The Ultimate Apex Killer Serial Killer - The Most Evil Man in History by Voey Jimsante

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Submitted: June 26, 2018

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Submitted: June 26, 2018



The Ultimate Apex Killer Serial Killer - The Most Evil Man in History by Voey Jimsante

Disclaimer - Purpose of Story - Introduction - Warning - 
The object of the story is to create the most evil, horrifying, and brutal, man, in fictional history. See if you agree, with me that this is fiction’s most evil, and terrifying human. 
This story is against evil.  It does not support anyone committing crimes, as a result of this story. 
I warn you the story will be traumatic to many people. So only read it, if you can cope with deeply disturbing, brutal things in your psyche, from the start. 

Chapter One - The Band 

Live from the Londinium Arena in, London City. In the giant indoor 40,000 arena, the teenagers were looking forward to their teen pop band heroes, the boy band ‘Fand Very.’ 
Fand Very consisted of 5 young male stars, who had won fame on a TV reality show. 
The group were great singers, and dancers, making it big, in England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the USA, Canada, and Australia. 
The European Union mainland, was taking them to their hearts, after a winning performance for the United Kingdom, in the Eurovision Song Contest.
The hall was filled with teenage girls, waiting for their heartthrobs. 
When suddenly on the speakers came a voice, robotically speaking, ‘Good evening beautiful young ladies, and fine gentlemen. We have a treat for you today. You will see the final performance of the Fand Very.’
The girls screamed in expectation, the lights in the hall went out, and suddenly atmospheric classical music was played, for 10 seconds. 
The speaker suddenly revealed a robotic laugh, and the lights came on, and 20 ft above the stage there were 5 dead bodies hanging from the ceiling. 
The robotic voice spoke again, ‘I have executed your heroes. Take photographs. Why don’t you? Anyone want a selfie?’
Live on the giant TV screens, on either side of the stage, in full volume was the sound and sight of the 5 boy band members being tortured, by a sick and a brutal individual. 
Screaming was heard from the arena, this time the young teenage fans. 
But above all the noise, the speaker continued to speak, ‘I am the Ultimate Apex Killer Serial Killer. You humans are prey for my feast. I will rip havoc on you, that will make you dream that you were in Hell. A better place to be.’

Within minutes the police from, Caledonia Yard, London had arrived.
The Chief of Police, a Scottish woman, Kirsty McLeish, aged 52, tough and incorruptible. She was short, quite plump. And was an expert in karate, kick boxing, and bare knuckle boxing, and she had worked her way up the police, with no sexual favours. 
But in charge of the investigation was the half Chinese, half Welsh, Mickey Church, who was aged 27, average height, analytical. But he hid a deeply embarrassing secret. He was a virgin, and had never had a girlfriend. A genius, with a double first degree in Geography, and History. He had attended Oxford University.
His deputy was to be Sarola Athens, a half Bangladeshi, half British lady who would regularly get racially abused by white people. Often people would shout abuse at her that she must be a terrorist, and would then justify their racism on the basis that women in Muslim communities were oppressed. So they would justify their bullying of her, on the basis that she was apparently bullied by Muslim men.
Helicopters flew above the arena, escorting the devastated fans from the arena. They had lost their dream men. 

The Prime Minister, and Home Secretary demanded that Kirsty find the person, or persons who did this terrible crime. 
One man claimed he had committed the crimes early on. Stephen Parry, a 42 year old man, who lived with his wife, had 4 kids, but divorced his previous wife after her affair.  He had some previous criminal records for stalking, and assault. But it was soon revealed, he was a fantasist, who had no responsibility for the crime. He was charged with wasting police time. 

Chapter Two 
The murder was the main headline worldwide. Evidence on who the suspect was, was limited. There was no DNA evidence, found on the bodies. The CCTV, in and around the arena, were turned off, during the crime. 
The evidence was back to a 1970s standard of investigation. The only evidence was a robotic voice goading the police, and the dead. 
The tabloids, mostly demanded that the police hurry up, and find the killer.
The PM was in trouble politically. On the one hand the murders helped her because it distracted the press away from mocking her. But she knew that if her law enforcement bodies did not find the murderer, it could put her under pressure. 

Three days after the murder, a second clue arrived, on the desk of Mr Bluestorm, the Home Secretary. The Home Secretary was responsible for law and order. The clue was a strand of hair, from the dog of one of the Fand Very band’s pets. 
Bluestorm decided to use this with the press, to put pressure on the PM. 
Bluestorm made a speech listing that he would personally ensure on his life, that the murderer would be captured, locked up, and dealt with, because Britain would never be scared by a pathetic cowardly murderer. 
The press ate his speech up, seeing him as future PM material. 
But then to everyone’s surprise Bluestorm disappeared.
Within a day the internet went viral with a horrific, grotesque video. 
The Apex Killer Serial Killer, revealed dozens of videos of himself dining on the dead body of the Home Secretary. 
The Apex Killer Serial Killer, this time revealed videos, with his voice muffled sounding, deep and low almost difficult to hear. As he spoke with fury that those who attempt to cross him would be captured and destroyed. Then an evil chortling throat infecting laugh was made at the end of the message. 
The video had been filmed in what looked like an underground dungeon, with pictures of Satan, Eichmann, Stalin, Hitler, Goring, Franco, Pol Pot, and Mussolini in the background. 

The population of the United Kingdom, became terrified. The investigation was getting nowhere. And this man was killing, as if he had no call upon him. 
The tabloids, and broadsheets tried to keep up with the demand to find out who his murderer was. 
Some sick people supported the murderer. Mainly the sort of people who supported bullying, sexual assault, and other evils. 
But the murderer went into overdrive, driven by a blood lust. 
The national England football team were staying at a hotel, in central London. When a message was sent to the team to join the manager in the dining room. 
But within hours, the hotel had become a crime scene. 
Once again, the Apex Killer Serial Killer, had struck. 
The bodies of the England Football Team, were littered over the floor, it seemed the dinner had been contaminated with a killer toxin. The manager had been decapitated. The team had their bodies ritually beheaded. 
Now England would have no team, for the World Cup. 
This mass murder was so shocking, that grown men were shaking and crying in their home infront of their kids. In fear at what was happening to the people of the UK.
Even the toughest of alpha males, were feeling powerless. 
The killer had no stopping him, and had become a superstar of evil. 
The next night, was the horrific attack on a zoo in London.
The Apex Serial Killer stole lions, tigers, and crocodiles from the cages. To show he was the true apex creature of the planet. He ate up parts of their dead bodies. 
He revelled in a mocking video, once again to the social network sites showing him eating the dead bodies of the predator animals.
The press, from all over the world, visited the United Kingdom, to report on this brutal series of attacks on the UK. 
But next was his most shocking attack, so far, that copied the instincts of the most brutal terrorists of the century. 
With 3,000 people gathering in a London tube station. The attack was terrifying in it’s brutal shocking horror. 
As a chemical attack was committed on the innocent tube station passengers. 
Over 3,000 were killed, and 2,000 seriously injured in a chemical attack using a Russian nerve agent, stolen from a lab.
The emergency services arrived, to a brutal shocking scene, and were overwhelmed by this cowardly brutal attack. 
Once again the tube station, was surrounded by dozens of helicopters, soldiers, police, doctors, nurses, firemen and firewomen.

The next day a memorial was held, and the PM tried to make political capital, by saying she would catch the evil terrorist who was carrying out these crimes.
When all of a sudden, half way through her speech, she looked up to see a drone above her. 
A voice spoke from the drone, ‘Prime Minister you have dared to take on the ultimate being of the species. You should know your place.'
Then acid dropped from the drone onto the PM. 
The PM cried as the acid poured all over her, and burned live on the TV, as she turned to acid, dead and shrivelled up in horror. 

The country was in full panic mode, and people started leaving the capital as all the attacks had happened in the capital.
Political leaders from all over the world sent their sympathies. But were so worried, that they refused to send their leaders and citizens to the funerals in the UK. 
The press, police, army, and authorities seemed powerless to stop this mass murderer. 
A crowing video was once again posted online, boasting of his feeling, that he was the ultimate being, capable of dining on, and killing any creature he wanted. 
People were even fearing criticizing this evil. Some newspapers started ignoring the crimes, scared that their editors would be attacked. 
In horror, a talk show radio host, spoke up for the victims, then proudly spoke in attack on the killer calling him a coward and a creep. 
But within 30 minutes, he was in for a shocking call. It was his wife, and children screaming on the phone, as the evil killer raped, and murdered them. He was evil, and an enemy of the human race. 
The talk show host, had a heart attack, in horror and died. 

With that, the new Prime Minister, a Welsh man, Prime Minister Saunders, declared martial law over the country, and called for police, and army to walk the streets. 
Over the next few weeks these actions did nothing. 
As the evil murderer raped, and murdered over 100 women and 20 children. 

Chapter Three
The horror was that, some people were starting to worship the killer as superstar hero. Some men boasted of their admiration for him, and set up shrines to boast of their support for him. The sort of people who bullied people at school, and boasted about it, and then got angry when people hated them for being evil. The bully lovers proclaimed their admiration and called him the ultimate man. 
Some British women wrote him love letters, and love poems to the papers furiously speaking up for the evil murderer. They saw him as the ultimate man, the apex creature, as the cannibal who ate powerful leaders, and stars as if they were his food. They saw him as the ultimate being of natural selection, to eliminate genetic rivals. They were sick. 
One woman called Katy Burke set up a fan club, to support their hero bad boy.
But good women hated the Apex Killer. One brave woman called Islay Holmes, who campaigned against rape, said it was evil to support bullies, and serial killers. 

The investigation worked hard on trying to find the murderer, but no progress was being made. 
The killer was a master criminal who hid his DNA, with a series of technological methods. He was a genius, and was taking the United Kingdom to a hell where evil was to be admired. 


Chapter Four
Mickey, and Sarola worked, and worked, on trying to find the killer. 
Red herrings were coming at them. As they were sent a series of fake confessions, from idiots, who wanted attention. They were sent false clues, and the evidence could not point to anyone. 
Mickey was working furiously, with Sarola on how they could capture the criminal with a team of 20,000 officers now seeing this crime as their priority. They worked twenty four seven.
Then came support from the business community. A multi billionaire philanthropist Jack Harry, 37 years old, famed for his womanising, strong, muscular, as a campaigner, for kids, on the issues of domestic abuse, and crime. He was known to fund certain campaigns. 
He made his money in oil, war technology, geology, information technology, newspapers, and the hotel industry.
His was married to the young blonde Alwen, a 23 year old, who forgave Jack for his affairs. 
The police, and new PM, were invited to Jack’s multi million pound mansion for a get together to talk of how they could catch the Apex Killer Serial Killer. 
Mickey, and Sarola, roamed around the mansion, as guests mingled on what could surely be the safest and calmest, they had been for weeks. 
But Mickey found something chilling, as he read through the books published by Jack, he discovered that Jack’s policy on helping kids. Was to let kids bully the weak ones, and give only support to the bullies, as this was natural selection, of the weak being removed from the species. Jack’s books on domestic abuse suggested that women should stay with, and forgive domestic abusers. Jack thought the more evil a man was, the more manly he was. 
Jack’s view was that women, should have sex with any man, who fancied them. This was supporting rape. 

Alwen had written a series of books supporting bad boys, and bullies, detailing that in her view bullies, and bad boys were more manly, sexy, and normal. And that nice guys were in her view creepy and weird, and should be laughed at, and mocked as weirdoes, and creeps.
Mickey read through Jack’s books. 
Although Mickey was a virgin, he never believed that anyone had the right to be angry with any woman who did not want to have sex with them. 
He believed you should never be angry with any woman, for her not wanting to have sex with you. Mickey had decided that, once you start thinking that woman should automatically have sex with you, then you have become an evil person. 
Mickey did have some controversial views that any people who fancied bullies were evil, because they were supporting evil. But that was different to claiming that women should find you attractive. Mickey decided that there was a big problem with people who boast about their attraction to evil men, as if it is something to be proud or smug about. 
There was in his opinion a big difference between being rightfully angry with supporters of evil, and the error of wrongly being angry, because you think that any woman you find attractive, should find you attractive.
Mickey also decided it was right to encourage people, to see nice people, as sexy. 
Mickey decided it was evil, of men, to say that women have to have sex with a man, even if the woman did not want to. Mickey saw rape, as the most evil crime, even worse than murder.
Mickey knew he was not attractive to most women, but did not feel angry at that. After all most people are not that sexy.
He knew there were a lot of virgins, like him, but he did not want anyone to know he was a virgin, as it was deeply embarrassing. 
But then Mickey read extracts of a book by Alwen, saying that all women fancy rapists, wife beaters and bullies. Mickey knew this was a load of rubbish, from an evil troll. But he flew into a rage, and decided on the basis of a presumption, that Jack must be the murderer. He flew into a rage, in front of all the guests, ranting and raving, that Jack was the murderer. Jack had the power, the finances, and the wealth. 
Alwen, and Jack laughed and shouted that he was a creep, and probably gay. 
Mickey screamed, in fury that he was not gay. 
Alwen ranted back that he was gay, she knew. Women had a way of knowing these things. 
The Chief of Police immediately withdrew Mickey from the case, 
Jack walked over and smacked Mickey in the face, knocking him out clean with one punch. Alwen laughed proudly at her husband who she admired for his violence. 
Mickey woke up in a hospital bed, with police around him. 

Chapter Five 
At the time Mickey was taken, off the case, the crimes continued. Despite curfews being held on the land. 
The murders, rapes continued, with over 400 killed, over a 4 week period. It was becoming part of daily life that a murder, and rape was reported on the TV. 
Tourists stopped coming to Britain, in fear of attack. 

Mickey grew mad in his suspension from the case. He published anti bullying stories, and wrote stories saying it was wrong to find people attractive, or sexy for doing bullying or other abuses.
But Jack had not forgotten him, and used his media empire to attack Mickey. 
Mickey became a national joke, mocked for his virginity, his supposed insanity, and was labelled the real danger to Great Britain. The media even reported claims, that Mickey might be the Apex Killer Serial Killer. 
In opinion polls over 30 per cent of the population started to think Mickey might be the killer.
Mickey wrote a pretentious book entitled, ‘I do not mean everything I say, and I do not say everything I mean.'
The book was one of poems, and songs. Such as his song of unrequited love, ‘If you love Women, whisky and wine. 
Then you're sure to find love with this woman so fine. 
A sparkling creature of beauty divine. 
An expert at cradling your love, it will pine. 
A lover of romance.
Will merry your dance. 
Roses for Roses.
Jewels for posies. 
A fairy of beauty.
Love is her duty. 
But sadly not mine.’

Followed by his poem, ‘Just be, happy you're not lonely.
Just be, cause that I love you. 
Just be, glad that my heart you own it.
Just be, cause that I need you. 
Just be, safe, that I'm all yours.
Just be, cause I really want you.
Just because you sing the blues. 
Does not mean, there ain't some really, good news. 
Hearts sing, Hibs sing a song, song.
That's the way the world goes inside an oblong.’

Another poem went, ‘Ain't nothing, but a bit of rain. 
And ain't a little bit of rain, gonna hold me down.
No a little bit a rain, ain't gonna hold me down. 
Ain't nothin', but a bit of rain gonna make me frown.
No a little bit of rain ain't gonna hold me down. 
Ain't gonna hold down this little town.
No grey clouds, and thunder gonna keep down.
No specks o' rain on my coat, gonna make me cry sound. 
No wet socks, gonna take me to the ground. 
Ain't nothin' but a bit of rain gonna keep me down. 
No a little bit of rain ain't gonna keep me down.’

Another poem went, ‘The sound of your footsteps, on broken ground. 
They gather like pebbles upon heavenforth sound. 
The sound of your crying, in broken skies. 
They ripple, and beckon like old baby cries. 
The movement of stars, through the darkness, they light. 
Shining like beacons in night-time, too bright. 
I did not know of my maker, till I was older, than young.
Then I found he was fiction, of old whistling tongue.’

This book was destroyed in the press, by critics, as the worst book in history.
Mickey Church was lambasted as a narcissistic, snowflake, creep, weirdo, with a victim complex.
Jack Harry became a hero, and was shown on TV reporting, that he would find, and capture the Apex Killer Serial Killer. He promised a 1 billion pound reward for his capture.

Then just when everything was going his, way the world turned on a dice throw. 

You see Mickey Church had been helped by the new case head Sarola. Sarola had also had theories about the billionaire, and found a room in the mansion that looked like the one the Apex Killer Serial Killer had published on social network videos. 
She had collected DNA evidence from the room, and the results were profound. 
She spoke the media, and explained that Jack Harry was now the main suspect. 
The DNA evidence, was conclusive in the dungeon.
But Jack had taken a tip off, and escaped into what seemed invisibility. 
With that Mickey was put back on the case as deputy to Sarola. 
Alwen claimed she did not know her husband was a murderer, but that she still found him sexy for being evil. She claimed that the more evil someone was, the more sexy and manly they were. She also boasted, that she was proud of her husband’s crimes. But as usual she expected everyone to still see her as the voice of common sense. Despite supporting an evil murderer. 

The billionaire was now open to an evil on the world, that would be known of for all of human history.

Chapter Six. 
The billionaire published videos on the internet, now boasting of his status as an antichrist of evil, capable of doing any evil he wanted. 
Within days the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Leader of the Opposition, Home Secretary, PM, and Head of the Army were found dead, and half eaten on the side of the road. With a calling card from Jack Harry, left on their dead bodies. 
Next, the German football team were found half eaten in a bus, on a side road, after they were preparing for a qualifier against Wales. 
The Apex Serial Killer was found to have stolen more lions, hunting dogs, elephants, and bears from a British safari park. Once again Jack Harry ate their remains, to show he was the true apex creature of the planet. 
He was now he revealed to be a attention seeking, fame junkie, narcissist. 
But the world was powerless to stop him. 
He would sends his poetry to the TV news declaring in sick horror, that he would kill tens of thousands in one day.
He took over a passenger jet, by remote control, on route from NewYork to LA, and flew it right into The White House, Washington DC. 
But that was  not all, he had other plans. 
Jack broke into a air base, and stole a fighter jet, from Lakenheath, and then loaded with guns and missiles, terrorised the small town South Rankin, in Sussex. He flew over it for half an hour, firing missiles, bombs, and cannon at the town, shooting up the school, the streets, shops, residential areas. Blowing up the main bridge, that went over the small river. Firing on supermarkets, and pubs. The town was terrified as he removed it to rubble with no mercy, killing over 3,000 inhabitants, and ripping the town to shreds. 
As some tried to exit, the town, by car, bus, or truck, he would fire cannon at the transport, killing more. 
Before rescue jets, could arrive he had ejected, the jet, and escaped into the surrounding countryside. 
The next day, he went for small level abuses, and dressed as a tramp and stood outside a small school shouting abuse at the children. 
He shouted support to the bullies, and hatred to their victims. 
He sent funds to support abusive political groups. 
But his most deadly attack so far, arrived on the night of a football game between two of the larger second tier, English football teams. 
As a crowd of 30,000 turned up for a local derby. Jack had managed to get the local armed police, to stand down, from the game, via corrupted computer messaging system. 
From there his plan fitted in perfectly. At half time in the 1-1 draw. 
Jack entered the ground, via a glider. The crowd were worried with all the terror attacks that had been carried out in recent weeks. 
Jack then took out his ammunition. He put on his eye protection goggles then fired at laser flash gun, that had such high brightness that it blinded people for 30 minutes. 
Then with all the innocent football supporters in panic. Jack dealt, with his full throttle massacre. He took out, one of his own inventions, that 5 action machine gun with long range, and slowly fired into the panic stricken crowd. Thousands were shot, in one of the most brutal and evil massacres in world history. He managed to shoot dead 5,000 people and injured 2,000 more. 
The stadium was quickly surrounded by police helicopters, and hundreds of police, and soldiers. 
But it was not over for Jack. He crawled into the sewer system, under the stadium, and escaped quickly through the underground system. 
He thought he was brave, original, and creative, just like most evil people think they are. 

Chapter Seven 
Over the next few weeks his evil plans moved to an international level, with new levels of evil. 
In shocking attacks, he used his resources, to assassinate the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the President of Germany, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of Iran, the President of Israel, The King of Saudi Arabia, and the President of Brazil. 
His next major scheme, was to blow up the United Nations building, killing over 130 national leaders.
By now his level of evil, had proclaimed, him by some as the ‘Superstar of Evil.’ 
The World waited in shock for his next brutal move. 
He decided to carry out smaller levels of evil, by for instance, hacking into people’s personal computers, and releasing webcam videos of millions of naked people, to the public, causing huge trauma, and humiliation. In what is called revenge porn. 
But in his secret lab, he planned a next deadly wave, which would defeat all other evils, so far. 
Using a small atomic bomb. He planted an attack on the small western nation of the Netherlands. 
With an evil so chilling and calculating, he goaded the Dutch, half an hour before he set the bomb off. Then detonated the small country to destruction.
With that ten million of the Netherlands population was wiped out. 
But Jack still had his ambition to become the most evil man in history. 
He knew that Hitler, Stalin, Mao were amongst the most brutal tyrants in history killing tens of millions. He knew the British Empire, and Spanish Empire, had each killed 100 million. 
How, thought Jack, could he defeat those tyrants, and take over as the most evil man in history? 
Well he had the answer. You see his business, had developed biological weapons for various rogue governments. And as insurance, Jack kept the cures, and copies of the viruses. 
Three killer viruses that Jack already had the cure for, were released by Jack in the busy streets of New York. The viruses would take two weeks to take effect, Jack knew that the longer viruses remained hidden, the more likely they would spread, and the more damage they would cause when they became active. 
Jack heard the news of the mystery viruses taking affect after four weeks, of hiding. The news was awash with panic. International travel was banned, quarantines of entire nations, multi billion pound research labs were set up to cope with these disgusting diseases. But it was too late. Jack had released viruses which over the next 6 months, killed 300 million people. 
Jack cheered to himself in his base, that he had become the most evil person in history, even more evil than his heroes, Eichmann, Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot. 

Chapter Eight
But Jack could not stop, and the plan of evil continued. He planted bombs on tube trains, coaches, and left calling cards, over the world with his poetry such as, ‘God did not make us. 
Poem by the bad guy 
I am the creator.
He is my character, from films and novels. 
Who I created. 
And it was my creation. 
That he in my imagination.
Created everything before me. 
I am the creator of the creator. 
If there is one creator, then I am God, because he is in my head.
But God is the character who dominates my mind.
The most powerful fictional character in history.’

His efforts did not stop with murder. He defrauded many billions of pounds, from people, and countries with a series of frauds such as a cryptocurrency fraud, phone scams, and bank fraud. 
Jack conned billions of pounds, out of Eastern European, African, and Central American democracies, with a series of scams, that wiped trillions off the stock market. 
A massive depression started that wiped 30 per cent off the GDP of the world economy, including a 35 per cent collapse in the USA economy. 

With his message via social networks, ‘I am a master criminal who hides behind a cloak of sanity.’
But all of a sudden, while the President of the United States of America was giving a press conference, in the West Wing, the hiding seemed to be over.
After 4 questions to the President, one of reporters a large fat man walked forward toward the President.
The security grabbed hold of him. 
Then they pulled at his face, the face seemed to crumble, and to their amazement it was Jack Harry. 
Jack was led away to a high security prison.

Finally the murderer of hundreds of millions was caught. And with the death penalty in the USA it seemed that he would soon be executed. 
But this was all part of a plan to show Jack’s ruthless power. And in the jail, Jack shouted to his guards, ‘If I am released tonight, then I give you my word, that I will make every man and woman in this prison rich beyond your wildest dreams. If I am not released then your families, and friends, on the outside will all be executed, by the end of tonight. All I ask is my freedom, my liberty, for your pretence.’ 
With that, the CCTV were turned off, and he was released. 
Then he started his brutal fight back. 
The sickoe organised masked sex parties for the elites where children, and drugged women were abused. He used this to blackmail the elites. 
He forced women to torture their own children, by choosing between 1 or another. 

Chapter Nine 
The police, and security services were in full flow trying to capture the evil criminal bad boy. But nothing could be found. Sackings, and reshuffles of police departments came to no avail. By now Mickey Church, and Sarola had slipped down the police rankings with replacements coming every so often. 
But Mickey had one idea. The world knew there had to be secret bases that Jack Harry was using. 
Mickey and Sarola, decided to use every technique, they could, to track down the bases, tracking down every land that Jack had. Tracking satellite imagery. 
But Mickey knew a new idea would be to explore the satellite imagery of land surrounding every piece of land, which Jack had owned. 
Then to their shock using a team of 500, they tracked down what seemed to be a giant cavern under an island in the Scottish Hebrides. 
The army, security services and police of the United Kingdom, several European nations, Canada, and the USA. converged on the island of Air Benist.
Jack had a small cottage there, but in reality beneath the land, lay a base, as big as a small city.
 A team, of SAS, and police invaded the base, and reached the HQ of the base. 
Only Alwen, was in the HQ. 
Lucky for Jack he was away in another secret base. 
With Alwen captured he could be blackmailed into giving himself up. 
But he decided to act in fury, at his own wife being captured, and broadcast to the world his demands. 
You see, he had planted underground secret nuclear bombs in the cities of New York, London, Dallas, Los Angeles, Paris, Dacca, Hong Kong, Lagos, Mecca, Sau Paulo, Tokyo, Sydney, Cape Town, Istanbul, Rome, Delhi, Tehran, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Addis Ababa, Singapore, Chicago, Cairo, Casablanca, Rabat, Caracas, Mexico City, Miami, Nairobi, Shanghai, Seoul, Calcutta, Karachi, and finally Kingston in Jamaica. 

He spoke to the world, 'Make me Emperor of the World, and release my wife, or I will destroy all these cities, and release another virus that will wipe out most of the human race. You have the choice, is it a better to be a slave in hell, than have most of you dead?’ 

Chapter Eleven 
But this was no over. The United States of America army knew not to take this lying down, and tracked him finally to a base under the Egyptian pyramids, near Cairo. 

The United Nations were about to hand over total control of the planet to the Emperor Antichrist. 
But the British, French, USA, elite clandestine forces reached the inside of the chamber under the pyramids. Shooting their way through the underground base, they reached the central chamber, where the evil Jack Harry was holding a sex party for his friends. As they celebrated the end of the world. 
Just as he was celebrating, the end of the world. In came the special forces, grabbed hold of him, and said they would shoot him if he did not tell them where the nuclear bombs were. 
With that Jack Harry pressed a detonator on his phone. But to the happiness of the world nothing happened. Because the secret forces had intercepted the phone to prevent it working.
The elite soldier picked up his gun, and aimed at Jack. Jack sang a strange little ditty he had invented, ‘I'm just a little potato.
On top of the other potatoes.
Yes, and all of the other potatoes.
They all want to be like me.
I'm just a little potato.
On tip of the big potatoes. 
And yes I'm a little potato.
Who only wants to be like you. 

Yes I'm just a little potato. 
A ordinary little potato. 
But you put me on top of the other, other potatoes.
But now I only want to be like the other potatoes.
Because this potato wants to be with you. 
We're all part of the whirlpool.
Before it settles down. 
We're all turning in circles.
In this wonderful town. 
We're all part of the whirlpool.
Before it settles down.
We're all part of the mystery. 
Before the storm takes us down. 
I wonder if there will ever be a time.
When everything stands still. 
Or is the universe turning in circles?
With waves pouring upon by wind.’

Jack then stood up, walked over to the desk, and pressed a self-destruct button. 
The soldier knew he had seconds to live, so to make sure he shot Jack Harry in the heart, killing him instantly. 
With that the Egyptian pyramid system detonated, the pyramids collapsed into the ground like they were crumbling over a hollow chamber. Which they were. 

Jack Harry was the most evil man in history. He had killed half a billion people. 
And still his memory, for the world was like a evil ghost. And for the rest of human history, the universe remembered the most evil man in history. The man who fed on humans, the  ultimate Apex Killer Serial Killer, Jack Harry. 

One person can save the world
One person can destroy humanity. 
Who do you want to be?
Please, please, tell me.
Before it is too late.
Will it be love, or hate?
Will we open to an angel's gate?

The End. 

Disclaimer - This story should discourage people from doing evil. By pointing out it has already been thought of. You are not creative for doing evils. 

© Copyright 2018 Voey Jimsante. All rights reserved.

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