Killed In Action

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A soldier thinks about what he has done seconds before he dies.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012




Falling tears for the ones we’ve lost

Guns are made for man to kill the man.

Bullets through me, killing all I have.

The enemy fires to a wounded man, war is the issue we love to hate

While sons and fathers give their lives, we watch movies to laugh and cry.

Bleeding! for a moment I feel like throwing up.

I need to kill more bastards.

Blood in my cloths, in my hands and in the hope I had

Gun in one hand, while the other holds a wounded man.

Cut his head off! yeah! Cut his head off!

Cut his head off! yeah! Cut his head.. off!

Blinded by the lust fro blood I walk this land,

No man’s land! Followed by their rotten corpses I walk in no man’s land.

Killing for the pure pleasure we think it is a virtue.

Growing colder, with each step we cry tears of blood and sand!

The demon’s out!

They arrive at nightfall, nightfall, bloody nightfall.

Kill the ones who are about to be born! 

With a grenade of horror we scream in terror the light we have not seen,

We are the ones who scream death! I am the one who screams death!

My words are death’s messenger!

Your life is ours to take away! I am the fallen, the murderer.

You are the victim, you made, your own grave wider….

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