Day Job

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Based on a true story, demonstrates how turn of events helped a man to chose his Day Job

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



Day Job

“Gautham, now that you have finished your under graduate, what do you want to do with your life? What do you want to be?” asked Mr. Chandru, concerned father of Gautham, over the phone

“I don’t know dad, I just haven’t figured it yet” replied Gautham

“Well you got to figure it out sometime or other, Time is running out son, make a decision soon”

“Sure dad, but nothing has hit me, I don’t want to become someone who goes to office at 8:00 in the morning and returns home at 6:00 in the evening, without having a feeling that he hasn’t done something valuable for that day. For the rest of my life, I have to make a difference to me and every other’s life every day. I am looking out for such a job, dad”

“It’s your call son, do whatever you love to do, so that you don’t have to work for a single day in your life. Come home this weekend. Dad will plot out some jobs for you”, said Mr. Chandru in a concerned loving voice

“Ok Dad” replied Gautham

“And one more thing, you know Uncle Bala right? A friend of mine, who runs a finance firm in Coimbatore? He is not feeling good for the past few days, he is admitted in K.S Hospital, I tried to come to Coimbatore to see him, but I could not get leave here. Since you are there, Could you and your cousin go and see him and give him my get well regards?”

“Yeah sure dad, will meet him today”

“Buy something like fruits or something before you go to see him”

“Yeah sure dad, see you over the weekend” answered Gautham before he dropped the call

Gautham, a teenage boy, who just finished his under graduate studies, walked to his cousin Mahesh’s house. Mahesh was a distant cousin brother of Gautham who is still in his college and a little playful by nature and little afraid of his cousin Gautham out of respect, since Gautham instructs Mahesh on his every aspect of how to avoid the playful nature.

“Mahesh” called Gautham standing at the gate of Mahesh house

“Yes big brother, come inside” replied Mahesh, who came out of the house, walking towards the house gate

“Can we go to K.S hospital now, it seems like Uncle Bala is sick, my father asked me to go and see him” asked Gautham with a commanding voice

“Who? Uncle Bala who runs the Finance company?” questioned Mahesh

“Do you know any other Bala?” replied Gautham with sarcasm

“No brother, I will be right away”, said Mahesh and went inside his house and brought the keys to his Motorbike and said

“Brother, could you park this motorbike outside the gate, meanwhile I will get dressed up” requested Mahesh

Gautham did not respond anything; instead he complied by getting the keys from Mahesh and started pulling the motorbike out of the house verandah. Gautham parked the bike outside the gate and looked at it. It was so dusty. Gautham thought to himself that Mahesh is so irresponsible that even cannot keep his own bike clean. He pulled out a rag which was stuffed at the side of the bike and started cleaning the dust on the motorbike. He gave a one clear swipe all over the bike. Now the bike looked a little more decent. By that time, Mahesh got ready and came out the gate.

“Can’t you keep your bike clean?” questioned Gautham to Mahesh

“Sorry brother” replied Gautham in a feeble voice

“You say sorry for everything, one day you are going to be sorry for your carelessness” said Gautham in a strong voice and sat in the front or diver seat of the motor bike. Mahesh hopped onto the back and they drove to K.S hospital. While on the way to the hospital they bought some fruits and some health supplements.

When they reached the hospital, they went to the reception and enquired on which room Mr. Bala resides. Mr. Bala, a Majestic man who runs his own finance company. Finance company in India is something where people pawn their jewels and stuff and get money or get a loan for an interest rate that they might be able to pay off. But most of the time they will not be. It is more like the pawn shop in other countries, only difference is the person who runs the Finance company need to have more connections to get back the money from the borrowers, because you cannot lend money to anyone, at the same time you cannot avoid lend money to anyone, you need to make sure that you can track the borrower at any time in the vast population of India.

As far as Gautham remembered, Mr. Bala, who was in the business of loan lending and financing for 19 years has quite a bit experience on how people cheat and run away to avoid paying interests and loan. So Mr. Bala was a strong willed and strong minded man of Majestic appearance with a dark black beard, always seen in a half hand white shirt made out of pure cotton and white pants, with a three golden ring, one on his right hand middle finger and another two on the right hand index finger, accompanying a golden color watch on his left hand and a golden bracelet on his right hand. He will always be accompanied by four to five guys, for his protection or support. Gautham has always seen his Uncle Bala in such an appearance.

Gautham entered the room, where his Uncle Bala was admitted. It was an individual room. There laid Mr. Bala in the bed, without a shirt and drip tubes running through the veins in his hand. All the jewelries and his other personal effects were lying beside the table, right next to him. The proud white shirt was hanging onto the hanger in the wall to the left of him. Gautham was shocked to see his Uncle in such a bad shape. He almost cried seeing his Uncle, who was so majestic and active all the time, laying the bed with medical care.

There was a big fat man, sitting right next to Bala talking about something serious to him. He stopped talking as soon as Gautham entered the room. He was carrying a cover in his hand. Gautham approached his Uncle and granted him the fruits and health supplements he bought saying

“How are you uncle?”

“I am doing well now nephew how is your father?” replied Mr. Bala in a sick feeble voice

“He is doing good Uncle, he said that he did not get a leave, else he would have come to see you” replied Gautham

“That is fine, how are you Mahesh? Still following orders from your brother”

“I am good Uncle” replied Mahesh with a smirk on his face

During this conversation, the fat man sitting beside Mr. Bala started talking

“Ok sir, I am leaving then. Will meet you next week”

“Don’t forget next week and week after that” said Mr. Bala in a warning tone

“Sure sir, one more help sir, can you ask one of your boys to drop me in the bus stand?” requested the fat man

Mr. Bala thought for a second and said “Mahesh, could you drive this man to the buses stand and come back?”

“Yeah sure Uncle” replied Mahesh

“Come back soon as you drop him, I have some work for you” said Mr. Bala

“Ok uncle” said Mahesh and left the room along with the fat man. Mahesh and the fat man went to the place where the bike was parked. As Mahesh tried to took out the motorbike, the fat man intervened and said

“Kid, can I drive the bike? It would look hilarious for others to see me at the back of the bike with you riding in the front” said the fat man

“Yeah sure, sir” said Mahesh and gave the driver seat to the fat man and hopped onto the back. They drove towards the buses stand

On the way, the fat man stopped in front of a shop and asked Mahesh to wait near the bike. It looked like a Cellphone Service provider shop (In India, there will be tons of shop where we can do a top up and recharge for any cellphone service provider). Mahesh thought to himself that he has gone to do a top up (add money) for his mobile phone. As Mahesh was waiting near the bike, the fat man came back and said

“Kid, this shop does not have the top up card for my cellphone service provider, wait right here, let me go and ask in that shop over there in that turn”

“Ok, sir” said Mahesh and handed him the motorbike. The fat man drove away to the next shop to do a top up.

It almost became 15 minutes; the fat man has not come back. 30 minutes past, still there is no sign of the fat man. Mahesh became suspicious as he was standing near the shop where the fat man dropped him. After a few minutes, the shop owner came to him and asked “Kid, where is that fat guy who came here earlier?”

“He has gone to do a top up for his cell phone balance” replied Mahesh

“What? But he has already done the top up in my shop and said that he do not have any change and he will go to the ATM to fetch some cash” replied the shop owner in an awed voice

Mahesh heart started pounding like a race horse, as he does not understand what is happening? Mahesh called out to his brother Gautham and explained the situation

“You idiot, I am not going to do anything. Come back here with the bike or don’t come back at all” screamed Gautham over the phone

“But brother the shop owner is not letting me go, as he is demanding money for the top up that fat man has done” replied Mahesh

“Stupid, stupid” screamed Gautham

“What happened nephew?” asked Mr. Bala, a little concerned over the screams of Gautham?

“Nothing Uncle, Its Mahesh” replied Gautham and he immediately called one of his friends who lives next to that spot and asked him to pick up Mahesh and drop him at the hospital

Mahesh came to the hospital and entered the room where Mr. Bala was admitted. As soon as he enters the door, Gautham gave a tight slap on to Mahesh face screaming “You irresponsible idiotic dog, I told you not to be careless a million times, what the hell have you done?”

Mr. Bala, who was a little shocked over this, called both Mahesh and Gautham and asked what happened. Mahesh explained everything. Mr. Bala became so agitated while lying in his bed. He screamed in a sick yet commanding voice, “Do you know, who that fat guy is?” questioned Bala and continued, “He is one of the guys who came to pawn his motorbike and borrow some money from me, hell I don’t even know that guy. I am seeing him for the first time today. I just asked you to drop him, I did not ask you to hand over your bike. That is why I told you to come soon. You ignorant boy”

Gautham was shocked to hear this, as he thought that Mr. Bala might know the fat guy and will get the motorbike back. Gautham, who do not want to disturb Mr. Bala anymore, said “Uncle we will get to the police station right away?”

“By going to the police station, you are not going to get anything. They will just file a case and forget about that. You won’t get your bike back” answered Mr. Bala

“But Uncle, what shall I do?” questioned Gautham in an anxious voice

Mr. Bala, who was lying on the bed all these time, got up and pulled out the drip needle out of his vein. He gathered his personal effects and jewelry and got up from bed to take the shirt of the wall. He wore his shirt and all his rings and watch. He pulled out his cellphone and called someone and said

“Where are you?” over the phone and continued “Come here as soon as possible”. Within minutes seven men came rushing to Mr. Bala’s room and stood there as if they were waiting for his Order.

Mr. Bala washed his face and combed his hair, which made him come back to his Majestic and proud appearance. Mr. Bala asked one of his men, “Where was that bike? That fat guy’s bike?”

“Outside Big brother”, replied one of the men

“Let’s go” said Bala and went outside to look at the bike. They looked at the bike and searched the bike at a glance. They saw a sticker in the front of the bike, saying “Halal restaurant, 3rd Cross Street, Opposite to railway gate, Tirupur-684938, Phone – 9583275786”. Mr. Bala asked Gautham to call to that number. Gautham called and a male voice answered the phone at the other end

“Hello?” said the voice

“Hello sir, there is a bike with a sticker of the restaurant named Halal, parked over here in K.S hospital Coimbatore. Is that your bike?” asked Gautham

“Yes sir that was my bike? It was stolen? How did you get it? Where is it now?” asked the voice from other end

“Wait….Wait sir; I did not even say the number of the vehicle? What is your name and how did your bike got here?” said Gautham

“Sir, the vehicle number is TN 38 H 4352, right sir” said the man in the other end

Gautham replied “yeah” in an approving voice

 “My name is Bismi, I run a restaurant here in tirupur (which is actually 2 hour drive from Coimbatore). There was one fat guy, who worked as room boy in a motel next to my restaurant, he came to me one day and asked me for my restaurant business card. He said that he is doing some freelancing stuff during the leisure hours and will get catering orders for me for a commission in cash. I thought he will expand my business and there is nothing wrong in providing business card and gave few business cards of mine to him. Then he brought two catering orders within the first three weeks and it really paid me off. So I trusted him. Then one day he asked me that he needed motorbike to wander in order to get the orders, and requested my bike, I hoped that he will get more orders and gave him my bike. After that I never saw that guy for two days. Out of suspicion, I went to the motel where he works, but what manager of the motel said blew my mind of. He said that the fat guy used to work in his motel. One day there was a German guy, who was on a business trip, came to his motel for. That fat guy broke into the room of this German guy while he was taking bath and stole the laptop, digital camera and other items from the room and ran away with it. The German guy was so shocked when he returned from the bath. He did not even leave a dress for the poor German guy. Even the motel owner was searching for that fat guy after that. This is what happened sir, since then I was searching for that fat bastard and my bike. How did my motor bike, got over there, sir?” explained the man in a sad voice

“Come here to K.S Hospital in Coimbatore, sir. We will explain everything; it is a bit long story”, said Gautham

“Sure sir, I am starting right away”, said the man on the other end and dropped the call

Now Gautham was little worried, and explained everything to his uncle Bala. Mr. Bala thought for a second and asked Gautham and Mahesh to search the bike. Under the seat of the motor bike, Gautham found a document stuffed inside.

“Nephew what is it?” asked Mr. Bala

“It is a ration card Uncle” replied Gautham, (a ration card is something that will be used to get rations provided by government, in the government run shops. It will have the address and photograph of the owner of the ration card).

Gautham read the details present in the ration card. It was a ration card which belongs to a woman. Gautham did not care to read the name of the woman present in the ration card. He just goes through the address, and found the address is at thondamuthur, a small village near Coimbatore. They decided to go to the place specified in the ration card. Mr. Bala called out for his ride, which is a TATA Sumo (an SUV). It is a car where we can accommodate nearly seven average sized Indian men excluding the driver. Mr. Bala, his men, Gautham and Mahesh drove to Thondamuthur, where the women in that photo resides. They went straight to the address specified in the ration card.

As soon as they reached the address, Mr. Bala asked the driver to stop the car before a shop, which is two blocks away from the address they were supposed to go. He then asked one of his men in the car to go and enquire in the shop, as to who lives in that house and other details.

The man went to the shop and enquired the shop owner for 5 minutes and started reporting to Bala, “Big Brother (all the men refers to Bala as Big brother), they say that only a woman resides there and her son was that fat guy, he is noted for his insanely criminal mind in this area. He has cheated many people even in this area. All these time that fat guy got out of all the trouble with the influence of his uncle who is in some political party. He even said that woman, owns two shops that are right next to her house”

“Ok, let’s go and see whether we can get our bike back”, said Mr. Bala asking the driver to drive right next to the house where the woman resides.

Mr. Bala got down from the car and everyone followed him. Mr. Bala knocked on the gates of the house to call the people in the house to come out. The woman, whose photograph was in the ration card, appears out of the house. She started enquiring “what do you guys want?”

Mr. Bala started speaking politely, “Sister, your son came to me to pawn a bike, but he stole the bike from my nephew and pawned a stolen bike to me. Do you know where he is? May be can you call him?”

Suddenly the woman’s reaction changed and the woman screamed out in a screeching voice at Mr. Bala and others, “I do not know that boy, he is not my son anymore, do not come to me for the crimes he did. I already told everybody that he is dead to me. I am not responsible for his action. I am sick of all the people coming and asking me. He even stole the things from my house and sold it. He is a lunatic. You better go away from here, I cannot help you. I don’t want any part of this.”

She pulled out her phone and called his brother, the uncle of that fat guy, who has been helping her in solving the problem

“Brother, there were some people here asking for my son, I told them that he is not my son anymore. Come here brother and explain them” screamed the lady over the phone

“Sister, We did not come here to got yelled at. I just want your son. Give me his whereabouts, we will take care of the rest” said Mr. Bala in a strong confident voice

“How dare you threaten me, get out of the house or I will call the police on you guys. I am not going to give anything. I told you, I don’t know where he is. Search him on your own” screamed the lady again

“Sister, how can you not know anything. After all, he is your son right? You should be responsible for his doings, you should pay for the things he stole, and you…..” said Mr. Bala until he was abruptly stopped by the screams of that woman

“You, bastard, get the hell out of my house, I told you already that my son’s action has nothing to do with me. Either you get out of here or I will take the kitchen knife and cut the throats of every one of you here” screeched the lady

“Stop it, you fucking whore of a bitch” roared Mr. Bala who remained so calm all these time, suddenly burst into temper and started yelling at the woman

“You fucking motherless bitch, you though that we were some petty guys who will run away just because you scream. I have seen bitches like you every day of my life. So don’t try to threaten me with your yelling and acting, now tell me where that fat bastard of yours is? Or I will cut your fucking throat and hang you nude in the gates of your own house and burn this fucking place down”, roared Mr. Bala with all his high pitched temper

The woman who were all these time screaming and yelling, stopped suddenly in awe and kept staring at Mr. Bala for a moment. Suddenly another guy came out of now where from the streets and started commanding everybody

“What the fuck are you guys doing here? Get the hell out of my sister’s house or else I will call my men and chop your legs off”, yelled the man approaching Mr. Bala in an attacking gesture

Mr. Bala got hold of the man’s throat and yelled, “Are you his uncle mother fucker? I will burn you along with your sister, you overacting scumbag son of a bitch” and threw him down

Uncle of the fat guy, got up and pulled out his phone and called someone, “Hello? Thondamuthur Police station, this is Manickam, secretary of PMTD party for the Thondamuthur area, Can I talk to the Inspector? Yes sir, there are few people here at my street threatening to kill me and my sister, please come and help us soon sir…………..ok….sir, I will give the phone to him sir” said the uncle of that fat guy and extended his phone to Mr. Bala.

Mr. Bala grabbed the phone from his hands and started to talk over the phone, “This is Finance Bala speaking, whom am I speaking to? Oh, Palani brother, how are you? How is your new job as an Inspector……….good……good……..How is my niece? Has she started to go to school? Good…you come with your wife and kid to my home someday for Lunch…….come on I want to see my niece. Come to my home this Saturday….ok…..ok………oh, this is nothing, this is one fraud case, who pawned me a stolen bike, I will take care of it…..ok…yes. Yes…the fat guy…ok…see you on Saturday” said Mr. Bala and dropped of the call and threw the phone back to Manickam, the uncle of that fat guy

“Is there anyone you want to call again?” asked Mr. Bala

Manickam did not answer anything instead he was looking helplessly at Mr. Bala

“Let’s go inside the house and talk about the rest of the things” said Manickam inviting everyone into the house of his sister

Mr. Bala and others went into the house, Gautham was awed to see the temper his uncle has and the influence he has over other people.

“Listen sir, we cannot do anything for the boy’s mistakes, we already told everyone that there is no connection between us and him”, said Manickam, now in a silent voice trying to console Mr. Bala

“I don’t understand, this is his mother right? She has to take all the credit in raising such a good son, she has to pay for his mistake” said Mr. Bala now in a calm voice

“But sir, at this time, there is nothing we can do, already we have given everything away for the things that boy stole. We don’t have anything to give; we have gone broke because of her son” uttered Manickam in a sad voice

Mr. Bala called Gautham and said something in his ear; suddenly Gautham went outside to the car and got something from the front dashboard of the car. It was new bond paper, which will be used to register, sell, buy or lease any properties. He handed them to Mr. Bala.

Mr. Bala threw them onto the table before Manickam and said “Ok, you are poor, you don’t have any money now, I agree. But I cannot leave without the money your son has cheated. After all I have a business to run. So instead of the money you owe us, give us your properties. Come one ask your sister to sign at the bottom of the bond paper”

Manickam was shocked to look at the bond paper and he stuttered, “but sir….sir….she does not have any properties, she is already broke and her son did not leave any properties for her”

“Oh….Is that it? Then what about the two shops next to this house, I heard it is the woman’s property. Now sign this paper and hand over the shops to me for the bike your son stole and the money he owe me by selling a stolen bike.” said Mr. Bala in a sarcastic voice

Both the woman and Manickam were scared and left speechless by the tackle that Mr. Bala has administered them.

“Nephew how much is that bike” asked Mr. Bala to Gautham

“It is 52 thousand uncle”, replied Gautham

“Ok, your bike is 52 thousand and he pawned the bike for 20 thousand, total is 72 thousand. Give us 72 thousand now, not tomorrow, not next week, now. Give us 72 thousand rupees now or give us your shops” said Mr. Bala to Manickam and his sister

Manickam whispered something in her sister’s ears and she got up and went to another room which had a locker. She came back from the room with some cash in her hand and handed it over to her brother Manickam

Manickam got the money and gave it to Mr. Bala using the left hand

“You cheating thieving motherfuckers had money all these time and been playing your act. Any ways give the money using your right hand. Don’t you know it is disrespectful to give the money using left hand?” said Mr. Bala in a sarcastic laughing voice. Manickam switched hands and handed over the money.

They took the money and pushed off from that place. They left that place and went to the tender coconut shop that is two block away from that house. They stopped the car and got tender coconut for everyone. The tender coconut seller, started to conversation with Gautham “Brother, have you got the money from that lady”

“How did you know?” asked Gautham in a surprise

“People come to that house only to get the money; her son is the most notorious robber you could ever see. Last month, one of the taxi drivers came to her house with a story. He said that her son that fat guy hired the taxi to go to the hill station “Ooty”, he hired the taxi and went to Ooty along with the driver. Once they reached Ooty, he hired a luxurious resort, and stayed there. He ordered drinks and everything from the resort’s management. The driver of the taxi said that he will sleep in the car itself like usually when he takes tourist to places. But the fat guy convinced the driver saying that he is like a brother to him and he is bored of drinking alone. The driver agreed and they drank together that night. As soon as the driver got liquored up and passed out, the fat guy jumped over the fence of that resort and escaped from the place, without paying the money to the taxi and the resort. Finally resort owners took the taxi driver into custody and seized his car, threatened the driver to sell his car unless he pays for the resort. The driver pleaded the resort owners and said that even he did not know the guy, but they did not buy the story. The taxi driver somehow got this address and asked the fat guy’s mom for the money, but the lady and her brother chased him away without giving a single penny. The broken cab driver who was already in neck deep debt, who lost his taxi now, killed himself by hanging in his house roof. Poor fellow. I don’t know how police leave such bastards to roam around just like that. These guys should be sliced off like tender coconuts” said the tender coconut seller in an agonizing voice

Gautham looked at Mr. Bala’s face. He did not show any reaction over the story. Instead he paid for the tender coconut and asked everyone to get into the car.

Gautham, who was so saddened by the story told by the tender coconut seller, asked his uncle to drop him in the area near to his home. Mr. Bala dropped Mahesh and Gautham giving them their 50000 thousand rupees and said “Be careful with the money, Ask dad to call me, nephew”

“Uncle why didn’t we go to the police?” asked Gautham to Mr. Bala before he leaves

“I asked the police inspector, he said that the fat guy has got a medical certificate from some doctor, and the certificate says that he is mentally unstable and even if the inspector arrests him, he cannot pursue the case” said Mr. Bala and took off back to the hospital.

Mahesh bought a new bike with the 50000 and the hotel owner Bismi got his bike back and Mr. Bala got his 20000 thousand back. But Gautham was left out to feel like he did not get something he wanted.

After three days, Gautham’s phone rang, Gautham looked at the caller name and it was his Dad, who has been asking him about the job choice of Gautham. Gautham dropped the call and went to Mahesh’s house and called out Mahesh.

Mahesh came running towards Gautham and started “Brother, you know what happened today? I got a call from an unknown number today, someone from the other end said that they are calling from the town of Vellore, they asked me that whether TN 38 H5486, is the vehicle which belong to me. It was the number of my stolen bike; I said yes and asked them, how they got it. He said his name was Sumanth, who runs a photo studio in Vellore. Yesterday there came a guy to take a photo in his studio. The studio owner asked him to wait in the lobby as the photographer was busy with another customer. He waited for a few minutes and came in and asked owner about the bike that is parked outside the studio. He also said he has always wanted to purchase this bike, but does not know how it feels like to ride this bike. The photo studio owner agreed that the bike that is parked outside was his, out of pride. Suddenly the fat guy asked the owner whether he can take a test drive of that vehicle. He gave the key to his bike and asked the owner to have it until he returns back, as a token of trust. The photo studio owner agreed and gave him the key to the bike in exchange for the fat guy’s bike. But as the time passed, the fat guy never came back and the photo studio owner realized that he had been stolen of his new bike, which he got as a dowry for marrying his wife two months back. He tracked the papers for the bike that fat left, and found my phone number. So he called me. I told him the entire story and asked him to come to Coimbatore along with the bike to get a settlement from the fat guy’s mom.”

Gautham was very shocked to hear this story. He did not say anything; in turn he started walking towards his home. He thought to himself, that how come a single fat guy broke all the laws and still roaming around the cities cheating the poor souls of this pathetic world. Is there no justice in this world? He thought of the cab driver and others who were cheated by this fat guy. How come people were so irresponsible in letting this fat guy slip? What the hell is the use of having the cops around the city? Suddenly Gautham’s phone ranged. It was his dad again.

Gautham took a deep breath and answered the phone and said “Dad, I have decided, I want to become a police officer”


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