The Cruise

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A cute and cheesy love story about a boy and a girl who fall in love on a cruise.

~~The Cruise
I’m standing in the game room talking to my new friend Vanessa when all of a sudden she says this:
“Look, here comes Jack! I think he’s coming over to talk to you,” Vanessa whispers in my ear. I look over my shoulder and here comes this cute boy, about my age with fluffy blond hair, and beautiful eyes; hazelnut to be exact.
“I don’t think he’s coming over to talk to me, maybe both of us but not just me. Why would he anyway?” my words flow out of my mouth nervously, hoping that he really is but also hoping that he isn’t.
“He’s cute isn’t he, Lucy?” Vanessa says with a slight giggle. “You should talk to him.”
“He is cute and I will talk to him, it’s not like I’m a shy pathetic person. Oh and how do you know his name?” I say under my breath, feeling almost jealous that she already knows him longer than me.
“I met him yesterday. It is the second day of the cruise after all,” the smug look on Vanessa’s face makes me want to strangle her. Just then, Jack reaches us.
“Hi, I’m Jack,” the cute boy with fluffy blond hair says to me.
“I’m Lucy, and I guess you already know my friend Vanessa,” I reply.
“Yeah, I saw her yesterday but it is the first time I’ve seen you around here. Where have you been?” Jack asks. I stare into his breathtaking eyes and that is when Vanessa leaves with a huge grin on her face. Right now I want to kill her for leaving me alone with this cute boy. Does she think she is doing me a favor? Well, she probably is.
“I’ve been roaming around the ship, just seeing where everything is,” is my pathetic reply for explaining that I was grounded on the first day of a cruise.
“Oh, ok. I usually just randomly do that throughout the week. At the end of the cruise, I usually know where everything is,” Jack says almost like he is sorry for me. I can feel that somewhat familiar feeling that I get when I’m angry.
“Is this your first cruise?” I ask, a little more maliciously than I should have.
“Uh… no. This is actually my third cruise. My first cruise was to the Caribbean, next, not too long ago, was to Alaska, and now to the Caribbean again,” Jack replies and in his voice I can tell that he is a little freaked out at my unfriendliness.
“Wow! Me too. I went on a cruise to Alaska recently too. When did you go?” I practically yell this, not wanting him not to like me, but I’m going overboard again.
“Four years ago, sometime in August,” he replies, a little surprised with my outburst.
“Was it sometime around the 17th?” I ask yet another question and I can tell I’m acting a little stalkerish.
“Yeah, I think it was. Why?” Jack says, and now I’m feeling really freaked out.
“I went on a cruise to Alaska four years ago, in August, sometime around the 17th! I think we were on the same cruise!” I exclaim.
“Why didn’t I see you then? I think we’re the same age so you should’ve been old enough to be in the teen area,” he wonders. When he says this, there is no concern or fear or even ‘that kid’s a weirdo’ kind of thinking in his voice, and I know I’m off the hook.
“I kind of got in trouble with my mom and she made me be in the little kids group with my cousins and my brother. I was young enough that they let me be there. I was the tallest kid though. My secret advantage at most of the games,” I say with a smile.
“I don’t ever remember seeing you,” he says with a look that is almost regret.
“I don’t remember seeing you either,” I say kind of wondering why he regrets not seeing me.
“Well we’re here now, why don’t we have some fun?” he says with a lightness in his voice.
“I’m sorry but I can’t right now. I’ve got to go soon. Maybe tomorrow?” I ask so hopeful that he’ll say yes.
“Sure, do you want to go swimming at, let’s say, two?” he suggests with a grin that stretches from ear to ear.
“Are they still using salt water?” I ask. Then I wince. Saltwater really hurts the eyes.
“Yeah I think so,” he replies, a little confused.
“Oh, then I won’t go swimming but I’ll sit in the hot tub and watch you swim,” I say very blandly.
“That’s ok. We’ll hang in the hot tub and talk then. At two?” he asks sounding just as hopeful as I was.
“Two is fine, don’t be late,” I say, with a lighthearted laugh.
“Ok, see you tomorrow then,” Jack says returning my friendly gesture with a huge smile.
“Bye,” I reply as I walk out the door, looking over my shoulder at him. Right outside is Vanessa and I can tell that she is bursting with questions to ask me. Before she can say anything I tell her the whole thing. “And he asked me out on a date! Tomorrow at two. We are going to just hang out in the hot tub and talk.”
“Oh my god! You’re going on a date! I can’t believe it! I can come with you right?” she asks.
“You can come but you have to sit somewhere I can see you but not too close. You will be my backup if something goes weird. Ok?” I tell her.
“Ok,” she barely gets out this quiet ‘ok’ for she is almost bursting at the seams with excitement.


I’m nervous about today and my date with Jack. I decide to go to the game room and chill with Vanessa while the hours tick by till two. I get there and see Vanessa right away. It’s really obvious she is more excited for me than I am for myself. She is literally bouncing up and down out of her shoes.
“Hey,” I sigh because I know she is just going to be giving me tips on what to do on my date.
“Hi!” she says a little too loudly, and then puts a finger over her lips, telling me to be quiet. I roll my eyes and walk over to her.
“Just get it over with,” I say not very excitedly.
“Get what over with?” a too innocent Vanessa asks.
“You know, your date tips and prepping,” I may have only known Vanessa for a couple days but in our long talks I have figured out a few things. I look around at the game room. I finally notice that there are only a couple of people here right now. At first I’m a little inquisitive, and then I realize that it’s only ten in the morning. Totally consumed with my own thoughts, I haven’t even realized that Vanessa has been talking this whole time. Not really wanting to hear everything ‘again’ I just smile and nod. That seems to do the trick.
In the middle of one of Vanessa’s rants about sunscreen, one of the boys in our teen group comes over to talk to me.  We talk for a little bit, Vanessa, the boy, and I. I laugh at his jokes, Vanessa asks questions we both want to know the answers to, and after a while he leaves. After saying good-bye of course. This turns out to be the beginning of a flood of boys. After the first boy left another one came, and after he left another came, and then another. It was hard for me to keep track of all of their faces and match them up with their names. I started to get a headache but the onslaught continued. This never happens to me, ever. I wasn’t even popular at my school; kids picked on me a lot.
After about an hour of this I realized that the game room was almost completely packed. Most of the people were the boys that were talking to me. Some were girls from our teen group. In a corner on the far side of the game room, I notice a boy about my age with fluffy blond hair. Jack. If looks could kill, the person who is talking to me right now would be dead about a minute ago. He doesn’t even look at me, only the boys talking to me. I start to feel sorry for him and then I realize that he shouldn’t be jealous because I’m not his girlfriend and we haven’t even gone on one date yet. For some weird reason that I cannot explain I’m furious with Jack, but deep down I’m also a little happy that he already feels protective of me. My anger wins out and I have to excuse myself from the room. I’m only gone for like five minutes, but when I come back to the game room everyone is staring at me.
“I got a little light-headed. I needed some fresh air,” I lie, but it seems to work. Everyone goes back to what they were doing and I’m not embarrassed. Vanessa comes over to me and pulls me outside again.
“What happened?” Vanessa asks, and there is actually concern in her voice, and her eyes.
“Did you see Jack? Did you see his face?” I ask through my teeth, my anger bubbling in my stomach.
Vanessa just shakes her head no. “He was deathly jealous of all the boys that were talking to me! Why should he be? I’m not his girlfriend! We aren’t even dating yet! I can talk to whoever I want and it shouldn’t bother him.”
Vanessa shakes her head again and then said in a calm and soothing voice, “Lucy, I think he really likes you. Of course he’s going to be jealous of a bunch of cute and hot guys talking to you. Maybe he thinks you’ll blow off his date for someone else.”
“I would never do that Vanessa, you know that,” I say, a little less angry now.
“I do, but he doesn’t. Maybe, before you leave for lunch you should go and confirm your date. Just so he knows your still coming,” Vanessa tells me with a nod.
“Ok, I’ll do that. Then do you think he’ll stop giving everyone the evil-eye?” I ask.
“I don’t know, I don’t think so but miracles do happen,” Vanessa replies. Yeah, like that’ll make me feel better.
We go back inside and the first thing I see is the look of relief on Jack’s face. The only thing I can think of that would produce that big of an effect on him, is that I wasn’t outside with another boy doing who knows what. I immediately walk over to the person that I left stranded in the middle of our conversation.
“Sorry,” I quickly say, “Vanessa wanted to talk to me real quick.”
“That’s okay,” he replies, “Now where were we?”
About fifteen minutes before noon one particularly hot guy comes over to talk to me. I realize that he is the only boy I haven’t talked to yet. We start talking and I am so captured by his beauty that everything becomes a blur. I only remember three things about our conversation: his name is Nick, he asked me out to lunch, and I said yes.
As we are heading out the door to go to that lunch he invited me to, I remember that I am supposed to go confirm my date with Jack. I turn to Nick immediately and say, “Hold on a sec, I need to do something before I go.”
He nods his approval and I run over to Jack. His sour, twisted, jealously filled face turns to a grin from ear to ear when he realizes I’m running to him. He stands up from his dark corner and catches me as I try to slow down and practically fall into his arms.
“So what is the reason that you have decided to grace me with your presence?” he asks with a chuckle.
“It’s about our date later. It’s at two, right? In the hot tub?” I say breathlessly.
“Yes, it’s at two and in the hot tub. Make sure to wear something cute,” Jack tells me with a smile.
“Then you need to make sure to wear something manly!” I say ‘manly’ in my best man voice, and flex my muscles, which aren’t much. (By the ways, I know this is really cheesy but it was all I could think to say.) We both break out in giggles and I finally calm down enough to tell him I need to go. Before I leave though, I give him a quick kiss on the cheek. I turn around and head to the door, looking back at least a dozen times and all I can see is a boy as happy as he could be, and all I feel like is a girl who is the happiest she could be.


I get to the restaurant with Nick; it’s a buffet so we first get our food and then go find a seat. The next hour is a blur full of talk and mingled eating. It’s very much like our last conversation, and I don’t get a whole lot from it. Except for when he says we should do this again sometime, and I say yes. But I don’t really know if I want to do it again or if I just got caught up in the moment. There is a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach when I leave to go get ready for my date with Jack.
I’m halfway through getting my swimsuit on and I realize with a start that the horrible feeling in my stomach is guilt. Why guilt? I must feel guilty that I said I would go out with Nick again even though all I see is his pretty face. No personality, whatsoever. If I was a stupid rich girl and could afford to totally have no idea what my date is talking about, then maybe, I might be able to date Nick. I think I may also feel guilty because I’m starting to like Jack a lot. Even though I’ve only talked to him twice, he has captured me. –I know, sappy thinking. Whatever…- I start to get dressed faster after that revelation.
I stop by Vanessa’s on my way to the pool. Before I go near the pool area, we scout out an area for Vanessa to sit. Then holding my towel, I walk out into the sunlight. What I see amazes me because I have never seen anyone react to me this way. Jack is sitting in the hot tub, gaping, I mean literally, gaping at me. Since that kind of embarrasses me, I pretend like I didn’t see it. Those extra five seconds I take to pretend to look around for Jack give him time to recover from my shock. There is a big clock in the pool area and I look up to see if I am late. I’m five minutes early. That must mean Jack has been here forever.
“Hey, Jack,” I say as I climb into the hot tub. 
“Hey, sweet thang,” Jack says in his best cool voice.
“Stop,” I flat out say.
“Stop what?” he stares at me as confused as his voice sounds.
“Don’t try to be cool. I like people when they’re themselves. Not when they act like other people,” I say a little more bluntly than I should have.
'Ok' is all he says. He sits there for a couple of seconds trying to figure out what I said with a confused but determined look on his face. Then he starts talking to me; asking lots and lots of questions like I did yesterday. We have about 15 minutes to ourselves when about every single guy in our teen group jumps into the hot tub with us. I turn to glare at Jack but he isn’t even looking at me. He’s looking around at all the new boys with the same expression I have on my face.
“Hey! What’s up?” one guy says.
“We were just talking, alone, and we kind of liked it,” I say, trying to hint that we want them to leave. But boys, they can’t figure out anything and they just sit there laughing. Since I know this is hopeless, I turn around and look for Vanessa. I see her and signal for her to come over. She hops up out of her chair and comes hopping over to the hot tub. She climbs in and it is so crowded. The worst part is that some guy squished himself between me and Jack. It would have been nice to be squished up against him! Not some guy I don’t know. Oh wait I do know him; I think his name is Ethan. That doesn’t matter! I still want Jack.


Well that date wasn’t a complete failure. Vanessa found somebody to ask her out on a date. On the other hand, I’m miserable because I haven’t seen Jack for a whole day. Yesterday, which is the day after the ruined date, was a port day so our families whisked us off to have fun. I didn’t even get to make plans to meet up later on, and since my family likes to make the most of our time, we spent almost all of our time on land. We got back just in time for dinner. I was so exhausted from our day that I just had to go back to the cabin and relax. Today is another sea day, so I hope I can have some time to hang out with Jack.
What I really want to do right now, is find Jack. The first place I look is the game room and there is barely anyone there, but one of them is Jack. He is talking to someone else though so I don’t want to interrupt them. He looks over at me and smiles. I smile and wave back but he stays there. I’m okay with that, I get it; he is talking to someone right now. It’s not like I’m his whole life. I see Vanessa staring at me from across the room with an expectant look on her face. Very curious to see what that is about, I walk over to her.
“So… whatcha’ going to do about lover boy over there talking to somebody else?” Vanessa asks me with a hint of amusement in her voice. I’m confused by this and it takes me a little while to respond.
“Nothing. He’s just talking to someone. It’s not like he is asking them to marry him,” I say still confused by what she said.
“It looks like they’re getting close,” she says in a sly, deceptive voice which makes me even more confused.
“I’m confuzzled. What do you want me to do? Walk over there and push her away? Say ‘back away from my man’?” I ask.
“He is your boyfriend and you sho-,” I break Vanessa off.
“He is not my boyfriend yet. I don’t have to do anything,” I tell her.
“Oh, come on! Aren’t you the slightest bit jealous?” she asks.
“Why should I? There really hasn’t been anything going on between us,” I tell her but she’s right. I am jealous. Really jealous. And now I understand what Jack felt like that day, when everyone was talking to me. I can’t let her know that though. If we both really like each other then we will tell each other. I’m just waiting for him to make the first move. Without another comment, I leave the room. I can feel Vanessa, Jack, and the girl he was talking to, staring after me.
Not much happens between lunch and now. After lunch I go to the game room again to see if I can talk to Jack. He’s there, and I think he is waiting for me. I walk over to him and we exchange greetings. We talk for a bit and he doesn’t ask me out at all or even give the slightest inkling that he is going to. I finally decide that it is time for me to make the first move, given that I haven’t asked him out yet, I think that is ok.
“Hey, would you like to go mini-golfing in a little bit?” I ask.
“Sure, why don’t we go now?” he replies and I’m bursting with excitement that he is still into me.
“Ok, just let me tell Vanessa where we are going so she doesn’t report that I’m missing,” I tell Jack. He says it’s okay and I run over to Vanessa to tell her about the date. “Ok, I am going mini-golfing with Jack. Do not follow me, and do not show up randomly. Also don’t tell anybody. We don’t want our date going like it did last time. Ok?”
She nods and gulps, acting like she’s scared of my menacing voice. I turn around all happy and ready for anything. We reach the golf course, and of course, Jack lets me go first. I’m doing okay but Jack is creaming me. He is getting like a hole in one every single time. “Wow! You’re really good! Where’d you learn to golf like that?” I ask him.
“Um… back home there is a golf course near my house and I actually go there to play,” Jack says a little sheepishly, like I would think that that is awful.
“That’s awesome! I wish I could see you on the big course!” I say, and I really mean it. “I’ve been meaning to ask this since our first date, where do you live?”
“I live in Montana,” he replies.
“Well that is better than I thought, at least it is not across the country or anything,” I say mostly to myself.
“What?” Jack asks, clearly confused.
“I live in Oregon. Like if we ever did want to see each other after the cruise we kind of need to know where the other one lives,” I tell him while looking at the ground.
“Actually that is a great idea, but we could also Skype and email and text,” he says.
“Well then that means that I’m going to need your phone number, your email, and your Skype name,” I tell him smiling from ear to ear.
“Ok you got me, I’ll give them,” he tells me, laughing the whole time.
We both are in a good mood the rest of the time we’re together and I can almost feel that he is going to ask me to the prom. Prom is only a day away and I think someone else is going to ask me and that is going to suck because I don’t know if I can say no. I really want to go with Jack, and if he doesn’t ask me soon, I’m just going to ask him. When I first heard about the prom, I wasn’t going to go, but then I met Jack, and I think that that night will be fun with him there.
At the 18th hole, I get a hole in one. I am so excited that I turn to Jack and hug him. To my surprise, he is happy for me and twirls me around while I’m still in his arms. I start giggling and he has to put me down because he starts giggling and he can’t really hold me while we both are giggling. He doesn’t let go of me though and we just stare into each other’s eyes. We are about to kiss when I break away because it is just too awkward.
 “Come on! It’s your turn Jack! I don’t know if you can do as well as me but let’s see you try!” I say to him. Then I start chanting for him. He just rolls his eyes at me and gets ready to take the shot. He hits the ball and it is even better than mine! I don’t even know how it’s possible since mine was a really clean shot. I stare there gaping for a couple seconds while Jack is grinning at me. His smile starts to fade when I don’t do anything, then I’m running to him. I fling myself on for a hug and he is totally taken off guard. We fall to the ground giggling and with me on top of him. We sit there, panting, and staring into each other’s eyes. Then the most unexpected thing happens.
 “Will you go to the prom with me?” Jack asks, beaming.
 “Yes! Yes, yes, yes,” I exclaim. Then I kiss him on the cheek and get up to go. I look back over my shoulder and blow him a kiss. He sits up to catch it then pretends to grab it and fall back on his back. I laugh and walk to the game room. I need to find Vanessa.


 I find Vanessa and tell her about the whole entire date. She is just as excited as I am and can’t wait to see what I wear for the prom.
 “I have no idea what I’m wearing. Do you think you can come over tomorrow and help me get ready? I’ll help you too,” I ask desperately.
 “Sure thing girlfriend. I’ll do anything for you,” she says enthusiastically.
 It’s the day of the prom and I am freaking out. To calm my nerves, I go up to the game room to talk to someone. Jack isn’t there but almost everyone else is. Every single girl, except Vanessa, sees me and stalks away with a flip of their hair. I’m taken aback by this because I have no idea what’s going on.
 Vanessa comes over to my side and I ask her. “Why does it seem like all the girls hate me and you’re my only girl friend?”
 “It’s because of that day when every boy came and talked to you. They all like you and the girls are really jealous because they all called dibs on the guys the first day,” Vanessa tells me.
 “Did anyone call dibs on Jack? Because I’m not letting anyone take him away from me,” I say seriously believing that.
 “No one called dibs on him, he’s not cute enough,” she says.
 “He is to cute! He is probably the cutest boy here!” I say defending my new boyfriend.
 “He is cute Lucy, so they went for the hottest guys, not the cutest guys,” she tells me.
 “Oh, who called dibs on Nick?” I ask, wondering who I made mad when I went to lunch with him.
 “That blondie over there. Her name is Chloe and she is really into him. She hasn’t left his side since you left that lunch date,” she says.
 “So, who did you choose dibs on?” I ask suppressing a laugh.
 “No one,” Vanessa says a little too quickly. I give her a look and she breaks down. “I called dibs on the guy who asked me out on your first date. That’s why I was so excited when he asked me out.”
  A huge grin escapes onto my face. Vanessa punches me in the arm and tells me to stop it. I don’t though. Vanessa then says we should leave to get ready for prom, even though it is five hours away. I hear a little later from one of the guys that right when I left Jack showed up and was asking for me. Wow the irony. Oh well, I don’t really want him to see me until prom. He told me he was going to wear a tuxedo. I cannot wait for that.
 We both look stunning, Vanessa and I, as we walk through the halls to the game room. Vanessa is wearing a strapless lavender dress that comes down to her feet. We’re both wearing high heels because they just fit the dresses better. Vanessa’s hair is up in a fabulous bun with a little tiara tucked nicely on top. We step into the game room and the people there astonish us. They all look absolutely amazing, especially Chloe who is wearing a sparkling pink dress.
 Jack is the first one to notice me and he is even more astonished than he was at the hot tub. It’s like he’s seen me for the first time. I’m wearing a sky blue dress that comes down to my knees. My hair is up in a ponytail with curls coming out of it, and my earrings are these magnificent blue gems. I get a little embarrassed when I notice that everyone is staring at me. Jack apparently gasped when he saw me and everyone turned to look. I push a curly strand back behind my ear and quickly, without falling, walk over to Jack.
 “You look amazing,” Jack says in what I can only describe as awe.
 “You don’t look too bad yourself,” I tell him. He kept his word and is wearing a very nice tuxedo.
 “Would you like to dance milady?” Jack asks as he bows and offers his hand. I laugh and take his hand with gratitude.
 “Yes, thank you,” I reply, my eyes sparkling. We dance in slow circles with my head on his chest and his hands around my waist.
 “You’re awfully quiet tonight,” he says, more like a question than a statement.
 “I’m just taking in the moment,” I say in a hushed tone. But what I’m really thinking is that today was the last full day of the cruise and tomorrow we’ll be leaving. I won’t actually be able to see Jack in person until a long time from now. I don’t want him to worry about me though, and when a fast song comes on I immediately pull him to the middle of the room and start dancing. We’re all smiles and giggles. This has definitely been the best cruise ever!
 Jack and I end up being the last couple at the prom besides Vanessa and her date. I know she’s only here so she can watch me. Depressing thoughts sweep over me again as we turn in slow circles.
 “I’m going to miss you so much, Jack,” I say quietly. I look up to Jack and I see that he is feeling exactly the way I do.
 “I’m going to miss you too,” he whispers into my hair as he kisses my head. But I want more than a kiss on the head. I look up once more and reach up to pull Jack’s face closer to mine. Then I kiss him. It was the most passionate kiss and the gentlest kiss I’ve ever had. Then I couldn’t be around him anymore. It hurt too much. I run out of the game room with tears streaming down my face and Vanessa rushing after me.
 I look back once to see Jack just standing there, looking utterly shocked. Then I turn back around and run to my room. I stop to take my heels off and that is when Vanessa catches up to me.
 “Lucy! What happened in there?” She asks, concerned. I can’t meet her eyes.
 “I…I...I just can’t be around Jack anymore, it hurts way too much to know that I won’t be able to actually see him in person after tomorrow,” I mutter. My pain starts turning into anger at myself. I shouldn’t have run out like that. Vanessa notices the fury on my face.
 “Are you mad at me? At Jack?” she asks a little alarmed.
 “No Vanessa, I’m mad at myself. I can’t believe how selfish I just was. If you see Jack before tomorrow please tell him I’m sorry,” I say before turning around and running to my room. I have just enough time to compose myself before I get to my room. My parents don’t say anything as I undress in the bathroom and put my PJs on. I climb up on my bunk and tell my parents that I’m really tired and sob silently into my pillow.


 Today is the last day of the cruise and we’re waiting in the auditorium until they call our number so we can get off. I see Vanessa and run to her. We hug like it’s the last time we’ll see each other which it isn’t. We found out that we actually live fairly close to each other; we just go to different schools.
 “I saw Jack right after you ran off. He was coming to look for you. I told him everything. I think you should say goodbye to him, he’s sitting right over there,” she says pointing to a row of seats not far from where we’re standing. I see Jack staring at us, waiting for me to come over.
 “Alright, bye Vanessa! I’ll text you when I get home,” I say, preparing for my encounter with Jack. She says bye to me then ushers me to go over to Jack. I walk over to Jack and he stands up to meet me.
 “Lucy, Vanessa told me everything. I’m not mad, I actually feel the same way,” Jack reassures me when he sees my concerned face.
 “Jack I’m… I’m so sorry,” I stutter as he embraces me in a hug. “I don’t know why I did that, I shouldn’t have…” he cuts me off with a passionate kiss that makes me forget all about last night. I can feel all the emotions he’s feeling right now. He’s trying to say goodbye without actually saying the word. So I tell him “There are no goodbyes, just until next times.”
 He gazes at me and in his eyes I can see my feelings reflected like a mirror. We hug for one last time and sneak one last kiss in before I walk back to my family. They finally call our number and we walk right past Vanessa and Jack. I give each of them a meaningful look as I follow my family off of the boat.
 I’m miserable the entire flight home. I miss Vanessa and Jack. I can’t believe how much I miss Jack, I’ve never felt this way before, it’s almost like I’m in love. Wait, am I? I’ve only known him for a week, is that even possible? If I said I was, everyone would say I’m too young to be in love, but I’m not sure. I’ve had other boyfriends before, and I thought I was in love with one of them, but this feels completely different. I contemplate this the rest of the time.


Weeks pass and I’m hanging out with Vanessa a lot. Sometimes I chat with Jack via Skype but lately he hasn’t been on. I feel miserable, even with Vanessa there to cheer me up. When school comes around I feel even more miserable, I don’t have Vanessa or Jack around. My other friends try to cheer me up but it just doesn’t work. My ex-boyfriend tries to win me back but I just not into him anymore, the only person I want is Jack.
 I haven’t talked to Jack in weeks. One miserable day at school, I’m sitting in homeroom when my teacher announces that there will be a new student in class today. A new student? Great… I always hate new students because they never know anything. I know in the back of my mind I’m being unfair, what if he/she is really nice? But I’m such a horrible mood I don’t even care. Then my teacher says he’ll be sitting next to me because that is the only empty seat. I look to stare at the spot next to me. Great.
 “Here he is!” my teacher announces. I don’t look up to see what he looks like. I hear him walk over to the seat next to me and put his stuff down. I can hear him turn toward me. What does he want?
 “Hi,” I know that voice, my heart starts beating fiercely, “I’m Jack.” I turn to look and there is the face I’ve been dreaming about since the end of the cruise. A grin escapes and races across my face. His hand is out, waiting for me to shake it.
 “I’m Lucy,” I say, shaking his hand. We’re both grinning like fools, but I don’t care. I finally have my Jack!

The End

Submitted: January 31, 2014

© Copyright 2021 VoraciousReader. All rights reserved.

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