The Fight and Bite

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This is where the main character of my works gets bitten to become a vampire.

At the end the story line continues with the main character waking up at home coming to grips with what he is along with his new abilities.

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



"Get him!" the gang yelled and I was instantly at a disadvantage. Seven to one, definately not a fair fight.

Two came from the front and I ran to meet them. One was faster than the other and I knocked him out with a massive blow to the head. No possible way for him to stay consious after that. The second I clotheslined with my spinning arms, putting him down for at least a while.

On my left and right I suddenly had two more on top of me. One grabbed my arms while the other dealt out blows to my ribs and chest, forcing what air I had in my lungs out of me. I hit my grappler full in the face with the back of my head while pounding him in the ribs with my elbows. At that moment, everything was flashing before my eyes and I only had the lone desire for survival going through my mind. There was no such thing as dirty fighting to me right then.

I was thrown to the ground by another. I did not see who or where from. I knew I was close to death then. The onslaught of blows that came immediately after could never be described in words. So much pain that no words would do it justice. I heard the sounds of my ribs cracking and possibly breaking, then shortly after the feeling registering in my brain. Some point there I think I blacked out, or maybe was just experiencing so much pain that my mind could not tolerate it any more. I was hyper aware of my surroundings but yet did not care one bit of them. Was this what the brink of death felt like?

The flurries stopped, yet I could not tell how long they had lasted. Slowly, my mind became aware of the damage that had been done to its shell. Broken bones, gashes, bruises, and welts all over.

I had definately lost consiousness at some point in time. I was alone laying on the grass of the park. Trees rustled around me but yet their dark beauty this night did nothing to help me right then and there. My attackers had gone, I did not know or care where. The unbelieveable pain was all that was on my mind, unable to be blocked out no matter how much will power I put to it. I had to get home, no matter what the cost. Even though the gang was gone and I knew they would not hurt me any more did not mean other dangers were not still out there.

I pushed myself up onto my hands and knees, which was instantly a bad idea. What blood I had left instantly drained from my head down to my core causing me to stumble and collapse from what little altitude from I had. Hitting the ground I was instantly in more pain.

"Hush little one," said an angelic voice. The mere sound of it seemed to ease my pain. "You will be just fine now."

I tried rolling myself over to see the source of the voice, but my strains were met with gentle hands.

"Do not strain yourself any more," the voice said. "You are safe with me."

The voice was definately female. That much I knew. I felt her gentle hands brush across the length of my body, wherever she touched, the pain instantly left me.

"What are you doing?" I choked.

"Such a perfect and strong being," she said with fascination, "yet so weak and fragile at the same time." She turned me over so that I could see her.

I was instantly taken aback. She was far more beautiful than I could have imagined. She looked just like any other person dressed in her normal, yet designer clothes. But that was only at first glance. Her black shoulderblade length hair was clean and straight, shrouding her angular face in a semi permeable darkness. Her skin was the palest of whites, seeming to glow in the darkness. Slimmed framed and fair, she appeared to take no effort to pull me up into her embrace. The side of my face was pillowed by her bosom, but yet I could feel no heat radiate from her.

"Go in peace, and fulfill the great destiny set before you," she whispered into my ear.

I felt the tip of her nose brush down my cheek, her teeth puncture my neck, and the world went black around me.

I woke with a start...

[personal note: writing tablet #1, p. 7-9]

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