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Schwitzhütte und Visionssuche in Verbindung mit Winterurlaub

Submitted: December 05, 2012

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Submitted: December 05, 2012




Vorarlberg Österreich Visionssuche

Vorarlberg Tourismus 


Bregenzerwald Region



Native Medicine Way - Native Medicine Academy Mission

To create better understanding and joyful unity through sports to help heal Mother Earth for our children. By inviting Native Americans back to their majestic ancestral mountains for skiing and honoring celebrations, the wisdom of Native Voices is again being heard clear and strong. Through creating a bridge between our co-existent but different cultures that have different values and priorities, we enrich each other, and create mutual respect and appreciation through skiing, cultural ceremonies, travel, and good times. 

The Ute Indian Tribe Perform A Snow Dance in Vail Colorado

If you ever had any doubts about the effect of a Native American Snow Dance I think you can put those doubts away.

This past Sunday in Lake Tahoe, Native American adults and youth held hands with the public in a traditional "Round Dance" asking for spiritual help to bring snow to the Lake Tahoe region.

Monday morning, for the first time in two months, a dusting of snow appeared at lake level with two inches at 8,200 feet. According to meteorologists, the storm door is set to open Wednesday with a possible 6 feet of snow falling above 8,000 feet by Monday.

The "Round Dance" held on the West Shore at Ed Z'Berg Sugar Pine Point State Park in Homewood was performed by elaborately dressed Paiute, Shoshone, and Washoe, tribal relatives of the dancers who performed at the 1960 Winter Olympic Games, at the official closing ceremonies of North Lake Tahoe's Olympic Heritage Week. Sugar Pine Point State Park was the summer home of the Washoe people.

In a similar situation just over 50 years ago, an absence of January snow in the Sierra posed similar planning concerns for the managers of the 1960 Winter Olympic Games' Nordic events, which were to be held at the same location, Sugar Pine Point State Park. The nervous organizers of those original Olympics brought in Great Basin dancers to encourage snowfall, and history has indeed repeated itself.

Now we just need to get the five tribes of the Iroquois to come to the rescue in the East.

the native americans our master at makeing it snow

and our expert at native american skiing

after skiing they allways do a sweatlodge for there bodys to heal

some native indian do vision quests

now you can do  a  this in  austria why you ski

Schwitzhütte und Visionssuche in Verbindung mit Winterurlaub

verbinde Winterurlaub mit Schwitzhütte oder Visionssuche 
möglich im Winterurlaubsparadies und Skiparadies Bregenzerwald, Österreich
oder in den tiefen Wäldern Kentuckys, USA

to book  a  sweatlodge after a  Vorarlberg's ski


Wintersonnenwende - Meditaiton, Schwitzhütte und Geistertanz
Veranstaltungsort: Bregenzerwald - Österreich
Anmeldung und Information: 
Telefon: 0043 (0) 699 180 88 333


 Winter Hiking
just like the native american indians do it
right in  Vorarlberg
so why your on ski trip 
Vorarlberg why not join a native american indian sweatlodge
or on your winter hike
Winter Solstice - Self Awareness, sweat lodge and Ghost Dance 
Venue: Bregenzerwald - Austria 
Registration and information:
Phone: 0043 (0) 699 180 88 333 
medicine turtle a cherokee medicine man   allso visits this area of austria
did you know that the Canoe  came from the american indians
medizinmann medicine has made many rafts and 
Canoes with his people the cherokee it part cherokee history
Canoe   rideing the cherokee would do a sweatlodge ritual to talk to water
people to keep them safe and clean there body.
why not  after your 
Canoe trip  in Bregenzerwald - Österreich stop  in a do  a cherokee sweatlodge ritual
the cherokee our expert at  
Canoe trips and  makeing the 
im medicine turtle am im cherokee and i hope see you in 
Bregenzerwald - Österreich   on your next  canoe or ski trip
be part of the 
Canoe   heart  join  a sweatlodge just like the cherokee do

21st December 2012

Winter Solstice - Self Awareness, sweat lodge and Ghost Dance 
Venue: Bregenzerwald - Austria 
Registration and information:
Phone: 0043 (0) 699 180 88 333 

6th January 2013

Schwitzhüttenworkshop with Sweat Lodge 
Location: Germany at the Dutch border - about 1 hour away from Cologne / Duesseldorf and Aachen Registration and information:
Phone: (0049) (0) 2454-93 79 57 or (0049) (0) 177 - 82 87 817 or (0049) (0) 2456-5061366 


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