Southern Dreams

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Virginia, just before the civil war, a couple, so much in Love think they have all before them, will there Love survive the war. Morning has woken.

Submitted: May 17, 2015

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Submitted: May 17, 2015




"Southern Dreams."


Vladislav Raven.


Bardic Style.


Chapter....1 Part....1....1.


In the sovereign State of Virginia

Built in magnificent splendour Magnolia house

The home of the Trevanion family

Standing within the Virginian countryside

The reason for its name was two fold

Firstly it was named after the wife of George Trevanion

Secondly for the avenue of magnolia trees

They reached from the house to the main gates

The emerald green spread on either side of the Magnolia

A carpet of splendour to a forest on each side

Through the forest there were paths on each side

To the left the path led to the fields

To the right it led to the slave quarters

They were built in the heart of the forest

Magnolia plantation was a working plantation

The Trevanions had many slaves


A beautiful clear blue sky above the earth

A golden sun in glory smiles down

Men and women about their work

Overseers seeing the work is done

Song rings out as work is done

The slaves upon their daily toil

While slumber sweet Trevanion children

Within great white house their haven

Arise to a new day oh children of the master

Five girls and two boys you number

Arise to God's glory shining

Our tale now to be told

Anne-Marie Trevanion is our heroine

She has lived but twenty seven years

She shall arise now to a new day

A day to change her life


Now let our sight find new perception

Away from the main house our vision flies

Down by the banks of a river

A small parcel of land now Moorcroft land

Given to the husband of a black sheep sister

There in an old log cabin she dwells

The most happy of women

For in her heart she knows true peace


The Moorcroft farm, a small holding

A little cotton  and vegetables grown

Trevanion had not known his land

This land was fertile and all crops grew

Moorcroft and his son worked the land alone

They were one with the land

The Lady of the house was Georgia

Sometimes she too would work the fields

From dawn’s early light two men had been toiling the fields

Soon time for rest to eat and sup little

Both were wiry strong men

The woman of the land came out of some trees

She wore but a plain grey cotton dress

Still her beauty shone for she was happy

The men looked up and saw this Lady

How their hearts did shine within

Now the work would soon be done

By midday John would be on his way

Over the fields and through the forest

At the slave quarters he would meet

His Anne-Marie his own true Love

A Lovely day to spend alone

Up in the hills or in the Dells

Let come the day what it shall bring


Now in the glory of this day

Two separate roads would become one

Destiny would run its course

In golden sun Love's passion fulfilled

Two cousins within golden embrace

Now are one Love's primal passion achieved

God's glory from on high

A union of cousins it shall espy


© Copyright 2019 Vladislav Raven. All rights reserved.

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