Beautiful Girl

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I published this already on another site, and I'd like to share it with you now. About the ever-present "Beautiful Girl" we all know and read about...

Submitted: February 22, 2007

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Submitted: February 22, 2007




Beautiful girl,

Why did you cut yourself at night?

Why did you drag a vengeful blade

Across your peaceful veins along the

Sacred River, trailing down your arm

Into the sticky, pungent wash of gin and tonic

Wasting away, getting wasted

While life flows out and down the silver drain?


Beautiful girl,

Why did you hang a painted veil

On top of painted windows,

Shutting out the outside light

From your view behind the steering wheel?

What made you show your face to all the world,

But keep your soul behind a lock and key?

And leave the safe that holds your truth behind

To be uncovered some bleak night

By agents of the law, upon the dark occasion

Where you drove your silver chariot

Down the way of dark and dusty death?


Beautiful girl,

Why did you make the people cry?

Why did you choose the path of least resistance

When all that everybody wanted

Was to know you just a little better than you let them?

What forced your precious, gemmed and manicured hand

To turn itself upon your perfect face,

And turn your fair complexion into

Something ripped, and torn, and utterly devoid

Of all the grace and charm it once possessed before

You made the choice to change it for the rest of time?

Why did you make the choice to die

When all you had to do was turn your back

And look away when jealous eyes were fixed upon your form?


Beautiful girl,

Why did you never let the knight in shining armor in?

Why did you shut the gate and rig the moat with traps,

When all the faithful soldier ever wanted

Was to take a moment of your time to prove his worth?

Why did you close your heart and mind to love,

When love was all it took to take your mind

From thoughts of solitude and unforgiving critics,

From false friends who bowed and kissed your royal hand,

But cursed your very name and pedigree behind your back?

When love from that brave knight could take your fears away,

And turn your thoughts from cheap perfume and booze

To other things that matter more, like friendship, love and trust

And all the other people who would give an arm and leg

To really get to know you, give you a fair chance

To prove that you were more than just a pretty face and figure

To fawn all over one day, then forget - used up, tossed out, no more?


Beautiful girl,

Why did you make the brave knight cry?

Beautiful girl,

Why did you have to die?

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