Synistesia Chick

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Poetic approach to a character of mine who has severe synistesia.

Submitted: May 09, 2007

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Submitted: May 09, 2007



She hears colors when the rain falls

Her world is upside-down and that’s fine.

Apathy's acceptable and plagiarism’s law.

She smells in shapes and textures,

She thinks in sounds and songs.

Life's a rhyming game for her

And she wins every time, she's played all her life,



She tastes in emotions,

Her phobias collide with what she eats.

Her skin tastes like wires

Her hair smells like brown.

Her life is an underwater mirror

But that’s just fine.


She hears the waves upside down,

And when she's right side up

She hears what leather can feel like.

She walks on the edge of glare,

Where the camera lens ends,

Where the sky is the earth,

Cause the horizon took a vacation.


She reads the books in the cliff-side with her nose,

She prefers the love stories, an emotion she can swallow.

She breathes in motion, her blood is vibration,

She opens her eyes and everything is


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