Talia and Tank: When You're Gone

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Tank and Talia two people from different worlds meet for the firs time and fall in love, but when Tank and Talia go do thier job in an old cemetary. Tank must decide either to risk his life or his wife's and his soon to be baby's life for his.

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011



When You’re Gone



My Name is Talia, Talia Komiya, and I’m a summoner. That means I can summon demons and other such things like that. Though I’m getting ahead of myself, I guess it all started when I was thirteen. I was a first year in high school at the time and it was gym class when I met…him, “I hate these uniforms don’t you Vee?” I asked.

“Oh come on Talia-chan give it a chance,” she smiled, “do you think Tank will notice?”

“Frankly, I don’t give a…”

“HEADS UP!” Yelled a male voice.

I turned around and was hit by a red Frisbee, I fell to the ground, “Oh gosh, hey you okay?”

“Ow, no I’m not you idiot I-,” I stopped and looked up. His blue eyes were as blue as the sky and his black hair was blowing in the short breath of wind. I got up and stared at him like an idiot, he was like two feet taller than me. He looked at my forehead, “Hey you’re bleeding,” he said.

“Oh I am?” I asked.

I held my hand to my forehead and touched it gently to see if that were true. I brought my hand down and saw that it was true. It was.

Later he took me to the school nurse where she patched me up, he stayed there with me. I looked at him and wanted to start a conversation, but just froze. He looked up at me and looked into my red eyes, “I didn’t catch your name, uh.”


“Tank Komiya,” he said, “you seem troubled by something, is it a question for me or do you always look like that?”

“It’s a question.”

“Okay, ask away.”

“You don’t look Japanese, are you a mix?”

“Why yes, my dad is Japanese and my mom was Spanish,” he smiled.

“So, why are you here?”

“I think I should explain, my dad is an exorcist or something and he moved here on business and he needed my help with it.”

“Oh so what happened to your mom?”

“She was murdered by a rogue exorcist who came to assassinate me, but she was in the way so he killed her, but my dad killed him afterwards.”

I walked over to him and put my hand with his, I didn’t know but I had started to cry. He got up from his seat and put his arms around me. He pulled me close, “Please don’t cry, pretty girls should never cry,” he said as his chin rested on my head. I held on tight to him never letting go, well until the bell rang.



Weeks passed by and we decided to start dating at that point. I looked at him and just kept thinking, how did this happen, how can I show him I love him? Then I felt a great idea come to me and accidentally blurted, “That’s it.”

“What’s it, Tali-,”

I put my hands behind his head and pulled him close. I made my nose meet his and I kissed him. I felt his hand tense up. Then he gently pushed me away, “What’s wrong Tank,” I asked in a worried voice.

“Talia, listen I have something to tell you, I…have training in Spain and I…well…”

“You have to go don’t you?”

“Yeah, but I’ll be back when you graduate,”

“When I graduate!”

“Yeah only three years that’s all, and I’ll bring back a gift for you too I promise.”

“Okay, since you promised.”

He hugged me again and kissed me on the cheek, then he stroked my silver hair, “When do you have to leave?” I asked.

“Three o’ clock next week, so I think we have to make the best of as we can before then.”


Next week came around faster than expected, and it was a minute before three. He and his dad were getting ready to board the plane to Spain. Tank stayed a little longer to say his goodbyes “Well this is it,” He said.

“Yeah,” I said.

“You know you’ll always be Mi Corazon.”

“Mi Corazon?”

“My Heart,” he smiled.

“Oh,” I blushed.

He bent down and kissed me goodbye. Then he walked out to the plane while I stayed inside. I cried a little, but I knew he would come back safe and sound.



Three years passed and I was at the airport waiting and watching for him to come back. I heard running footstep, “Oh gosh, he’s here.” I gulped.

“TALIA!” He yelled.

I heard his voice as if I never met him before, his voice had turned deeper. I turned to see he was over standing over me. He looked at me in confusion, “Did you even grow any?” He asked.

“Yeah two feet,” I smiled, “but it seems you got taller, too.”

We both laughed and ran out of the Airport to get away from his dad. He kissed me gently on the for head, “I missed you,”

“Me too,” I replied.

“I got you some hair beads,” he pulled out for huge hair beads from his pocket, “I hope you like it.”

I took his hand and looked up at him, “I love them.”



Since I graduated on that same day his dad and my guardian approved of our marriage, we than move to a place in America and had a family. Sai was our first born son. Afterwards we started to work together as exorcists, no matter how hard the challenge we got the job done, with the help of my summons. Though on my birthday that’s when everything changed. I was pregnant with our girl Siana at that time. He walked into our room and looked upset, “Talia it seems like we have an urgent mission to do,” he said, “It’s in the Cemetery.”

“Okay but don’t those people realize that we have a family!” I yelled.

“They do, but this is more dangerous, because there are alchemist curse seals all around the trail of the cemetery so it’s been closed from the public, people have been turned to dust from stepping on them. So you need to call Saika and get her to baby sit Sai.”

“Can’t your dad do it?!”

“He already tried.”

I knew then that something bad was going to happen but what could I do, he wanted to avenge his father and I’m not going to stand in his way. So I agreed and called Saika.

We made it to the Cemetery and I couldn’t see any curse seals anywhere, “Where are the seals,” I asked.

“Probably covered by the tombstones shadows, so we have to be careful,” He told me as he looked down at my feet, “Talia don’t…don’t move, you’re standing on one.”

I moved my eyes down and saw that I was! Tank started to count, “One…Two…Three.”

He shoved me out from on top of the circle but then the circle zapped him instead. I couldn’t believe what he did, I felt as if I was in shock. He screamed in agonizing pain, “TANK!” I screamed. I saw the blood come gushing out of him I tried to move but as I saw him struggle to lift his head up, I froze.

“Talia, No…don’t come…any closer…please.” He ordered

“Tank, why?”

“Because…I want our little girl to flourish like…her mother. Strong, independent, loving, smart. Though my sacrifice may be in vein to Sai and then to our…darling little girl, but at least…I know that you all…will be alive.”

“Sai will hate you for life if he knew you did this!”

“He needs…another summoner to teach him how to summon…the right way.”

“But-,” I started.

“No need to worry…they will…understand soon enough…”He interrupted.

“But I can’t let you-,”

“Just…have a great birthday…Mi Corazon.”

With another zap from the curse seal and a scream from him, I started to cry as I heard him scream. He then turned to dust. We just kept talking while I could have summoned something to save him, but I guess that’s probably what he wanted, was to die for me.


There we’ve caught up to the present, but if you were wondering, five years have passed since then and Siana is in preschool now, and Sai he is in high school as a second year (tenth grader). I got up that morning listening to those two argue. It ended with Siana leaving for school. Sai walked into my room, “Mom can I ask a personal question,” he asked.


“Sure, go right ahead.”

“Do you think dad is still alive somewhere?”

“Well, that’s for me to know and your to find out,” I said as I walked to my dresser.

“Oh, well, I have to go, bye mom.” He said as he ran out the door.

Sai I still regret not giving you a real answer but I know you’ll figure it out soon enough, because he does live, in the two of you.




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