Change of friendship!!!!

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After long time feels like writing something!!!!!
And its on friendship the same thing which hurts the people most.This is the most sensational thing which make or break life of many........

Submitted: October 29, 2013

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Submitted: October 29, 2013



You won it friend, I am defeated

As I can never see you lose

I wanted you to win

Even though defeat I choose!

It was trust that kept us together

And it is not there any more

It has been eradicated by our ego

which used to grew on our love before!

Oh! you now spoke of space friend

Completely forget those pleasure time?

We used to die for each other 

Now my company to you become a crime

Those food we grew fond of

You hate them as they have you cursed 

And the promise to stay to together

I am here but you dispersed

Everything that belongs to me

You can't stand sight of them

Every time you disappoint me

And always give me the blame

Ah those jokes on which we laugh

Are have started to irritate

Such a friend were we god

What situation have you create?

Oh! still my heart vie for our past

But with time you have blend

I have stay same as I was before

But have completely change


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