A New Kill

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Old, but pretty good, I guess.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



The beast drinks in the smell of humans, as it pads forward slowly on the sidewalk. The moon is at it's highest, and it's full. A time where the creatures of the night can roam free. This creature doesn't know whom it harms. It could kill its mother for all it cared. Suddenly it picked up the scent of a human nearby, very recent. It dashes off the path, and under the shadowy trees of the forest that line the sidewalk. The moon glowed brilliantly as it strode forward. A shape deliberately came into the beasts view. The creature stopped and muttered something under its breath then began to glow a dark fuschia. Its shape changed into a young lady then it abruptly stopped glowing. The girl jumped onto the sidewalk and sprinted up to the man she was following.

"Excuse me sir, I'm lost. Which way to Oakville?" she asked sweetly.

"Hmm" he turned his head to think. This was her chance! She phased into a wolf and unsheathed her claws. Then viciously slashing at his head, her black fur blowed furiously in the wind. He fell to the ground, and the wolf, hackles raised, launched herself at him. Crimson red blood splashed in pools around them. The she-wolf ripped flesh apart as she feasted on this new kill.

The cruor made the sour and sweet sensors on her tongue tingle. She gulped down all the blood, withdrawing it from his body. Then she chowed down on all that was left of him.

"I'm the greatest hunter in the world!" she boasted, stalking back into the woods, her enormous head raised arrogantly.

Yes, the body would be discovered and the police would investigate. But no one would really know the truth behind it. They'd just think some random animal mauled the man. Only the man was the person to see the girl, to feel the pain of the fangs connecting with his skin. The police would never know the killer was right under their noses. The police cheif's daughter.............

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