A Monster's Mood

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Eh, I was feeling a strange emotion. I didn't know what I was feeling, but it motivated me to write this little poem of mine. Enjoy.

Submitted: March 17, 2010

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Submitted: March 17, 2010



I'm feeling a feeling
a feeling that's should not be kept inside,
a feeling that's not familiar
to humans.
I'm in a mood
a mood that's hard to explain,
a mood that only the Monsters of The Night
can have.

Should I express this feeling?
Should I expose this mood?
Should I tell someone I'm feeling such emotion?
Oh what should I do?

This a mood no one can understand-
This is a feeling that should not be felt-
This is an emotion that you won't find in dictionaries-
This is an aura that humans cannot see
with their unadvanced senses.

Should I hide this?
Should I speak it?
Should I write it down?
What is a little monster to do?

Am I terrified?
Am I sad?
Am I nervous?
Am I lost?
Am I lusting?
Am I happy?
What am I feeling?

No one thinks Monsters' can feel-
No believes that a single bone of emotion
can be inside a Monster-
No one has ever written in fairy tales that
Monsters have beating hearts.
Monsters do, in fact, have beating hearts and we do feel
and at rare times...

So what is my mood, you may ask me?
Who knows...It's undetermined.

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