track-record but she was always slaughtered. I felt guilty. And one day, out of nowhere, she started questioning about my ex-girlfriends. OUT OF NOWHERE!! We had a big fight, she decided to break off! I thought it’s just a temporary anger and all but hell, I was wrong. Within two days, I found her with a new guy!!! It was unbearable and unfair!”

I stopped for a while and noticed Smriti looking into my eyes.

“It was just surprising how quickly she moved on!! I am still not aware of the reason of our break-up! It often looks funny at the face of it.” I gave a fake cheerful gesture. Smriti didn’t return it.

“She told me you scratched out an ‘A’ over your chest?”

I didn’t respond to this but looked away.

“She is a slut!! I know her very well!”

“Well, that’s harsh!!”

“No it wasn’t! You deserve more, Samrat….Just leave her thoughts forever!”

She gave a friendly gesture and then we talked of something else.

The next day, I wasn’t able to talk or even look at her. This continued the next day. She pretended to be able to understand but it was apparent that it frustrated her.

3 day later, I apologized to her and started talking again. Within next week, a new bombshell fell over me!

“I don’t know Smriti!! I don’t know how I feel for you…For God’s sake, it’s hard for me!!!”

“Ok, take your time, but remember I am always there for you!” She gave me a mature smile and left me alone.

I gave a tiny slanting smile…I laid my hand over my chest which was intact and untarnished as it had always been….the 3 stage ignore-head-ignore policy worked again….


---Vishal Arora


© Copyright 2018 vishal arora. All rights reserved.

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