Do not Delay Anymore!

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The poem is about the desire to express feelings. The poet wants to cry but it all remains inside him. He feels the pain inside but is unable to bring this out. It is just moisture which he has in his eyes. He is waiting for those tears which will lighten his heart by flowing from his eyes.

Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012




I wish my eyes have them

My heart is full of emotions

Still I can't cry.

I wish my eyes have something

More than this moisture.

My soul is crying bitterly

But I fail to bring this out.


My heart is shouting from inside

but my lips are without words.

People who don't cry are strong;

I've heard,

But who cry is brave;

I believe.

I wish I could do it

I wish their gathering break this margin.

I wish I could let out

all what I kept treasured.


But still I'm waiting for that teardrop

Which will bring relief to me.

I unwelcomed them when they approached;

made them upset

And now I'm sad.


My heart is paining

There is lump in my throat

But still my eyes are denying,

not giving them permission to depart.


Once, I hid them

And now;

They're not letting me

To show myself.



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