Before The Gates Of Alahsar. Chapter...1 - Part...1...3.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
We return to Alahsar, to the night of celebration for the Dark Man and the Red. The mists of time clear and now my song can show you the vision.

Submitted: July 01, 2015

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Submitted: July 01, 2015



"Before The Gates Of Alahsar."


Vladislav Raven.


Full Version.


Bardic Style.


Chapter...1.   Part...1...3.




Watch now as the mists of time dissipate

We once more go to fabled Alahsar

Come my Lords and ladies on golden wings

The world of dreams awaits us in wonder

Now the mists have gone and all is clear

Alahsar once more before us does stand

As you shall remember there was revelry within

A night of celebration rivaled by no other


Hearken now to my words as our story goes on

The revelry now come into the street

Joy and merriment in abundance

Every soldier not on duty was within his or her dwelling

Not one of them was alone and they had drunk much mead

Their joy most abundantly clear as they now had their play

The sounds of passion the only sounds on the first level

Warriors to primal passion now put their strength


Upward on the next level of the city many people on the streets

Couples dancing men trying to show their prowess

Such fun was being had by all as the storm began to form

A cheer goes up the Dark Man comes

Much shaking of hands and hugs of friendship

Tonight no one was anyones enemy

The Warrior Queen has arrived human sea is parted

Once more the men and women of Alahsar to their play


And now victory songs are sung by all

Songs to fill the warriors Soul with power with pride

The triumphal songs of earlier times

The glory and honour of Alahsar

The glory and honour of the king

They were the same praise heaped on Alahsar

Praise heaped on the majesty of the king

Loud the voices sang into the air and the king was pleased


Now we look to the time in which our story relates

One moment we take away from revelry

A troubled time for a king of light

Darkness threatening the kingdom of dream

A king who this night drinks in celebration

Tomorrow he may drink the dregs of sorrow's cup

Enough for the morrow we look to tonight

Let Alahsar praise the Dark Man and those he led in revelry


On the third level there was little revelry

Here in the communal gardens there was peace

Some had come here to rest from the revelry a while

Our Warrior Queen had come to meet her Dark Man

Such quiet solitude good for the Soul

The Songs of old courage did reach this peaceful place

Many left the gardens and started walking down to level two

Most of the singing was coming from there now


On the fourth level there was almost silence now

The dwellers here were now working within the palace

A few children could be heard singing the old songs

There high pitched voices lost in the breeze

A few on the street dancing

Children's laughter so nice to hear

Alahsar alive with gaiety

May the heart's of all keep singing


The palace atop the mountain ablaze with light

The softer songs of Alahsar coming from within

What sumptuous splendour within each room

All are happy for guest of honour they wait

The storm grows and grows the mother of darkness

Soon from the storm guest of honour shall come

Many watch from window casement the quickly darkening sky

The storm is alive now the thunder booms and lightning flashes


Now the mists of time begin to close over Alahsar

Once more your singer of songs must have his horn charged

May the mead help the voice to sing the song

In Bardic melody forth come the words

Soon we return to the land of dream

Let the words of the oldest songs be remembered

They shall come forth like flowing waters

Alahsar shall live again in song




© Copyright 2020 Vladislav Raven. All rights reserved.

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