A Forlorn Tear to a Torn Sky

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Inspired by a night of raining and the events that have happened to me over the few weeks...

Submitted: October 27, 2009

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Submitted: October 27, 2009



 September rain

Long, cold downpour

Heavy, chilled fog

Hazy, grey clouds

Hanging in the air above

Watching the world below

Preying on the unsuspecting

The skies open wide

The rain pours down

Like water spouting from a faucet

It comes in angled sheets

Thumping on the roof

Tapping on my window

With a steady, lulling rhythm

Then silently trickling

Down the glass pane

A forlorn tear to a torn sky

Cleansing the world of its toxins

Up from my chair I rise

Getting a closer look

At the desolate outside

My nose brushes up against the window

My breath kisses the glass

With a thin layer of mist

One lonely finger slowly ascends

To mark my breath's condensation

With a sad, little frown

And as the solo fingertip

Presses so gently against the glass,

So that goosebumps jump out on my flesh

In flood the memories

Of two starkly contrasting days

Quickly I draw away

Fervently hoping the thoughts would cease

But they only came in increasing numbers

The praise received,

And the biting insults combating it.

The peace and love of family and friends,

And the relentless shouting you wish to stop.

The continual smiles and laughter,

And the flowing stream of tears.

My first kiss,

And my last.

My favorite day,

And my worst.

Peaceful beginnings,

And violent ends.

I sit here gratefully,

But also in pain

I sit here with my memories,

But alas I am still alone

I sit here with a future ahead,

But I can only bare to look into the past

Dwelling on former happiness

Inviting sorrow to replace what I have lost

Outside the wind picks up

So the heavy sound of rain

Evenly pounds with great intensity

To the pulsing of my mind

From too many thoughts

And with it my tears flow like rain

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