The Cave With Dripping Water

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

there are 3 parts each have thier own title.
part one-The cave with dripping water
part two-The island
part three-Leviathan and the trobador

I hope you like it.

Part one-The cave with dripping water

It drips into a puddle
listen hear the bells
as they drip it sounds
like a chorus, sounds.
drip-it sounds echoes
through the cave

The balance is needed to
keep the same sound, to keep
the flow of chorus, bells.
The wind whistles though
the broken rock to make the
chiming of the bells, the dripping
of water makes the choir.

A certain balance is needed
for each sound to be made
it can't be too teem or it
goes off beat. Its sound
will raise as you go deeper
within the cave.

Do not rave within the cave,
you will make it angry even more.
It will crumble, it will fall. The sound
that dwells in it will be betrayed,
forever to be lost. So it will chime,
and sing in silence within day and place.

As it chimes and sings,
the treasure you seek is all around.
The treasure is nature itself.
The treasure is all around
within the cave, it's choir is
never ending. The song is the same
and may never change, even when it

When it overflows, the sound,
which will never happen. The never
ending song is crystal clear. It
goes on forever.
You can't miss the sound when
your in the deep. In the deepness
it can not freeze. The breeze is
gentel, not too hard, not too soft.

The never ending song lives even
when the cave crumbles.
The memories of all those who
hear and heard and will never
be forgotten. The song is pure and
deep, the never ending song of light will
not end.

It cures your heart of impurity,
it seeps within your mind so
you will not forget, to live with
your soul forever.

Part two-The island

To remember the song of
pure. The mind will always know. In the
middle of the cave, there is a lake like
snow. It did not freeze over, though it is
very cold. In the deep of its waters
leviathan lives with ins its depths.
It controls the water in the cave,
it protects the cave with all its power.
Both of them share eyes through the
cave. The lake is deep, it seems to
go on forever. Tunnels are all over
within the lake.

Leviathan dwells in the cave. All
through the cave, the bottom of the
lake is all under the cave. The cave
is on an island. The island is like
paradise. If you hurt it or even try,
you will die. On the top of the
cave, there is a meadow, that’s can also
live in the water. The cave glitters
even at night. It sparkles, like the night sky.

In the far back is a spring.
It sparkles and gleams. Nothing you
do will stop its gleam. Nothing you
do will stop its sheen. The sound
of bells and singing echoes all day and
through the cave. The echoes chime and sing
so very clearly. The wind that blows, the dripping
water sings.

Part three-Leviathan and the trobador

Leviathan raises from the water
to listen to the sounds.
When leviathan doesn't hear 'em
leviathan's under water. The water drowns
out the sound. The cave is never
silent, it rings and sings, all day and night.
It does not echo throughout the
island, only here in the cave.

Deep within the cave it lies.
Its almost quiet in the front and back,
its loud in the middle.
The sound that never gives.

Listen to the voices,
there all around you
the wind whispers past your ears,
you hear the bells ringing, also
the choir all around

Dripping water-choir singing
Wind echoing off rock-bells ringing
continuing with their internal song.
Leviathan dwells in the depths
of the lake in the cave.

Leviathan's melody is the cave
all around the cave it seeks
a song just for thye.
It travels and it protects,
control of the cave is commanded
by thee. Crystal sounds all around.

Leviathan wants a melody, just for
it. A troubadour was there one day
saw the troubled beast
then created a song for thyee.
It cured its sickness of loneliness.
The troubadour lived in the
land with the cave, for
leviathan's sake.

They played, they sang, they
listened to the bells, and singing.

When water drips, choir sings.
When wind blows, bells ring.

Submitted: March 15, 2009

© Copyright 2021 Volcanicwolf. All rights reserved.

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yuu shindemura

at first though i thought the second and third part is out of the topic, but then the third part explains the connection of the first part.

though, i think it's greater if the first part, the cave with drippping water, i think it's cooler if you separate them--because it stands well on its own.

and um, yeah, i really like the first part, even though i've been playing FF games and know leviathan, i still like the first vey mmuch!

and oh, if you separate the three poems, they are very nice and very well-written! i think they does better if they are separate--


you're the writer, so what you prefer is the best preferred stuff!^.^ anywayz it's juz my advice, the final decision is rightfully yours..hehe ok now...there there. ;)

Mon, March 16th, 2009 9:17am


Thats why they have differnt names for each part XD. The first part I got the idea from Lengend of heroes :111 ; for the psp. Honestly we had to write a poem for english class in eigth grade, but he cancelled the project and so on. So, hahaha I didn't get to do anything with it.Thanks I actully tried more on the first oone because it was in my head more.

Mon, March 16th, 2009 5:28pm

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