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A not so short poem...

Submitted: March 26, 2008

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Submitted: March 26, 2008



key in e minor
let's do doing it
do it
hot ice velvet love, that
(in that small cafee, your song, in your lips)
too fast a swing
speed car color avenues
half lies
trumpets yes
your feet dance in serpent straps
dancing, feet and jump speed, look
what that was!
(time make us slow, not older, my)
you still have those sandals

slow as eternity, that of so big infinities that is all continuing forever.
i'm a physicist, i'm in love.

are we in that still falling love?

lisbon is so strange, so known words, we can't talk
lisboa is old as old stones and near seas, oh the ocean, the Out.
lisboa is belém, antes de cada ida e partida pelo mundo, nos Jerónimos...
lisboa is a comming back.
lisboa is stoned here forever, we knew that!
lisboa is for poets that go
and in back bones they live...

here, so

no mekong to loose my poems,
no excuse,
no Arco das Portas do Mar...
agora tão longe
longe de mar com fado rasco de vinho em jarra
e todas as janelas abertas, todas, todas as portas
ao rio
ao Rio
a vida são tantos rios
ribeiros da infancia
a água
um deus

um dia escrevo um poema

one day i'll write a poem

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