Love on Malta

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Falling in love with a girl and a boy at the same time? I sort of managed to have this done ...

Submitted: August 23, 2015

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Submitted: August 23, 2015



But this short-story isn't about [...], it is about me having the first experience of falling in love with a girl and a boy at the same time. I did not realize that I fell in love with that guy. I caught site of it when I had already lost him. 

It happened on that small island Malta. I was there for five weeks in order to improve my English: The result was that it was completely unnecessary for this case. ( And I still don't dare to show that writing to my parents, even if it is utterly harmless in some way) I had there more fun and honestly I was better off learning English by my own at home for more efficient progress. Anyway. 

I recollect his face when I first saw him, Antonio ( contreived names ). He was a fair boy and we came along well from that very first moment but I did not thought that this friendship was going to last, since from aught I saw he had an exactly opposite philosophy of thinking than me: To define it short, he was a hedonist, whereas I tended to be more of a stoic nature. 

Anyway. We slept at the same double bed in our hotel suit. 

Two days after that initial contact with this mesmerizing knave I came to become acquainted with fair Portia. I first met her on that rocky beach near Sliema. Our talk was intense. As distinguished from Antonio she was more a stoic caracter like me and so from my point of view I had more 'interesting' things to talk about with her than with Antonio, althought the issues shared with Antonio were more intimate. I kissed her on the forehead and then on her lips. She was excellent. Later it came out that she already had a boyfriend in her home country. Yak, I opened a can of worms. 

Portia had to leave the island earlier than Antonio. I was half-saddened because I was angry with her for already being bonded and moreover Antonio could fully compensate my half loss. By then, I felt a strange affection towards him. Later I came to know that he had already begun to adore me in some way. There had been no kiss. Because whilst the first and last hug I had with him; [...] I blushed and felt my heart to jump faster. I loved him. His counternance, hair, aroma were from another dimension. He took me utterly in. I soaked it all in over this blissful touch. He felt like my mother and father at the same time. I had the feeling he was me, that I loved myself, isn't it called 'the other half'? And I wanted to part my lips to kiss him, to taste his flavour. Devouring it all in. But we just didn't. 

Anyway. What happened after this I won't write about- Not everything has to be revealed: Sometimes it's better to deal with a black horse. 


In Love 

Your Bassanio


PS: Based on a real love story ... Furthermore a lotta thanks to Shakespeares 'The Merchant of Venice'. It inspired me to put this affectionate love story into words. 


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