Poetic and the Undead

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Happy Birthday Poetic!!! I cannot express how much I love you, and how badly I want your birthday to be fit for a queen. Have fun!! I hope you like this little story :P

Submitted: February 14, 2015

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Submitted: February 14, 2015



Girly Girl Star dragged PoeticMe with her, not even pausing to apologize as she smacked into the people in front of her, the expression on her face keeping others from going after.

This was what she had planned for Poetic after the super amazing party. It was a pretty good plan, she though, but only if Poetic could keep the blindfold and earmuffs long enough for it to be a surprise.

Poetic followed the crazed apple stabbing maniac blindly, the cloth covering her eyes really starting to annoy her to no ends. It didn't help that her ears were also covered, no sounds giving her clues about what was about to happen. She wanted to see where she was being pulled to, and she had no doubts that this was some sort of other arrangement made for her birthday. Knowing her friends, there would surely be crazy involved, to some extent.

Then again, what could possibly beat Bruno and Sam?

"Move it!" Sky called out, wincing as some random hooligan stepped on her toes. She glared around, the decided that the sooner they get to the stage the better.

McKnight wasn't having it. He started to get agitated by the amount of screaming going on, and all he wanted to do was lose the itchy sweater GGS had forced him to wear. He knew better than to take his cloth off in public though, specially after the first little misunderstanding after one of the Macualiey parties.

The group of friends pushed thought the crowd, getting closer and closer to the stage. McKnight and Sky were closely following Poetic, who was almost running in order to keep up with GGS.

Bodyguards knew better than try and stop them, specially since one of them had warned all others about the teens. He had been guarding a One Direction Concert, and had tried to keep the small looking one from hugging Harry. They had been positive that he had somehow been attacked by wild wolves, but he knew.

Sky ripped away Poetic's earmuffs and blindfold, stepping back and waiting for the reaction. The spotlight turned on the friends, blinding them for a moment.

Poetic stared at the man in front of her, anime hearts circling around her brown eyes, her mouth popping open in shock. She had expected many things from her friends, but Michael Jackson had not been one of those things.

"Ohmy- Michael- How?" She squeaked, then proceeded to jump at the man, crushing him in a bear hug.

Michael hugged her back, looking both confused and happy about it. This was the first fan who had actually hugged her that night, almost as if the others had thought he was ghost of projection or something.

"How did you manage to bring him back?" Sky whispered, not wanting to ruin the moment for her Fangirl friend.

"Loki's daughter Hella is the queen of the dead. He sort of owed me a favour." GGS whispered back, smiling widely at Poetic. Or as much of her that was visible from under Michael's arms. "He had a hard time with separating him from Hella though, she had a major crush on him."

"So how did you do it?" Sky grinned. She didn't really understand her friends crush on the god of mischief, but hey, it was cool sometimes.

"I offered her Light Malcolm's soul after death." GGS grinned at the chagrined expression on Sky's face. "I'm Kidding! A couple of seasons of doctor who did the job. I mean, who wouldn't want Captain Jack Harkness? She agreed to let me borrow Michael for the night if she got to keep my copy of season five."

The curtains of the stage were suddenly pulled shut, just as Poetic suddenly fainted. Michael caught her, his eyes wide in fear. GGS had selected to bring back his whole 'Bad' era look, so with his whole bunched up hair and cute button nose, the man suddenly reminded her of an anime panda. An Anime panda who had poetic's unmoving body in his arms.

"What do I do?" He looked around the room, confused when nobody else panicked. His eyes got rounder and rounder.

McKnight rolled his eyes. "Give her mouth to mouth."

That was when Michael Jackson almost died once again. "What?"

Sky suddenly reached into her pocked and took out what looked dangerously like a carton of strawberry Ice Cream. GGS did not want to know why she had it in the first place. As soon as the lid popped off, Poetic's eyes opened, staring around the room in shock.

"Wait....is he real? Why do I smell ice cream?"

GGS smiled proudly and pinched Michael's check, much to his horror. "As real as you and I."

"This is neither Ice nor cream." McKnight commented, with the ice cream in his hands. There was pink all over his sweater, but GGS had bigger things to worry about. For example, the look of horror on Poetic's face.

The bang of the door made everyone jump.

"Dammit how late are we?" Light Malcolm snapped, with his hands on his hips. "I told you, pretty boy, I wanted to see her reaction!"

Sheila Emerald looked up at the teen, her eyes giving him a look that would have made any other guy run in the other direction. "Well I'm sorry Mr. super spy couldn't have his own posy drive him."

Light glared back. "Mr. Super spy is sorry too. By the way, your husband drives like my grandmother used to."

Mathew Macualiey waltzed in, holding a baby boy in his hands. His body was turned towards the friends, but his eyes were on Light. "Your face looks like my grandma, so shut the hell up and stuff your hat in your mouth."

"Um." Sky silenced the argument, pointing at Poetic who was now looking positively terrified. "Are you okay?"

"Am I okay?" She squeaked, throwing her hands up in the air, pointing at the petrified man beside her. "This angelic man beside me is frickin Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is alive. And he is wearing skinny jeans. I cannot even-"

With a sound like a a cannon, the whole room is suddenly filled with streamers and balloons and glitter.

There is a moment of absolute silence, followed by four very different screams. Poetic screamed because a balloon had popped above her head and scared her half to death. Baby Luke had screamed because of the same thing, except in a slightly higher pitch. Sheila Emerald had screamed in frustration, because the surprise had been ruined. GGS had screamed because she now had cake in her hair.

"You know, this is not how I imagined tonight would go." Sky mumbled, shaking the glitter out of her cloths and trying to look for any food she could savage on the floor.

"Ah.." Michael climbed out from under a table. "To be honest, it is not how I did either."

"what just happened?" McKnight asked.

"that was the sound of I'm-going-to-kill-whoever-pulled-the-party-switch." GGS stated, reaching into her pocket for an apple.

Luke suddenly popped out of the streamers on the floor, a key in his chubby hands. "Maama?" He giggled, waving his arms in the air.

 "Fine, this one will go unnoticed." GGS tried to stay mad, but found herself unable to do so.

"Eh. Nothing is ever perfect, learn to deal with it." Light shrugged, standing awkwardly at the door. "Poetic, I just wanted to say happy birthday, cause you know, your turning fifteen and all. You'll be driving in no time. I just though that Santiago wouldn't mind if I took a bit of money from his bank accounts and got you one myself."

He threw a key wrapped in blue ribbons towards Poetic, and she grabbed it in midair, a crazy grin on her face. "Nothing wrong with getting a head start, right?"

Sheila was halfway through digging up her husband from a pile of confetti, but she stopped and decided this was a good time to announce her present as well. "Me and Mathew reserved a table of you and Michael at the Maccauliey restaurant, and there will be nine different performers for you guys, and a lot of food and such."

GGS shrugged. "And we brought Michael."

Sky smiled widely, grabbing both Poetic and Michael. "Ya'll going on a date."


"You know, Poetic, I've never met a girl like you." Michael mumbled, quickly hiding back behind his menu.

"uhh." Poetic blushed deep red, the colour of the dress that McKnight had picked out for her. Or had someone do for him. "Is that a good thing?"

Michael stuffed a spoon in his mouth. After a moment of careful chewing, he answered. "Absolutely. You are so kind and beautiful. The way you-"

An airvent suddenly popped open, dropping Sky and GGS and McKnight down on the table.

"Hi Guys!!" Sky grinned nervously, getting off of McKnight's arm. "Sorry to drop in like that."

GGS claimed out from under the table. "Excuse the puns."

Michael had salad in his hair. "How long have you guys been listening?"

McKnight was rubbing his shoulder. "How long were you here?"

"You mean..."Poetic's eyes widened. "You hear everything?"

"YESS!!" GGS nearly screamed. "Micky, just kiss her, will you?" 

"Its obvious you like her." Sky added, having a hard time covering her huge smile.

Michael decided something, then got up from his seat, grabbing Poetic's hand and pulling her towards him. "May I have this dance?"

Poetic barely had enough time to nod before she was pulled to the dance floor. The friends watched the undead pop star dance with their friend, twisting and turning to 'Stay With Me'. It was almost a surprise when Michael dipped Poetic, and continued on to kiss her as she came back up. It was not a surprise when she kissed him back, the proceeded to tackled him the ground.


Poetic opened her eyes to find herself in a state of shock on the floor of the restaurant, a horrible sinking feeling in her stomach.

"Oh thank the lord she's awake." GGS gasped, wrapping her arms around Poetic.

"Was I dreaming?" She wondered, looking around for Michael. Could it be that it was all some sort of hallucination?

"No." Sky answered, sitting down beside Poetic and handing her something. "You might have had a drink or two, and when you fell sleep. Michael left his CD that he was working on for you. And Hella promised to let him come and visit you every year for your birthday."

Poetic grabbed the CD, a brilliant smile slipping on her face. The memory of the car ride to the dinner made her smile, even though it had been completely destroyed. The dinner had gone well, until the whole dance. Poetic kind of had a fogged up image of kissing Michael Jackson, then drinking something that was given to her by a waitress.

"What did they give me?" She wondered.

"I'm not sure." Sky admitted, with a huge smirk. "But I think it had something to do with the fact that we asked for the pink drink. Cause Valentines day and all."

GGS rolled her eyes at the pair, standing over like a proud mother hen. "Happy birthday Poetic."

"Yup." She hiccuped, then proceeded to giggle. "Happy. Joy. Mickey."

There was a distant possibility that she was still a tiny bit drunk.

And that was the story of Poetic's birthday. Hopefully she had a bit of fun (*hint hint wink wink* ) with Michael and her yellow Porsche. Hopefully her family will allow her to talk to leave the house after being brought back with a ripped dress, in a smashed car, and with two men who must have been over at least four years older. 

Yeah, we wish you good luck poetic, and an amazing birthday you deserve!!!!

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