burning those greenback dollars

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it's a story I wrote for a school thing.

Submitted: March 07, 2010

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Submitted: March 07, 2010



I hate my family! They all have major problems. My moms a ninja

wanna be, my dad thinks their zombies, my brothers a schizophrenic,

and then there’s me, Zeus, the “sane” one. Zeus is actually my name,

my mom was convince that if I have Zeus as a name, I won’t be a

disgrace like my brother, Bruce the schizophrenic, or my dad, Jacob

the zombie hunter.

But today I love them all, I won the lottery. I can’t wait to tell them all. I

could finally get Bruce the right kind of help, get the biggest house in

the world for my mom, and even get dad the best security system in the universe .

I stop at the door, I take a deep breath, opening the door I jump in screaming, “WERE RICH!”.

my mom suddenly jumps in front of me in her black ninja uniform looking around suspiciously,

“ Shhh! Zeus, they could be anywhere.” she whispers in my ears.

Hardly able to keep quiet, I whisper back in her ear, “Gather the family, I have life changing news.”

Once every one was nice and comfy in a chair, my dad

ask, “ What could be so important that you disturb my work?” still

smiling, I tell them, “ Were rich!”. They all look at me worried that

something’s wrong with me, “Are you okay Zeus, were not rich.

Remember, we have welfare.” my mom tells me. I laugh and try to

explain, “ I won the lottery, THE LOTTERY PEOPLE, WERE RICH.” Bruce

looks at me with big wide eyes and with a big smile, starts to repeat

excitingly, “ Were rich, were rich, were rich...” happy I convince Bruce,

I give my lottery ticket to my unconvinced parents.

After careful examination my dad finally screams out loud excitingly, “WERE RICH!”


A month later, life’s going great. My brother is now in the care of the

best doctors in the world, yet still in our new mansion. Mom and dad

must be the happiest people in the world, mom finally as the ninja gear

she ever dreamed of and having a blast freaking out any unlucky victim crossing the streets.

And dad as the best defence systems that’s actually still legal.

So they might be happy, but I’m not. For me, life sucks! My parents are

always missing and my brother is constantly drug up. Even with all this

money, I have no friends what so ever and I despise being alone. And

when my parents finally get together, they argue about our money. I

got to do something before this family falls apart. I got to get rit of

those greenback dollars.

The stars are shining, the family is snoring, I got to do this now. Dressed

in dark clothing and carrying a full can of gasoline, I prepare for this

thing. It can’t be that hard, the security system is great and all, but I

could simply shut it off with a finger tip. I walk to the underground safe but stop at the corner as I hear voices,

“Pew Pew, stop! We can’t be here.” Impatient, I take a deep breath and start walking to the safe

where my brothers talking to his imaginary friend Pew Pew.

Bruce sees me and runs away thinking his in trouble. Glad that he left, I

open the safe and gaze at the large stash of money. Happy things are

going smoothly, I step inside and start throwing the gasoline on the

stash. Can empty, I think of how great things will be without this money,

my parents will be to busy hating me to argue with each other, My

brother will finally be able to have a full conversation for once,

and when my parents get over this, we will be a family again.

I light a match with a grin of satisfaction until, “Zeus, what do you think

your doing?” My mom questions me with a hint of anger and confusion.

I look at her and throw the match on the top of the stash.

Walking away with a smile that could light up the world, I answer at my shocked

mother, “Just burning those greenback dollars.”

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