The Watch of Endless Time

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A short story about loss

Submitted: March 26, 2012

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Submitted: March 26, 2012



Forest looked at his watch in angst. Only 5 minutes had past since he had left the hall. Time wasn't important to him right now but for some reason, as if bestowed by a greater power, he had to get to his destination with in the hour. That greater power was his imagination, but he associated this euphoric inclination with god. If he arrived late he knew for sure she would be dead.

10 minutes later, the watch was right where he left it. He felt reassured having empirical data of this. Forest was an older gentleman, in his late 50's, slicked back hair and a puckered smile some mistook for posh. His dress matched those of other peers his age, slacks and a cardigan topped off with a matching tie, belt, and dockers. A simple ensemble for a simple man. On this day Forest Russell did not fell simple at all.The stout man was of above all else complex this day and for the first time did not have to pretend to know what he was doing.

Forest spent most of his life a carpenter and now one could say his wood work went beyond carving into pine and oak, but into hope and desire. If he could get there in time he would be able to save the life of a loved one. No not a loved one, not to forest, the only one he loved.

"Sir, please be more careful!" He herd in the grave distance. The aloof man pushed his way through legends of men at the train station not caring what ill reproach he brought upon himself. Curiously disdain was found no where except for a few who knew him from the market and even his brother who was there meeting him to take the train to Birmingham. The two were going to town to fetch a gift for Forests wife and his brother Wess was getting a replenishment of Spirits. They Never meet up, duty called and his brother was to wait knowing his brother probably would not come back.

"Time! I'm almost out of time. I lament but for what.", People stair as he runs by them yelling outwardly. "Gawk and be in fright you know of nothing other than yourselves. I was once blinded by the the intense opacity for self love and preservation. I once was blinded by the innate good that a cast a shadow upon in ignorance. No longer can i ignore the binding grasps that felled me at my young temperance and shackled me to the benevolence of horror. I once loved but now can see i race in gods eyes toward that love i left to rot away in a sour epitome of suffrage. My Hanna here i race too be by your side, a remote coagulation of influx i must grasp and swallow once more!"

10 minutes had become close to an hour. He was a few miles east from were he started. forest would have gotten farther but his homage to his beloved drew his strength and belabored his efforts to make it home. Two men stood at his front door dressed in Naval uniforms conversing over cigarettes. The naval Lieutenant to the left was thin and short with a gruff demeanor while the other to the right was tall and clean shaven. As he got closer too the pair his heart dropped. He was too late. The had already found her. The two men said nothing as he entered the house. He was thankful for this. He headed for their room, the place were his wife and he spent most of there nights held up in long conversation. Pictures of their family adorned the hallway, everything was tidy as if recently cleaned. He peered in the room hoping to see Hanna with open arm and embrace. Instead a lifeless capsule of a body laid there draped over the chair in the corner like a water fall drapes over a cliff flushing out all silence in his head.

"Why am i always late!" Forest ferociously gasped.

"Mr. Russell, wake up", his Nurse nudged at him.

What, were am i. How did i get here?... I was just at home." he looked up at the nurse, tears welling up as he rubbed the crust of his sleepy eyes, "why could i not save her this time!?"

"Like i have said time and again Mr. Russell you were in Birmingham theres nothing any one could have done for her. Now drink your morning coffee and we will talk later after the doctor comes to see you. Ok." The Nurse leaves the hospital room with a dispassionate tone in her steps.

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