Floating in the Chaos

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Some a friend said to me has been bothering me all day so I thought I'd write about it...

Submitted: October 20, 2009

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Submitted: October 20, 2009





Great, swirling confusion

And here am I

Floating in the middle of the chaos

Head out of the water

But only by a breath

Why is it that your comment

Is leaving me this way?

My thoughts already fragmented

By hardships I face everyday

Slowly building pressure,

A few more notches in the belt,

And when it all explodes

Glass will pierce all that I am

My heart, a thousand times broken,

Needs not be strangled

By a chain of your words

Since it is they that give it hope

That foolishly, I chase along

Without regard to my well-being

I don't know what to believe

But if what you say is true

Then common sense points

That those who are closest

Are always last to know

Like a cuckolded husband

Discovering his wife adultery

By catching her in the act

Am I really that oblivious

To mistaken your love

For our close friendship?

I do not wish to believe it

I cannot imagine it true

And them saying you love me

Is coming off a little strong

Surely it is a joke

You couldn't possibly

Have feelings for me

One so selfish and shrewd

Not to mentions ugly

These traits are not the worst

Nigh impossible this all seems

So I choose not to believe

All the lies I've heard today

For that makes everything easy

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