Frost Covered Window

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A poem I wrote about my ex

Submitted: November 30, 2011

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Submitted: November 30, 2011



`Frost Covered Window;


* Late autumn frost kisses your window

as our bodies merge in synchronization;

my love, my baby, my soul mate`

no matter the damage you do to me, I will love you forever

no other can destroy that, not take away

the magical memories you handed to me

a blanket of stars* led a path to your house creating a glow in the darkness

that fell upon my world in your wake, leaving behind my demons

to slither out and pull me

far far into my own abyss holding no meaning or purpose

no feather could be as soft as your caress*

and your arms around me were the only things keeping me from falling

your very last breaths to me are eternally etched into my wounded soul

forever leaving a hole in which nothing could fill but your presence`

to once again feel your essence upon my face;

yet only death has taken your place, and the only reason I still inhale;

is the dream, the fantasy, the need to feel your soul`

living deep within your chest to come up and play with mine

all night, letting once again ice to nip our noses

as we watch colours out of our reach shoot across a silky night,

bringing a new begining to our doorstep~

let our bodies mesh together in unison, watching as

the late spring frost `kisses your window goodbye ~

© Copyright 2018 Vivian Black. All rights reserved.

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