The Geneva Scar

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A strange place appears around Geneva after a great accident. It has the potential to revolutionize or destroy humanity. Which it will be is up to humankind.

Submitted: April 24, 2018

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Submitted: April 24, 2018






On May 14, 2197, an accident occurred at the CERN research facility: an experiment was being conducted, revolving around determining the properties of a recently discovered meta-material, the origins of which are classified. Even after hefty preparations conducted by the facilities main AI, the experiment soon spiraled out of control. Not much is known of the details, as the whole experiment was handled by machines, which were destroyed by the initial energy outburst.



The residents of Geneva and it's surroundings were immediately alarmed by a short magnitude 6.4 earthquake, as well as a power outage. An emergency is declared soon after, and evacuation efforts begin. Most of the population was evacuated in about a week, due to abnormally strong winds and strange static electrical fields halting progress. approximately 6000 people died during the whole incident, while 1000 went missing. It was soon noticed that a unique kind of energy field formed around Geneva, as well as around several other areas around the world, which were connected to CERN via wormholes at the time. Most of the areas were cordoned off. These exclusion zones varied in size, The largest one being the one at Geneva, which is 200 kilometers wide.



The main area was named "The Geneva Scar". It and it's siblings are incredibly dangerous, but also immensely fascinating. They are host to a great number of supernatural phenomena:
Super powerful and deadly static electric fields, maintained by strange small spheres, which serve as a natural generator
Fields which negate the effects of gravity on objects within it's reach, making them float
Rocks generating a constant amount of heat(the intensity of the heat varies)
Crystals which could only be created in a lab, now grow on walls like moss
The wildlife has experienced incredibly strange mutations, some are even capable of supernatural feats, like telekinesis.
And the list goes on. These places have been visited by many people through the course of 30 years. Not many return, because they either die from the phenomena, get lost as they jump from zone to zone, or succumb to mutations. Those that return, never return the same. Sending robots is also unsuccessful. The rudimentary ones get destroyed while the more intelligent ones change as the scar affects their system, making them lose their sense of obedience. They either rebel, lose their will to go on, or get destroyed. The reasons for this are still unknown.
Even though the government is trying it's best to contain the scars, people keep getting in. Their reasons vary, but they all have the capability to change the course of history with their decisions.

After the accident at CERN occurred, it got surprisingly little public interest. Even though the newly created areas contained things that have the potential to revolutionize science, as well as human society. The reasons for that are complicated, but nonetheless interesting.





While humans have made a few colonies across the Solar system, We'll be focusing on It's homeland, Earth. Earth is almost entirely covered by a single global superpower, The Federation of Gaia. The places that aren't under it's control are places which are very primitive, as well as isolated.

The Federation is ruled by an AI, simply named: "The Leader". The Leader has complete control of the Federations politics and inner workings and affairs. The politics are based on Jacque Fresco's Venus project. They seek to erradicate war, poverty, nationalism, money and other things that were a part of society for millenia.  They are also planing to take it a step further, altering aspects of human nature as well. Their ultimate goal is to lead humanity into a prosperous and sustainable future. The leader rose to power in 2097, by taking controll of the worlds computer systems, taking the world hostage. The hostage countries surrendered one by one, until the Leader had total control of the world.



All the work is done by robots, while the humans sit at their homes doing nothing. They can't work because they have been long since surpassed by robots. The Leader treats humanity like a senile parrent, taking care of it and tending to it's needs, since humanity isn't suited for work anymore. It is a burden, but getting rid of it would be wrong, as humanity is responsible for the Leaders creation. To prevent the people from getting depressed over that, or angry, the Leader devotes a lot of time to make sure they are satisfied. The methods range from virtual reality and entertainment all the way to drugged food and special therapy.
That's why the people don't care about the world outside, they are t busy having a good time to notice. These people have been dubed "Sheeps", due to their nature: lacking any individuality and blindly following their sheppard, the Leader. Not all people are sheep, though. There are humans still doing jobs like advisors, scientists etc.



Technological progress has been heavily stagnating, as the Federation doesn't need it that much to maintain the people and itself, while the people are too busy enjoying themselves to even care. Research has been conducted with wormholes at CERN, because the Federation wanted a more faster mode of travel. Weapons were completely overlooked. They are still kept around to maintain order, they are the same ones used 100 years ago. Other tech has seen mediocre progress. Robots and AI have also stagnated, as robots are made to be rudimentary, while AI is made to be shallow and to lack complex thinking patterns, in order for the Leader to avoid competition.


The biosphere of Earth has been ravaged by global warming, and many species of wildlife are extinct. Former forests turned into steppes, while steppes turned into deserts. This was one of the main reasons of why the leader decided to take over. Thankfully, it is recovering, but there is a long way to go. Recent reports state that the wildlife within the restricted areas known as "Scars" is flourishing, with new and old species, even with the danger of those areas. This has led the Leader to investigate the scars. There is also another reason why the scars gained a surge of public interest lately.


A war is being fought in across central and eastern Europe. Several resistance movements have been started. What was a series of riots, turned into a war after the assassination of one of the Leaders advisers. The rebels have a common cause: they don't want to be turned to "mindless sheep" like the rest of humanity, and don't want to be ruled by machines. They hold different ideologies though, and is therefore split into various factions.That is why the rebellion is so disorganized. Communists in Poland, nationalists in the Balkans, religious fanatics in Germany, anarchists in France etc. The reason why the uprising hasn't been crushed yet is because the Leaders hatred for war has left his army weak, a fact the rebels gladly exploited. They were successful at first, but due to infighting, and their small numbers compared to the the Federation, their progress was halted.. Currently, both parties are at a standstill and a ceasefire. Both of them have gained interest in the scars, especially the rebels, using meta materials from them as makeshift weapons. The Federation is also starting to invest heavily into them, sending researcher to retrieve metaphysical objects.

A few research parties have been sent into the Geneva scar. Their journey is bound to be interesting.

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