Read in 19 Minutes

Read in 19 Minutes

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Genre: Flash Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Flash Fiction



I have 19 Minutes left, to read the secret code from an unknown person's mind, to safeguard my girlfriend Nisha! I can do that and only i can do that, I am a Mind traveler!

They found me and they followed me, and they have given me only 19 minutes find him. I have to start my travel in this crowded Indian railway station, and i have only one clue, that he is an American! Time is running, every second counts for me and I need to be smart in my mind travelling to find the unknown in this crowd and take out the secret code to safeguard my Nisha! Will I succeed?!
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I have 19 Minutes left, to read the secret code from an unknown person's mind, to safeguard my girlfriend Nisha! I can do that and only i can do that, I am a Mind traveler!

They found me and they followed me, and they have given me only 19 minutes find him. I have to start my travel in this crowded Indian railway station, and i have only one clue, that he is an American! Time is running, every second counts for me and I need to be smart in my mind travelling to find the unknown in this crowd and take out the secret code to safeguard my Nisha! Will I succeed?!

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I have 19 Minutes left, to read the secret code from an unknown person's mind, to safeguard my girlfriend Nisha! I can do that and only i can do that, I am a Mind traveler!

They found me and they followed me, and they have given me only 19 minutes find him. I have to start my travel in this crowded Indian railway station, and i have only one clue, that he is an American! Time is running, every second counts for me and I need to be smart in my mind travelling to find the unknown in this crowd and take out the secret code to safeguard my Nisha! Will I succeed?!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 15, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 15, 2013





The Mind Traveler

Copyright2013 Vishnuvarthanan Moorthy

I am sweating and my heart is pumping more than 150 times per minute, I feel I will get my nose bleed again and my adrenalin is rushing beyond limit. I was normal till I reach this station, then the telephone call came and it’s changed my stability in few seconds! I know I have to be calm now and I need to think. The only clue which they have given me is, I need find a Secret Code worth of a billion dollars from the mind of person called “Venus” an American. They found me and they followed me and they are aware that I can do that, and they know I am a “Mind Traveler”.

I had 19 minutes when they finished that call, now I have 18 min 34 seconds left with me. I don’t know where to start, I am in this crowded Mumbai, CST railway station and more than a half a million people leave at this time after office hours. I have to think now! On any cost i need to find Venus and take the code from his mind. They told 19 minutes, why it is 19? It may be related to departure of any train here! I could see a train starting in platform 7 in another 18 minutes 25 seconds. That should be the place, where I should be now.

I am running, I can feel my legs in air, more often, and its platform 7. Where do I find him, its 1500 people waiting for the train to arrive! When I came to India few years back from US, I was amazed by this crowd, but now I live here, so I know how hard they will get in to the train, when it arrives and I will have no chance.  Wait! for any foreigner the way to spend waiting time here is to get a magazine and buy a bottle of mineral water, as many don’t believe in tap water here and it’s humid. So I should go to the nearby magazine shop to start my travel. I found one in 20 meters, but before I start my travel I have to place myself in safe place, so that no one interacts with this body, while I am travelling in others mind. I found a place where an elderly couple are sitting and lots of crowd around there. Crowded place is safe for me!  Now to travel in someone’s mind, I have two limitations. First, I can enter into one’s mind only when they talk to me, similarly unless they talk to others, I can’t travel to others mind, else I can only return back to my mind. Second, I can read a person mind for the past 19 minutes only. I don’t know why it’s for 19 minutes, but I practiced it only for that time. So anything in last 19 minutes they did, they spoke, they thought, everything I can read. By this time I have 17 minutes 25 seconds left with me.

I called the magazine boy loudly, so that he can reply to me, as I am sitting 4 meters away from him. He must be in his 20’s and never cared for my voice, so I threw my pen at him and he was wild and asked me what I want? I said sorry, but that’s enough for me to get in to his mind. I searched his mind, just few minutes before he sold a Cars Magazine to a porter, his mind has still kept that information as unrecognizable condition and he is still wondering about it. I now got a thread to move ahead and reach Venus. The porter came to back to the boy to give the change and now he asked for a Mumbai map. This could mean, I am nearer to Venus, any new person to this place, will need a map. I entered in to the mind of the porter, and I am with him and 16 minutes 15 seconds left with me and he walks down to a lady and handovers the map. She looks like a villager from Eastern part of India, but why should she read these high cost Car magazine and an English Mumbai map, i don’t want to leave this thread; I penetrated in to her mind as the porter talks to her. I read her mind and she is shivili, 10 minutes before her husband James, left her to buy a cup of coffee and he is from France and likes different cars. This means, she is not with Venus. 7 minutes before she saw a stranger roaming around with a gun and he went behind the cloak room, she could notice that. She is waiting to communicate this to someone.

I can feel her agitated mind and she is desperate to tell the police or railway official, I decided to take my chance to be there and travel through her.

Nisha, Its Nisha, she is with them, she left few minutes before me, from my office. It was 16th Jan, I and she were sitting next to each other in a cab. My hands were so close to her hands, and it’s the road to blame, my right hand little finger had touched her left hand little finger, it was an accident. To blame the road again and again, both our fingers met quite often and they were comfortable to meet each other. At one point in time, they just starred at each other and kept talking to each other. The senses took complete control and we never felt our entire body, those little fingers have became our world. Those little fingers moved together and hugged each other, we both know at that moment, this is not love, this is not affection, this is not desire, and this is more than all! I know, this time I haven’t travelled in someone’s mind, but it’s on someone’s soul! The other fingers were just followed their leader, the little finger, and both our hands were blend! This moment, it is beautiful than anything in this world for us! We both know that we lived our entire life in that one moment and there is nothing closer than that, we ever experienced in our life and will never!

A Ticket Checker crossed shivili, he was tall and gigantic, and that gave the confidence to shivili, and she called him and told that there was a guy with a gun hiding behind the cloak room. I grasped the opportunity to leave shivili’s mind and entered in to the mind of the ticket checker, he is eager to finish this and he know exactly where to go. I have 13 minutes 25 seconds left with me, to save Nisha. I believe I got a solid link this time and I have to just wait to see that I reach that person. The Ticket checker he was in his middle 40’s and has started running and reached the police control hub. He explained the police officer the situation, its Raghu, the police man with good physic and high in confidence. He is telling others to join him behind the cloak room. As Raghu was moving I also went along with him.

I was 9 years when I accidently discovered my power. My mother will not agree to most of the things which my father says, this is when I started reading my mother’s mind. I wanted to desperately save their marriage, so that I have a normal life. I was able to speak in parallel to what she thinks, initial I thought it’s just coincidence, but it was that day, when she wanted to kill herself, I came from school and I just read her mind, it was 3 minutes before she had planned to kill herself and she went inside the room in next few minutes. I just followed her and I was shocked to see that she was about to eat those tablets. I went and hugged her; she just hugged me with tears! It gave me a push to read her mind about my father and from there travel to my father’s mind and see how he perceives about her in each and every point! I was quite successful on my travel!

Raghu moved very casually without any anxiety nearer to the cloak keeper and then he took the cigar and started searching for his lighter, he couldn’t find. So he searched someone nearer to get it, and saw the suspect and asked him the lighter. The suspect don’t know, whether he has attack or defend or be casual! Raghu went closer to him and just kept the gun on his head. Its 11 minutes 02 seconds more for me. The police surrounded him and they took him, to the police hub, I was waiting for Raghu to speak to him. I am left with 9 minutes 40 seconds. Raghu asked him, who is he? By this time, I knew he is Johnson and he is undercover agent and he is there for last 2 hours. Oh god! I wasted nearly half of my time here.

I came to Mumbai few years before, because, I have no other go but to move out of USA and hide somewhere. It was 5 months before that, I was in a hospital with my mom in a night time for an emergency and there few people came, one with bullet injury, and they told the doctor, that he was shot accidently by his own child. It was unfortunate that doctor got fits; I read his mind and started giving the first aid to him and injections. The nurses have complained to the hospital security, but I wanted to finish it as I can save the life of a man. It must be them, after that my parents started getting calls and they asked me to do some jobs for them. I left USA, and I have no choice but to give peace to my parents.

There must be only few like me, the mind travelers! Or only me! They followed me and they found me!

As a light of hope, Johnson told Raghu, that he saw Farman the local gang leader 25 minutes before. Farman, if he is there in any place means, there is some underworld dealing which happens! He moves very quietly and has brokers to subcontract illegal works to him from abroad. He could be the one who can bring my Nisha to me! I have 8 minutes 02 seconds with me. I can’t search Farman, but I can see his face from Johnson’s mind. I don’t have the energy and bandwidth to search him. I am losing my time and I know I definitely need some luck with me.

Two years before I joined this advertising company, were Nisha was working for quite some time. I never even noticed her and she, she is like a horse! Who will only do her job and nothing more than that! It was few months before, we started working together, that’s when I knew her, who is she really! She is not charming, she is not tall, she is not fair but she is pure! She is pure in her heart! We both have similar thoughts and similar likings! Sometimes we wondered are we from same family or mother! Or is it a destiny by god to make us meet each other, whom he has mistakenly coded with same nature and thoughts!

I have 7 minutes 10 seconds left with me, this is when someone has hit my head badly, I have no other go, but to move out of Johnson. I am completely devastated and I have no hope, but return to my body. There was another hit on my neck and I am there back in my body.

It’s Farman who is sitting next to me, yes it’s him. I remember his face, I have seen in Johnson’s mind. It’s again my luck, certainly! He took a cigar from my pocket and he started lighting it. I am expecting a word from him! A word, which can save my Nisha. Please talk to me, Farman!

He was not revealing a word to me! I have 5 minutes 35 seconds left with me. I took the initiative and asked him, who he is? How he can take the cigar from me, without my permission? The instigation never worked, he must be in some serious thoughts and was not ready to reveal even a word. I know people wait to listen one word from great scholars, but here I am waiting for Farman.

I read the fragments of thoughts, clusters of information and variation in neural activities from peoples mind and I can take the last 19 minutes history from them. I am not a mutant and not a part in X men series!  But I read people’s mind and travel in their mind; I attach myself with data pockets of thoughts, and when they speak, it’s like a wireless network, where I reach my destination in another person’s mind. Again I reveal myself there and start reading the new mind! I am not a computer virus! But I can coexist like a Trojan without revealing myself in their mind. Their mind can think on its own and I can read in parallel!

Farman asked me, whether I am interested to see my creator back in heaven?!

Its 3 minutes before Farman received that message from an unknown foreigner. He will get a million dollar from that person in another 15 minutes. It means Venus will meet Farman in 15 minutes. But I have only 4 minutes 10 seconds left with me. I am sure Venus is somewhere here, but finding him without knowing identity in this huge crowd is impossible.

As I had my share of fortune, now I got my share of misfortune also. The train has arrived in platform 7, and more than thousand people coming out in that small platform of 4 meters width. This is chaos! And life of Nisha is hanging with 3 minutes 22 seconds.

Nisha was not talking to me for last two days. She was angry with me and she left office early today and I am a fool, who allowed her to go. She gets often angry and I know she is very possessive about me. Each of my word matters to her a lot. The fact is I am closer to her, than herself! And I am no less! We fight, but it’s the indication that how close we are! How much we expect each other to be there for one another! I was just laughing for Jim’s Jokes, he is my manager, but Nisha never likes him. Will that not be enough! It was a week before, she told me, that she sees only me, everywhere, and she makes lot of silly mistakes! She also asked me, why it is like that? She is really innocent and what can I answer!

I will do anything to save her and I can’t wait any longer. I read Farman again, other than message he received, he has not spoken to anyone in last 19 minutes. He has no clue about the foreigner, from and how he will come and meet him.

Now the only clue is, he had received a message from mobile of the foreigner.  I did navigate his mind but I have no clue on the phone number, it’s an internet based messenger. Now somehow I need to reach the unknown, for me he is Venus!

I haven’t done something like this in the past and I am not sure whether I can do it, but this is when I need to believe myself, that I can do that! When I travel in people mind I pin my identity in their thoughts, this helps me not to lose myself under any condition. I can trace back myself or I can do quick navigation in their mind. For them, it’s someone they have seen in someplace, it’s just a remembrance! But now, I have to travel through a path, which is dynamic and electromagnetic and wireless based, it’s the internet packets which I need to use. I am going to use the wireless path from where the data from other mobile has come. This is very tricky, as I can’t pin my identity and I have to first reach the relay station and from there I have to reach the other handset. If anytime, the service goes off in Farman’s mobile or in Venus mobile then I will be stuck there forever! Also the data traces will be already dying, so the path is not an easy journey!

I need to be focused and not waste even nano drops of my thought in this journey; else I can be impacted by these waves and will take out my energy to travel. I believe this is possible, because Farman has connected his headset in the phone and listening to some song. I have 2 minutes 14 seconds left with me. Now I am in the messenger data service, and I could trace the path of those internet packets and I could move at the speed of those data packets and now I reached the relay station. I have 2 minutes 13 seconds still left with me. I can see the path from where those packets came, I am moving ahead. Oh no! The path is not visible!

This could be because either the path is dead or the foreigner is in some out of service area of network. I have to reach Nisha quickly. Every minute I delay she will be stressed and worried. I know her, she can’t bear this and she can’t see this! She might be worried about me, she can never see me suffer, and she would never want me to have any stress! I need to reach her and show I am fine! She can do anything for me, but she can never see me struggle!

I am locked and I have 1 minute 36 seconds left. She is traditional, but for me she is the most modern woman! She is silent, but yet very talkative in my mind! Till date, I never tried to enter in to her mind and read it, for her I always wanted to be on my own! Because she likes me, for whatever I am on my own! The path is visible now, it means the person has moved to a place where Network is available and I have 1 minute 05 seconds left with me.

I entered in to Venus! No, he is not! He is Stephen an American, he works under Venus.

 He is waiting here to meet Venus in another 30 seconds. I might have only 30 seconds to get into the mind of Venus and take out the code. But how can I be sure, that Venus would have remembered the code in last 19 minutes. If he hasn’t thought about it or told someone about it, in these 19 minutes, then I can’t save her. I have to believe now, all the information which are short term secret will be remembered too often by people in their mind, because that gives them some benefit or impact. This is human nature, and I should be confident that Venus would have thought about the secret code in the last 19 minutes.

Another 40 seconds more! Stephen started moving to the train. The crowd has more or less settled and the train is fully occupied. Hundreds of people are there in each coach. Stephen moves in to one of the coach of second class and it’s hugely crowded. He pushes people and moves in to the corner of the coach; there I can see another foreigner with a blue cap and a blue travel bag, showing his back to us. It must be Venus, who is giving me 24 seconds more to save my Nisha. Stephen called Venus, and Venus turned! It’s me! Venus is looking like me! No, Venus is me!

I have 19 seconds left with me. I couldn’t enter into Venus mind! It’s too hard for me, because he is me! Nisha and I, we both are not interested in marriage, not interested in love, not interested in even roaming around, because we both knew, that we live in one another’s heart! We have nothing to achieve with each other! For her, I would give my affection and my life , so my mind is nothing important than my Nisha! She is more than me for me! I entered in to the mind of Venus and the code is 24750!

It’s darkening for me…

Chicago, O’hare Airport:

It’s always crowded and difficult to move around and now there is huge chaos also there. People are not allowed near Terminal 1. The wireless radio is sending the voice, its “24750”; repeat its “24750”! 

People cheer and huge noise of applaud among the announcement the “Bomb is diffused”!

FBI agent “Sam” meets the BTPG (Bio Terror Prevention Group) Lead “Clara” and congratulates her! Sam talks to Clara, I was not really confident that you could do it! Even the field marshals have conveyed their congratulations to you! Without you, today we would have experienced major loss with such a high technology bomb!

Clara talks to Sam, it’s not me! It’s the secret code which saved us!

Sam talks to Clara, how you do that! We shoot down this terror suspect 25 minutes before and you came here just 20 minutes before. Clara intervened, and I had only 19 minutes with me.

Sam asked Clara, if you don’t mind, can you tell how this works?

Clara talks to Sam; Sure! This is the output of our last 7 years research with the central neurological department. We were working with them to find a way to intervene the human mind and simulate the thoughts.  We send Active Neuro elements to the dead person’s body through injection or with any applicable intervention methods, and ensure they reach the person’s brain.

Sam asked Clara, How do this work?

Clara replies to Sam; the Active elements have electromagnetic components which are controlled by the computer program we have. We have to just select a script from our database and feed in to those active elements. We study the condition and time available and then we change the parameters and delete few characters from the script. In this case, I had 19 minutes left, before his brain releases its last set of energy.

“Owen” the assistant of Sam, who was listening the discussion asked Clara, why don’t you have a script, which directly make the person reveal the code, why such a loop is required?!

Clara replied, we would be happy to do it easily, if that works... But it’s never. The terrorists are well trained not only physically but also mentally, the time when you shot the person; his mind stores the secret information in chocked condition. We call them as “COG”, it’s a Chocked Gate! If you try to open by any other method, it will not be possible and the entire thoughts in the mind will be demolished in an instance. So the only way, we can clear this mess is, making sure the person himself opens the Chocked Gate!

Sam asked Clara, what’s the significance of Nisha character in this?!

Clara replied, only in a very emotional condition the person will allow himself to dominate or sacrifice and Nisha is the character, which has brought out the secret here! Don’t forget, the key is also, ensuring he gets very less seconds, when he meets himself!

Owen asked, so the character Nisha is an imaginary one?!!

Clara replied, it’s developed in the Lab! Clara asked her assistant “Ethan” to dismantle and pack up the device.

Sam spoke to everyone “The Job Well Done!!!”


Ethan calls Clara and talks, see there is still some signal… Clara smiled and told, next time please correct those loose sockets.


I still know that my Nisha is in trouble and she needs me! I am Venus and I will definitely save my Nisha! She is more than my life!

………………………………….To be Continued……………………………………………..



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