If...What a Terrible Word

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I really hate the word "if" and I hope this poem explains why.

Submitted: October 18, 2009

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Submitted: October 18, 2009



If...what a terrible word

Filled with lies and so much hurt

These falsehoods give hope

Where there is none to be gotten

And they let you fall further when you drop

You plummet and shatter into a thousand pieces

Never having the time to brace yourself

Because you thought you hope would shield you

From the harsh, heartless world

But you all trusting and hope did

Was accommodate your prolonged fall

And when you hit the floor

Your heart and soul are smashed

As doubtlessly as porcelain would

All because your "ifs" cannot come true

And they can only insinuate exceptions

Make men and women want to be more

"If only I was beautiful,

Rich, thin, blond, and lovely

With a radiant, white smile always showing

Because I have no worries

Everything is perfect and I'm never in a hurry."

The perfect life, the American dream,

This is all we want

We spend so much time trying to achieve this goal

That we rarely ever get anywhere

Find anyone to love

And we become selfishly absorbed with ourselves

Everything revolves around us

And nothing else matters but image of perfection

Even when nothing on the inside is right

Why do we wish to be things we are not?

For things that can never come true

Why must we always be more or less?

Instead of just being who we really are

Why can't you just love us for all our imperfections?

And not try to change then to what you think best

Why do we place so much emphasis on appearances?

When in the long run looks deteriorate,

But a good soul will never fade

Take a deeper look within

Stop lingering in the shallows

This ignorance of true good things

Fuels my outrage at how childish we choose to be

Towards this self-centered and superficial state of mind

So badly I wish for them to see

The inner beauty that lurks within

So man times we have thought to ourselves

After the harrowing depression of rejection:

If only I wasn't so ugly,

If only I wasn't so fat,

If only I could be beautiful,

If only everyone would love me

Or just that special one

With only this I could be happy.”

Thoughts like these from which only futile hope arises

That sparks wishful thinking of what we think we want to be

Really all you want is to be alike

So you bend to the will of conformity

A word so small but yet so powerful

It sparks such passion and emotion

It holds such control over me

Control with which I despise

And every time I hear it used

I can't help but draw back and flinch

If only we could be rid of this word...

Oh, there it goes again

I cannot tell you to which degree I hate this word

For all the pain and suffering it causes

And for how much it has let me down

I can only speak of it simply

For there are not words to express how I feel

One plain statement is all I can give,

If...what a terrible word

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