Dear Jealousy

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A song going out to my now ex who was insamely jealous about everything.

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



Dear Jealousy,

Have I got something to say to you
I've had enough and we are through

Stop being paranoid
No one is "out to get you"
Friends are just friends
They aren't an issue

Nothing happens when you are gone
No make out sessions or secret sex
Am I such a slut that'd you'd think I'd do such wrong?

Sure I give them attention
But it's not like you don't get it too
You think you're being ignored
But I find this to be untrue

You say that you trust me with all of your heart
But why, then, do you seem so hesitant to believe in me
Always afraid when we are apart

Forget it! No one has ever truly trusted my judgement
I'm too clumsy, unpredictable, and naive for that
This lack of trust will always remain my greatest impairment

One final thing to say before I go
I'm sick of the the problems you create and I must know
Is this for real or is it all just for show?


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