Before The Gates Of Alahsar. - Chapter....1 - Part...1...1.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In the time before time the battle against light and dark was perpetually thought, any war could bring Armageddon. The Dark Man rides Turvehr into the fray once more, shall man stand?

Submitted: May 14, 2015

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Submitted: May 14, 2015



"Before The Gates Of Alahsar."


Vladislav Raven.


Full Version.


Bardic Style.


Chapter...1. Part...1...1.


Lift up thine ears and listen clear

Of Ancient Alahsar tale be told

The Golden gates to peaceful shrine

City  of wonder most Ancient jewel

I stand before thee words ready to sing

Beating out heart's cadence my heart does speak

Oh Alahsar the dream forever sung

Come now listen to the tale my heart does tell


Never was there dark in jeweled kingdom

There was a lightened twilight

The sun low in the sky shining glory

Touching the heart of Alahsar

The golden pinnacles and minarets bejeweled

Sparkling as golden light kisses them

A dazzling display of light effects

Playing the rainbow's of desire


Virgin white the stonework of each dwelling

Towering high reaching for Heaven's touch

Arrayed ever upward as the land climbs.

Finally the golden palace atop the mighty mountain

A beacon on the mountain to all

The city of dream in its beauty displayed

From the golden gates to the palace a peaceful shrine

Oh Alahsar the city of dream constant


On the first level soldiers dwellings

Of the most sumptuous furnishings they were arrayed

Soldiers dressed in regal splendour

From dwellings to parapet wall always marching

Nights of passion in rooms of silken beauty

Primal passion emits its sighs and screams into the night

Communal wash areas to the rear

Hidden behind high walls built into the rock


On second level merchants homes and shops

Here were homes of richer bearing

Minarets adorned their splendid heads

The scents of the orient wafting on the air

Each scent mingling with the next inducing peace

The sounds of trade always coming from this level

On this level were indoor baths for the dwellers

Behind the dwellings were small garden areas


On the third level communal gardens

Lush green areas surrounded by Kaleidoscopic colour

Flowers of all shapes and descriptions

Seemed to be painted on this scene

So skillfully painted on the scene with gentle hand

Trees of mighty girth and height reached skyward

There were many benches hidden in secluded areas

Indeed desires of the night were cared for


On the fourth level the palace workers dwelt

They lived in virtual palaces themselves

From their windows the whole plain unrolled

The splendour of Love's dreams theirs

In dwellings fit for kings the subjects lived

There was but Love and joy within Alahsar

These homes had their own small bathing areas

Sounds of joy came from each house


Now lift your horns to the splendour that was Alahsar

To the beautiful pearl under a low midnight sun

The palace and its gardens alone on level five

The golden dwelling of a golden king

Lift your horns all ye who listen

Drink the mead and remember

Our voices one and all cry out

"Glory and honour"


Oh golden king look upon thy kingdom

From the golden palace window

Know thy glorious name ever remembered

In infamy or glory our tale shall tell

We now look back into a dark time for our tale

The golden dream would face its greatest trial

Now listen close my friends as i unfold the tale

Now lift up thine ears for a tale of Alahsar


© Copyright 2020 Vladislav Raven. All rights reserved.

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