what happen to people with writers block

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why are people always ashamed of writers block. well i'm not. this is a story about me with writers block.its pretty humorus. so if you have ever struggled with writers block then this story is for you

Submitted: December 23, 2010

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Submitted: December 23, 2010





Black Friday, a nightmare of spending all of your money before you have a chance to get more. When everyone's in the mall I'm at home trying to earn money and time to go. So instead of working I do what I do best, write stories. Though not all of them hits, or not any of them but this one. I have faith that I can do it. This book WILL be a hit.

Gosh, and I say that with all of the scraps of paper all around me on the ground, in the bathroom, on my bed, in the creases of the couch, and following me around in my pockets, all of them, full of bits and pieces. So I then had a brilliant idea put the pieces together to form the perfect story. Oh, but believe me it ain't that easy. Uh, especially for me.

OK, I better write a check list and even see if I can do that, then lets start this story. No, not a shopping list, mother I know I need to go shopping but not now, OK? Now do they know why they always get home-made presents? Gosh, with all of this thinking is giving me a headache, OK, well give me a second. Oh no, where's my aspirin? This ain't good. Oh, OK, there they are. I'm good now I can actually think.

OK, better get started on this. Wait what was I going to do? MAKE A LIST!!!! OK mom I got the picture. By the way thanks. But before I start I have to go to a party. And no mom I ain't trying to put this off, gosh, or am I. Man even with all of these ideas I can't come up with anything I just need time to think. By going to the party don't worry I'll tell you about it. K, I got to go.

so this is all i have for right now. thanks for reading. soon if i can think again i WILL post a second chapter. trust me writers block is pretty humorus when you get fustrated at yourself. k thnx for reading. chapter 2 coming soon i hope.

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