The Moon Heist

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This is off another set of stories that I was meaning to write, but wanted to see how things would go with this first. Basically, this story takes place in the very distant future, one where
technology has already been overridden by restrictions to bigger technological advancements. More coming soon!

Submitted: March 20, 2018

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Submitted: March 20, 2018



The Moon Heist


He stands alone, looking towards the drop zone, aware of the eyes on him. The Golden Sword doesn’t rely on his reputation of the weapons he carries, but instead carries a handheld blitzer, and an old Scout he found on an earlier mission. He would’ve used a Running Sparkler, a device that allows the charges to simply follow the path of the user, but many years of experience, as well as the shielding of the planet had him think otherwise. Now, only antiques work, everything else being blocked by the multi-layered scanners. His companion, Defector, stands beside him, donning his Gradler Multitool and a crackler. His dress consisting of an old-style jetpack, his Enforcement uniform, and several hand grenades. The uniform is made of a combination of worn fabric and iron, able to protect against only small blasts, but then again he never only needed one. The Sword’s internal sensors pick up chatter from a group next to them, while he thinks about the inadequate army the Sire has raised.

“Ya sure we got enough men to take the base?” one of them asks the captain.

“We got the Sire’s strategies. He says destroy stuff to cause panic, that’s what we do,” he responds. “The Sire’s never failed us before.”

“Is that all we are? A diversion?” the man says.

“Every war has soldiers, Lloyd, we’re just some of them,” he seems sad when saying the words, as if outthinking them to be a message of doom. “Drop in two minutes!” he yells.

“What’s Defector doin’ here anyway?” another asks. “Thought he was a Heavy. I heard he took down a whole squadron of our soldiers for their side.”

“He was shown the Initiation Vid. Why do you think they call ‘em the Defector?” Lloyd counters.

Matt stands at the front of the ship, the only real hero here. He’s rode with the Sire since the old days, before he took the crown. None of the men here have lived that long. He holds the face of a stone, the years of experience and fighting shown blatantly. They say once you hit a million years it happens, others say anyone who’s fought with the Sire gets it soon enough. They all feel the pressure change as they hit the upper atmosphere. The Moon, Drega, almost counts as a planet, but since the locals don’t have a name for higher class chunks of rock in space, they call everything a moon. Defector looks out the window, watching the mountainous Rangers in the background, readying closer to Drega. They hold over a million soldiers each, enough to take it if it weren’t for the defenses. Only small, fighter-level craft like Stardust can get through. They’re nearly the tenth wave on the planet, but with only one out of five ships getting through, it’s a miracle any work has been done at all.

“Past the gate!” the pilot shouts, responding with a big ‘hooray!’ from the rest inside. One inch closer to the fight. A ship beside them explodes in crossfire, killing the celebration. One inch closer to death.

As they get closer to the planet-like structure, they see the the individual defenses of the planet, and the weakness of their own troops.

“Thirty seconds to drop!” the pilot says. Each feel the unnerving settling in their stomachs, knowing the odds against them. “Three...Two...One.”

They drop the short distance to the ground, hearing the rumbling of the engines above them, and the sounds of gunfire around them. Immediately firing, they push forward as a group, knocking off a few soldiers. The ship pushes away, turrets firing after it.

Matt stands above them, dirt already covering his dark-skinned face.

“Mixers, Glads, Heroes,” he starts, looking at the group. “your mission is simple. Make room for the rest of the Armada. Don’t flinch under enemy fire, and secure any position you can. The Mixers will go towards the east pole, and the Glads towards the western pole. The Heroes,” he says, motioning to The Golden Sword and Defector. “will follow me. Our job is to cause enough motion to keep the fire off you.”

“Not much of a plan,” someone mumbles quietly.

“We don’t need a good plan,” he finishes. “just good men to execute it.”

His silence motions them to go. The Mixers file left, avoiding the bulk of the shots. Then, the Glads sprint right, each carrying their own shield and Blitzer, each tanks of their people. Finally, he looks at the Heroes. Sword, Defector, and himself, then sits as if tired from the long journey. The fact is, he’s only worried about the bigger battles to come.

“I hate going into battle after the initial attack. Too many good men lose that way,” he thinks for a moment, saddened by the realization. “Let’s go.”

They stand, seeing the battle in full for the first time. Rifle fire skaters the ground around them as Matt moves to start his plan, his Dual Laser Bow taking fire. The weapon doesn’t draw back, doesn’t need to reload, and isn’t just useful for one purpose, having thrusters modified into its frame. Sword quickly takes down several Dregs trying to hit the Mixers, focusing the fire more on his own team.
Not needing to explain a new plan, Matt steps forward, then activates a riot shield, already taking fire. The other two follow suit, well placed shots stopping the soldiers in front of them, not stopping until Matt’s Laser Bow quickly fires an imploding arrow, then rushes in, kicking soldiers into the blast. As one levels his gun, Matt grabs it, leaning into him, then fires at two other soldiers. Flipping around, he shoots the soldier as his friends take the rest, dust swirling around them from the implosion. Now they stand almost three hundred yards from the walled city, resting for a moment before pushing on.

“Sniper fire!” Sword shouts, stepping forward. Just before the laser fire pierces his robotic skull, his built-in defenses phase, causing the bullets to pass through him, and into the ground below.

“That’s new,” Matt remarks, surprised by the ability.

Sword raises his weapons, quickly stopping the snipers.

“We’re being surrounded!” Defector remarks, looking around them.

“Step back,” Matt shouts. Using his bow, he builds a quick trench for the trio to hide into, all the while under enemy fire.

They quick step inside, the number of soldiers multiplying. Matt takes out a Card, but the shielding of the moon stops the molecules from taking shape. Defector looks sorrowfully at them, and then thinks.

“Can’t we make them temporarily work using a Shield Bubble? The technology might be old enough to ignore the signal.” he says.

“Yeah,” Matt agrees. “but we’re going to need some room.”

“Leave it to me,” he says, smiling. First, pulling an energy cell from his pack, he puts it on his Gradler.

“There’s only one other person I know with that tool,” Matt remarks, precisely hitting two soldiers while he says it.

“Who’s that?” Defector asks.

“The greatest pilot in the universe,” Matt answers. “And he used what you’re doing just now to cut through ten feet of star diamonds.”

Second, he disables the safety on the amount of energy can enter the chamber by taking out the delegated safety pin the tools were known for. They were also made to go beyond the intended regulations for what was shown. Third, he opens the laser up on the nearly perfect circle of enemies around them.

Slicing through the robots, they run towards the base again, following the Sire’s strategies. After enough advances, you’ll make it to where you need to go. Continuing to fire, the trio makes it their next hideout, a crater from one of the base’s munition towers. The multitool starts to glow as they make it, and Defector’s sensors tell him it’s time to part with the gun. He chucks it across to the remaining soldiers, blowing nearly the rest of the team, and now holding his crackler tighter.

Another one of the ships comes through, dropping soldiers. It rushes towards the base, taking surprise and a gun tower on the fortress, then crashes to the ground after being blown up by another tower. The group sees the ship only a small run from the new hideout, already having craters through it’s hull.

“Forget the cards,” Matt shouts, already running. The rest follow, running and firing, as another group starts for them. “I can get it running, you guys guard the entrance,” he says, rushing inside towards the cockpit.

“You guys good?” he asks.

“Yeah, just scratched up,” a pilot responds, already conscious due to the pilot training.

“I thought Sire wanted us on the ground,” Defector says, taking cover as the troops close in.

“The plan’s changed,” Matt responds, crossing wires. He pauses, then adds: “Look to your left.” He does, and quickly fires on three soldiers coming from the side.

“Thanks,” he says. “But hurry, we’re being surrounded over here.”

“There’s a lot of damage, I don’t know how fast I can get it done, even with the Pilots helping me,” Matt replies, handing a tool to one of them.

Sword steps forward, shielding from more fire, as Defector picks off some of the snipers. Shielding each other from fire, they move forward to approach the advancing soldiers. Sword and Defector each pull swords, putting away their rifles. They charge toward the crowd, Defector using his jetpack to fly above Sword, and almost overwhelming the group. The cloned citizens of Drega don’t have edged weapons. They mow down several more in the crowd before they start to spread out and fire.

“The ship’s almost done!” Matt yells to them. “Get on!”

A lone shot runs towards Sword, as he phases, anticipating the shot, but his sensors tell him something different. If he phases, the shot hits Defector. He unphases, the laser hitting the targetry circuit in his right shoulder. As he falls, he pulls out the Scout, and hits a couple others. Defector runs towards him, seeing him fall, and assesses the damage.

Throwing a couple trench grenades behind him, he makes a hole just big enough for the two of them. Under the fire from enemy soldiers he gets himself and Sword inside, barely keeping the troops at bay.

“Defector!” Matt yells.

Matt watches as a handheld bomber falls into the trench his newfound friends have burrowed into just as he steps off the newfound salvation. Bits of circuitry fly around it, and Dregans close in quickly to make sure the work is done. No more shots ring out from the area until they catch sight of Matt.

“We’re ready for takeoff, sir,” one of the pilots says to him.

“Let’s go,” Matt finishes.

Matt pushes his way into the control booth, ready for the next phase of an already broken plan to begin.


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