Ghosts don't excist. Right?

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What's happening to me?

Submitted: June 27, 2008

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Submitted: June 27, 2008



I have no freakin clue what's going on. First off this IS a real story. Okay now that that's clear let me tell you my birthday. June 6, 1996. Three sixes. I think that's one of the problems. Okay now from this point this may disturb you so if you can't take it, go to NOW. Alright.................................All gone? Okay. Now I live in Florida. I live an average life stile. I live in a three bedroom condo with my mom and brother. These things have all started when the washing machine broke. now the pipes in the washing machine are connected with the bathroom plumming system thingy. So, maintanence men (excuse my bad spelling) came in and made a huge hole in the bathroom ceiling. And left it like that for about...EVER!

Week One-

I think the ceiling in the bathroom has been untouched for a very, VERY, long time. I think something happened in some sorta...spiritual...freaky...way and made something angry. (Notice I said SOMETHING because I have no clue what IT is.) Then I started hearing moans. Not like BOO I scared you moans. Like someone's being hurt. So I ignored it because it might've been my little bro being a jerktard. (I made up the word myself [:) Then I was babysitting my brother one day. Then I heard the biggest crash EVER! We went in the kitchen and rice was all over the floor. Then my brother looked at me and we both knew what it was.

Week Two-

They talk! They freakin TALK! I hear breathing noises. Then at one point I heard a scream. Startled, I went under my blanket. Until I noticed it was the t.v. So I thaught, if they could talk (or what ever I thaught they were doing) maybe I could talk back.  So I sat in my room for a second and said, "If your're real, give me a sign." Nothing. I was relieved. Maybe they were gone.


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