Dispute Among the Stars

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Another short story that I wrote in my Spring 2013 Fiction Writing Class. We were watching a video called "The Power of 10" and we have to write a story some-what based on this video.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U04_1iKKC2c

SUMMARY: God finally created Adam and Eve but after the humans ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge, God and the Big Bang altercate the fate of the human race.

Submitted: June 09, 2013

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Submitted: June 09, 2013




There was nothing, not a crumb, not a sound, and not even an atom that occupied the lonely space. That is, until half of it was filled with stars, asteroids, and galaxies while the other half was overflowed with grass and beautiful blue atmosphere with birds chirping in the background. A black mist made up of many planets, galaxies, gases, and stars advanced to the middle where two oppos­­ite worlds collided. Then a bright and shining figure wearing a white cloth that molded each movement approached the middle as well. Both of them glared at each other.

You.” The Black Mist sneered.

“Peace, brethren,” the Light in white spoke. “Let’s not cause war because of this situation.”

I am NOT a male,” it corrected. “I am neither. But what you have created has put everything at risk.” The mist folded its arms, which were made up of stars and comets. “I don’t mind sharing existence with you and your brother—or whatever.” It paused.  “Speaking of the Devil, where is that mischievous immortal? They’re part of this issue as well.”

“Elsewhere,” The Light crisply answered. “Said there are better things to do than discussing the situation with us.”

“Probably seducing and tempting your so-called perfect little creations. Going back to the problem, what you have made had crossed the line. Now those things will know everything all because they ate your stupid fruit.”

“I did not want to live on my own while sharing everything with you. I created a world with wonderful creatures such as these,” the light looked up two sparrows flew around the Light and then away. “And then I made these beings, which they only serve to love each other so they can become one while serving only me.”

“Well, Alpha and Omega, what kind of idiot would create a tree that produces apples that gives the wisdom of both good, evil, and everything else?!” Many planets within the Black Mist started to go into supernova, creating mini bright lights from each explosion and especially at its hands-like while the Black Mist clinched tightly. “It sounds like a perfect manipulative setup between you and the Wicked!”

“Do not question my authority. They chose to disobey me and this happens.”

The Black Mist grumbled and quickly calmed down, “We cannot allow them to explore. Look what is happening, they know what they’re made out of, who they are, their purpose in life, and worst of all,” the Black Mist leaned forward, “very soon they’re going to explore OUTSIDE of their galaxy! They’re going to seek other life forms from different planets and galaxies that they don’t belong! Put them in their place! Punish them! Destroy them! Do whatever to stop them! They are not ready nor capable to meet the other entities!”

The two stood there in frustration and silence while their sides of the fields were engaged by sounds they’ve created. Both of them knew the potential of these creations and they knew the knowledge they’d gained would lead to more trouble in the future. They continued to stay in silence until one of them came up with a solution.

“Mortality.” The Light commended. “They were supposed to have immortality for serving me but since they disobeyed me because of my Opposite. If they want to know death, then they will feel death. Pain, suffering, confusion, and loneliness.”

“My, my. Who would’ve thought the Good would have any vicious punishments.”

“It’s the only way that they can come to me and see me as their Savior.”

“And here we go again with the superiority thing.” The Black Mist rolled its two planets. “Mind if I add the punishment as well? After all, we have to work together if we want to share. And besides, I need to protect the other life forms as well.” The Light nodded at the Black Mist. The Black Mist gathered gases, planets, stars, dust clouds and created a new galaxy in front of the Light. It pulled out a tiny blue-green marble and showed it to the Light. “I called it Earth. This planet will be affected by their actions. If they pollute the Earth or kill their own planet, they will die with it. They will not be given any of the advance resources that I gave to the other life forms; they are stuck on their own planet and cannot successfully live nor get out of their galaxy themselves. I know for a fact that they can create things that will explore for them but they cannot leave. Their curiosity will cost them and will forever haunt their minds for wanting to know the unknown that I have made.”

“I’ll allow the Wicked play with them, but that will be more work for me.” The Light sighed, “Split good and evil down the middle on planet Earth. On top of that, they will be separated from their true loves and thus they must find their true love on their journey. My followers and the Wicked’s followers will not be seen by these creations. They have to serve me and prove me their loyalty to come back to my world, if not, they will go to the unpleasant world that the Wicked has created.”

“Works for me, now put it here.” The Black Mist blew the Earth towards the Light. The Light took out two mortals, one man and one woman, and placed them into the new world that they’d agreed on.

“Where will you place this galaxy?” The Light asked.

“Right in the middle of the both of us, my Lord.” The Black Mist quickly spat out asteroids and meteoroids in disgust. The Earth was placed back into the new galaxy and floated in the middle of the two worlds. “Never make that same mistake again.” It said before turning away from the Light.

“Peace be onto you,” The Light turned away before fading into its own world, “brethren.”

In a distance but never seen again, the Black Mist’s shout of annoyance and irritation echoed into the endless dark space while several more planets and stars went into supernova.

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