The Mountain

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What lies ahead of us.

Behold! There is a mountain that lies ahead of each and every one of us. The summit cannot be seen, it can only be imagined and the road to the top is perilous and filled with danger. There are no fixed paths to the top and every path is different. You can change the path that you have chosen any time at the expense of your own time and effort.

Beware! A fog builds around the mountain in these troubled times, causing us to lose sight of it. We slowly begin to forget that a mountain exists before us as it waits eagerly like a lover on a first date. We are meant to conquer the mountain one agonizing step at a time. Yet here we are, at the base the fog has blurred the mountain and we see no more of the mountain and carry on our lives at the base. The view perpetually being limited to a small and narrow view of things. It is not easy to clear the fog, through ancient knowledge, texts and advice or through hard circumstances that forces us away from the base do we see the mountain ahead. By instinct we will scale the mountain and there are many who have tried. There are some who try but the path they take leads them in circles, lead them to the same point over and over again without them knowing it. This view that they are given changes and so their minds as well. They think as well they have a complete view of the world and stay in the circle.  Many others give up halfway through the mountain for the road is too tough and the amount of discipline and self control needed is not what they can fathom, what they thought that they could achieve. They choose to stay at their spot and look down on those who did not even try or they simply just go back to their base. Some change their paths so often thinking that they will switch paths when it gets hard. They think that they have found the easy way to the top without the hardship without all the dangers. The paths however converges as it nears the summit and by switching paths they are going down and up, down and up again, never seeing the summit. Such is the fate of most who tried, never knowing, seeing the summit.

Fret not! There are a minute few, the rare ones who persevered or by a given quality in them, who have reached the summit. They have seen the world and what it is. They have breathed in the freshest of air, seen the tallest of trees, deepest of valleys, they know how the world is and what needs to be done. They come down and preach of the summit. The experience and knowledge that they preach is too much to bear for most who deem them useless for they cannot imagine a world that is so vast and big. The few become guides to those who aspire to one day climb up to the top of the mountain. To see the world. To get out of the lives that they are leading. A promised land far away from where they are and the way will be from the top of the mountain leading to the other side. They listened to the paths that these guides had taken. The things that they did. They all may have taken a different path, preach a different method, yet the message they have is the same. The view that they saw are the same. There is not much difference in what they have seen and known. They try their best to tell the people at the base, or people who are on their way to the top about what they should do and what path they should take. However, people at the base or not able to comprehend what they are saying miss the point. They slowly forget the words and the way to the path. They see the ones who have scaled the top as the truth instead. They thus begin their devotion to the guides, to see them as super humans. As beings that do not belong where they are.

Alas! Through the ages, as time goes on by and the words get more and distorted, gets past too many mouths and hands, we do not know what path to take, what  dangers to avoid, where to rest. We become too obsessed with the person who went to the top and have forgotten about the words that they have said. We became blinded by the devotion and worshipping of the people who reached the summit and do not stop to listen to what they have to say. Furthermore, the words are now mixed in with people who think that they have reached the top. Who think that they are the same, who wants to enjoy the same devotion by the people at the base. They have added new words, sentences, rules, paths that the original guide does not have. They now become themselves guides, but they have only been near the top at most. They did not get to see the view and the knowledge of the other side, they just pretended that they did and the people at the base believed them. They think it is true, they then follow these false guides blindly, listening to whatever they sprout from their mouths. The fog gets thicker and thicker, people do not see the mountain anymore but see these false guides and their tales of a seemingly imaginary mountain that they have climbed and they like it. They lap up whatever is being told to them, imagining themselves on the way to the mountain when they are still in the same spot.

Arise! My sweetest friend! Think for yourself! Sit down and contemplate, see the mist surrounding the mountain slowly fade away. Do not listen to any guides but the original guides that once stood at the top. Walk your own path, see the sights, face your own dangers, recover from them. Take a step at a time towards the top. Become one of the few who manage to reach the summit through your own effort. That is what the ancient guides would have wanted you to do. They simply told you how to make the path to the top easier, the walk still needs to be done by us. There is no need to stay at the base and think about what you could see and imagine how the top, the other side looks like. Start now, for the road is long and arduous, with every step there will be self doubts, with every step there is the feeling of giving up, of thinking the purpose and turning back to life at the base.  There will be questions about how true the ancient guides are, there will be many questions along the way and I think as I cannot promise you but once at the top, all will be revealed.

Submitted: June 26, 2017

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