Revenge of love

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A man is seeking revenge for the death of his girlfriend, thus he decides and destroys the capitol of his fathers kingdom, who killed his girlfriend after she was wrongly accused for being a traitor.

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012




It was a dark summer night, a one without stars or moonlight. The city of Jakennan was asleep but the sentries could almost feel the tension in the air. The sultriness was a clear sign of rain and the guards well knew that it was just a matter of hours before the Gods would unleash their fury through a mighty storm, but they could not have imagined what Fortune had in mind for them. As the first drops of rain fell to the ground a lightning illuminated the draw bridge. On it stood a lone, hooded figure.

“Who goes there?” asked one of the guards, but the stranger made no reply.

“Are you lost sir?” the sentinel shouted trying to out-voice the thunder. All of a sudden the stranger was standing right beside him, in between him and the other guard.

“What the…?” were the last words the guardsman spoke before the hooded man drew two daggers from his sleeves and killed them right there were they had spent most of their lives. The man rose his hood and started to whisper “Sister, brother, mother and father hear my plea. Grant me your blessing and accept these souls as a sacrifice” and walked into the castle hidden by darkness.

As he walked up to the entrance guards started coming out of the halls. Once they had him surrounded, he stopped.

“So, you have come” said one of the figures and stepped up to the stranger. The man was clad in armor of dragon-bone with a helm made to look like a head of a dragon.  A scabbard was strapped onto his belt and the hilt of a one-handed sword was visible, decorated with a single ruby, which glared as if the Sun itself was imprisoned in it.

“You knew I will, I have told you so. Now I declare war on your Kingdom and I shall not rest until you are dead father.” As quickly as he came, the hooded man disappeared, vanished into thin air.

“Call each one of my captains, I’ll be waiting for them in the war-room” said the man in the armor to one of the soldiers and then strode to a passage. He took off his helmet and stared at a portrait of a young man smiling at him from the wall. Tears appeared in his eyes as he whispered “Why Rhaegal, what have I done to deserve this?”

“Sir, everyone is waiting for you.” a guard approached him.

“Let’s go, this will be a long night. Make sure cheese and wine are brought to us and that no-one disturbs us.”

“Yes, sire.”

As he entered the war-room people turned to see and greet him. As one, they raised their right hands to their heart, bowed and said “The King, we humbly serve.”

 “And the King serves you. Now, let me hear your reports. Shield Protector, you are first.”

A tall, dark man stepped up. It was clear that he was caught off guard by the attack, he was still wearing his night-cap. Despite that it seemed that everyone in the room respected and feared the Protector. His eyes were bloody, his bear grew wild and a deep scar stretched across his left cheek.

“Permission to speak freely, sir.”

“Granted. You all have it.”

“First of all, I have to say that commanders should have quarters much closer to your room so we could protect you if needed. I barely managed to put on my armor and started running towards the yard when your messenger found me. I am too far away to be able to protect you. This makes it difficult for me to justify my title. As for the attack itself, we have been expecting for some time now. I should have put better guards at the entrance to the castle. I am sorry sire, I have let you down.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, it was nobody’s fault. We will hear the report of m son’s abilities from the High Mage, but later. Now, Marksman, what have you got to say?”

“Sire, my scouts returned today, and they found no sign of the enemy. I believe he used something unnatural to sneak upon us. The two scouts are the best ones I have, Johnatan and Sylvio. I will take a look at the surroundings myself as soon as the meeting is over.”

“If you trust those two, I am sure they are capable enough. Now, First Sword, I have to say I was impressed how your men reacted once my son entered the castle. Your report, please.”

“Thank you, sir. My men were up all night, we were preparing for a special exercise on the morrow. However, I will have to postpone it now. I will have my men patrol the castle if that is ok with you Protector.”

The scared man quickly accepted the offer and the First Sword continued his report.

“As for what the Protector said, I agree. We should act, and quickly.”

The King seemed displeased. “Thank you for that opinion. Mage, where are you?”

“I’m here, sir. Your son used the Dimm to sneak upon our guards. This is quite normal for a mage, but what troubles me is that he used a Dimm of an Eldar God, and it was an unusual one. It was the Destroyers Dimm.”

“A Dimm? That’s something like another dimension which mages use to gather power, right?” asked the Marksman.

“Yes, but we can also traverse these dimension. It is a world which a God controls, and we can use those worlds if we are strong enough. The stronger a mage is, the more Dimms he can use. And of course his Dimms are more powerful.”

“Thank you High Mage. Just one more question. Are you stronger than my son?”

“I do not know that, sire. We still haven’t met in combat.”

“Ok, thank you Commanders. That will be all for this night.”

Everybody rose and headed for the door when a hissing sound appeared. As they turned an arrow flew into the room. The High Mage reacted first. He protruded his arms and a wave of heat filled the room. The arrow burst into flames and fell to the ground. At that moment, chaos engulfed the castle. People in the courtyard were screaming as the Commanders ran to their units.

“Archers, to me.”

“For Hoods sake, footmen keep your calm. Shield formation, swords at the ready.”

At that moment something fell from the sky. As the Shield Protector turned towards it, a huge clawed hand grabbed him and threw him at the other side of the yard. As he got up, a swarm of Orcs surrounded him and started stabbing him with their pikes. Where did they all come from? What has happened to the King? Those were the last thoughts of the brave man.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Marksman was dead full of arrows of his own men, while the First Sword was on his knees. The number of the enemies they were fighting was too great. Just when he dropped to the ground, he saw a hooded man walking peacefully through the chaos that was once one of the most beautiful courtyards in the Kingdom. The man turned to him and laughed.

“Do not trouble yourself with thoughts of revenge, you will be dead in a few seconds. Just so know, you people never stood a chance. My father made the biggest mistake when he killed Johanna.”

Wheezing, the warrior said “But she was a traitor.”

“NO! She was my life, she meant everything to me. And he killed her. Now you will all pay.” He went straight to the passage where his father stood, awaiting his death.

“Hello son. Please, cease this madness. I am the only one you should blame.”

“No father. Suffer as your Kingdom falls apart under my power. I want you to know that I loved you once, but I still remember that day when you had my fiancé executed. Her freckled face was shriveled from the tears she had wept that morning when she told me for the last that she loved me. Her hair, red just like the blood that will soak the bricks and walls of this castle, was cut by one of your servants. Suffer father as I banish you to the Dimm of the Destroyer where you shall relive this night for eternity.” By the wave of the man’s hand the King vanished and the slaughter continued. That was the night when the Kingdom of Daru fell, but it was only the beginning of the hooded man’s revenge which he planned to beset to the world.

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