First Flush

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fictional recounting of a childhood experience.

Submitted: April 11, 2014

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Submitted: April 11, 2014



~~First Flush

What do I remember? I was twelve and had felt a flush. A warm feeling. It began at my shoulders, quickly crept up my neck and onto my face. Until that day the only times I felt a flush was when I was caught doing something wrong or said something I shouldn’t have said. Not often, but it did happen.

I was in the school yard when it happened. I was doing nothing but standing against the building. I did that often. From where I stood I had a full view of the sky since I liked watching clouds and looking for shapes of things. In the distance, beyond the chain link fence, was nothing but woods. Trees. Huge trees. I loved watching the leaves swaying back and forth when there was a gentle wind blowing. The wind had to come from the left side of the school ground to sway the leaves.

I wasn’t much of talker. Well. Freddy and I talked a lot, but then we were best friends. We had been best friends since first grade. He liked to mingle with other kids and move around in the school yard. 

Sometimes, I looked for Margaret. She had red hair, a ton of freckles, and was at least two inches taller than me. I’d follower her as she moved around the yard without moving my head and from the distance between us she couldn’t know I was watching her. On that day her hair was kind of free flowing just below her neck. It bounced up and down as she walked. She was wearing blue. Her face? Not all that pretty. There were lots of girls better looking than her, but none had flaming red hair and all those freckles. Freddy knew I watched Margaret and swore to never tell anyone. What he didn’t understand was why I had never talked to her. She was in a different class but we were in Band. Frankly, I didn’t know why I didn’t talk to her other than I seldom talked to anyone.

I had stopped watching Margaret and was daydreaming about white knights and castles while watching slowly drifting clouds. I suddenly had this feeling someone was standing beside me. I figured it was Freddy and ignored him.

I heard my name spoken as softly as I had ever heard. It was musical and yet magical. For a second I thought I had imagined it and then I heard it again.

I turned and there was Margaret. I had never been that close to her. She was smiling the most beautiful smile I had ever seen and then it happened. Heat rushed up my neck and onto my face.

I don’t remember what was said between us as we leaned against the school building and talked. All I remember is her soft, sweet voice and that flush feeling.

That’s what I remember. My first feelings of love.

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