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The Joker wants to know the truth, but he's not the only one.

Submitted: July 23, 2013

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Submitted: July 23, 2013



Harley Quinn

Across her desk sat a gentleman in traditional inmate garb; a grey suit with black trim. He looked so different compared to when he had first arrived at Arkham Asylum.

His hands were cuffed to prevent him from causing harm. She had asked him a question about five minutes ago and he had yet to answer, instead he tapped his fingers in a rhythmic motion on his knee.

He was playing a game.

He always played games with her, but she didn't mind.

She watched him carefully, noting down anything of interest, which was hard to do as she found everything interesting. The way he drummed his fingers, or laughed maniacally at her questions about his deeds. She could write a book on the man and then some. Currently, however, he was being unusually still, barely even blinking. All he did was tap his fingers.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Then gradually his lips curled into a smile. When he smiled it sent shivers down her spine. They might have removed his clothes when he entered the Asylum, but they had yet to remove his make up.

'Who do I love most in the world?' he said, repeating the question. 'Well, I love the Batman.'


'Now, don't tell me we have to go over the plan again or I might have to blow your brains out,' the Joker sighed.

'No, baby, I understand what I have to do,' Harleen replied. Most people were offended and repulsed by the way he threatened them, and she had to admit that she was at first. However, she had come to enjoy the feeling of being at the mercy of someone's power. She liked feeling weak.

'Good. That's good. Don't get caught though. That's the last thing we want. You're my only way of doing this. It's going to be so much fun!' The Joker jumped from his seat and danced with excitement.

Harleen jumped up as well, touching the Joker gently on the arm. 'How about a kiss, baby?' she asked, fluttering her eye lashes.

The Joker looked at her intently. 'Oh, whatever. Go on then.' She did, pulling his face into hers so their lips collided. They shared a long hard kiss that made her stomach flutter. He felt so good.

'There, that's enough of that,' he said, pushing her back. 'It's almost time for me to go. Don't disappoint me. Or should I say, you don't want to.' His eyes narrowed as he spoke, making Harleen feel uncomfortable.

A buzzer sounded and two guards entered the room, grabbing the Joker by both arms and leading him from Harleen's office.

'Thank you ever so much, doctor. It's been a pleasure speaking with you,' the Joker shouted from the corridor, and as the door slammed shut she could hear him laughing hysterically to himself.

She sat on the corner of her desk and began to fiddle with a pencil. It was time for her to fulfill the Joker's request, but she was so worried, in fact she was scared, that she might let him down. She might get caught in the act and then he would never have what he had come for, and he would never love her again. She didn't know if she could live knowing he no longer loved her.

She slammed the pencil down onto the table, determined to get this right and to make the Joker happy. It was five minutes to six, she had just over half an hour to complete her mission or it was game over.

She opened the door to her office and slipped out of the room, walking bare foot up the corridor so she made as little noise as possible. She only had to get to the end of the corridor, but there were a whole line of adjoining offices that someone could spot her from. She might work here, but if she was caught sneaking into Dr. Stange's office she would no doubt be looked upon with some suspicion.

She made it to his door, knocking on it lightly to check it was empty.

No one answered.

She turned the door knob and slowly pushed the door open and then crept into the room. His office was neatly kept, with all his documents filed away in cabinets and his desk was organised uniformly. All she had to do now was find the file.

She began with the first cabinet of a row of three, grabbing the top drawer to pull it open.


She looked around in a rush of panic, desperate for a key, but there was none. Strange must have taken it with him. She looked for a solution, then remembered she was wearing hair grips. Reaching up she slid a grip from her perfectly styled hair and slid it into the lock. With a little negotiation the lock clicked and the draw popped open.

It wasn't there.

In fact, it wasn't in any of the filing cabinets within the room.

So where was it.

She began to look through the draws in his desk, and when she still found nothing she threw a stapler down in frustration, breaking it in half. The damage was not what concerned her though. The desk was hollow.

She dropped to her knees and crawled under the desk, over joyed to see a handle in the centre. She pulled it and the secret compartment clicked open, revealing a single document. She yanked it from its hiding place and ran from the room, taking the broken stapler with her.

When she reached her office she slammed the door shut, locking it behind her. She rushed over to her desk and jumped into her seat, holding the document before her.

The Batman.

The title gave her goosebumps. She was so desperate to open it and reveal the secrets hidden inside, but if the Joker found out she had read it first he would be so very angry.

No, she had to wait. He got to read it first.

Knock knock.

She looked up to see a figure at her door, blurred by the glass. She checked her watch, realising she wasn't due a patient for another hour.

Who was it then.

She panicked and stuffed the document into a drawer in her desk before heading to the door, taking a moment to compose herself before she unlocked it.

'Hello, Miss Quinzel,' the man said, pushing past her.

'Excuse me, Edward, but you're not supposed to be in here. Please leave my office or I'll have to call security,' she said shakily.

'If you do that I'll tell them what you have in your desk,' he snapped. 'Close the door.'

She did as he said for fear of being caught with the document.

'They know what you have and they're coming for you,' Edward said.

'Who knows? How do they know?' Harleen squealed.

'The other inmates. Joker had been boasting about how he was going to find out who the Batman really is. That kind of thing attracts attention and people began to investigate,' Edward explained, flicking a curl of his ginger hair from his forehead.

'What. How do you know this? Edward, tell me who is coming!' she shouted, but before he could reply there was a huge explosion that knocked them off their feet and shattering the window. For a moment there was a flash of flames.

Then Arkham was plunged into darkness.

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