Twin Effects of Love

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A poem about how love can be a positive impact on one's life or a negative impact.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013



Feeble attempts at happiness

Shattered by the hammer

Of misery that overpowers

Those that surrender their hearts.


For those who give up their hearts willingly

Are bound to be shredded and torn

Whilst those who cling to their hearts

Are destined to wallow in their own silent suffering


In part, life’s true intent

Is not to live

But to survive

Through heartbreak and sorrow


Our society’s ambiguous teachings

Precipitates the downfall

Of all relationships

Knotted together by unrequited affection


A man’s desire

Infinite in it’s greed

A woman’s soul

Confined by the care of another


Submit to this curse

You shall see these truths

Avoid it like a plague

Your loneliness shall see no end


Alas there is some light

To be shed on this dark corner

Though it is hard to discern

It is there, awaiting its discovery


This light shines upon the young

Pours freely upon the seasoned

Let it be that all that see its gleem

Become transfixed in its cycle


A young lady’s laughter

Bubbles up from her chest

As a young man confesses

His undying ardor


Complete and utter devotion

Held hand-in-hand

With promises so full

They overwhelm the host


A fiery passion blooms

Like a spring blossoms

From the very roots

Of joy and acceptance


Emotions in pleasant turmoil

As the soul flutters

With known affection

From the one you desire the most


These are the descriptions

Of a four-lettered word

These are the truths

About the one feeling




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