Through the Iris into the Pupil

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What do you see in the eyes of another living soul? "Through the Iris into the Pupil" you can find a reflection of yourself in the most beautiful way. everything in your universe is displayed through your eyes. What and who is in your universe?

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



Through the Iris into the Pupil



Just a look,

Is all it took,

Like reading a book,

Blue as the clearest brook,


Mysterious as the sky above,

Can’t help falling in love,

With what good and evil lies beneath,

The words that fall from your teeth,


Cannot compare to the crystal clear view,

Of what I see inside I knew,

Of the light so bright you burn within,

And speck of black the darkest sin,


Knowing and seeing all is what love was meant to be,

The child in me to weak to bear the burden the eyes do see,

The darkest center of the beautiful blue universe you live in,

I can see a dark infinite back hole created by your sin,


The paths you've chosen the mistakes you’ve made,

Tormenting your soul in the dark the light as your aid,

As painful as it might be the light lessens the dark,

Your universe flexing as your will makes the spark,


Change is not foreign to your universe as you can see,

You can be as you please and you can choose to take a knee,

To what good the light can do,

The dark has chosen and so can you,


To submit yourself to the light,

Because with all dark’s might,

It cannot fight the bright of light,

For in the dark there is no sight,


And without the dark light cannot shine,

Knowing all will you be mine?

Can I live in your blue universe?

I’d hope you live in mine of course,


I know the evil you can do,

You too can choose not to,

Send me to the darkest part of your eye,

Through it a path to where memories lie,



Don’t let your eyes make me a memory,

Let me live in your blue universe for eternity,

The warmth calling me closer to your light,

Don’t let the dark consume you my life, be bright!


For all you are is through your universe and you live on still,

And that is what I see through the Iris into the pupil.




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