The Verdant Knight

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Wade Parker is no stranger to loneliness and disappointment. His parents died at a young age in something everyone in Caesar City calls 'The Event.' The Verdant Knight is not just his origin story
as to how he becomes a hero, but also the inner dilemmas he faces as he realizes things are much stranger than he thought they were.

Table of Contents

The End

Apology in advance- I don't know what's up with the formatting. Anyway, sometimes the beginning starts at The End. I think that can be ok.
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Day One

This takes place before the first chapter, where Wade has not yet become the Verdant Knight. This chapter goes into his backstory, and how and why he wants to be this heroic figure.
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What happens between exciting events? Normalcy.
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First Time For Everything

This is one of the first editions, please comment if you want the next chapter! Hopefully coming soon. Anyway, this chapter is about the Verdant Knight's first time as a superhero, and his
hilarious fails doing so. Enjoy!
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The Event

One of the first writings of The Event. This takes place before the rest of the story, and is used as more of a 'questions answered' portion for the main character to better understand why he does
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Day Two

This chapter goes into a little bit more about Wade's life without the Verdant Knight, but, how it also intertwines with it.
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Mysterious Archer

This chapter goes back to The Event, and continues along that time as Wade meets someone he'll never forget.
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The Enemy

The Enemy follows Rob and Wade and friends in the aftermath of him being taken by Permafrost. It's a bit of a long chapter.
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Day Three

Day Three I wake remembering last night. After the shenanigans with Raymond, we still had to come home and deal with the police aft... Read Chapter


Fates He’s gone. It takes my mind a minute to process it. Now, again, it’s me and Matt alone on the dark street. I think of the... Read Chapter

Different for a change

Different for a Change I look at my clothes now that I’ve put them on. “Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.” “At least you... Read Chapter

The Incident

The Incident We crouch near a pile of boxes, watching as Latimindeer arrives, an entourage of two with him. He looks somewhat lazil... Read Chapter


  Spread I reach for an arrow, but Brekker pulls out his gun faster than I can redraw. He gives a kind of grunt that seems... Read Chapter

Into New Waters

Brace yourself. This one's kinda sad.
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New Enemies

New Enemies The streets sit eerily quiet. This storm is causing a lot of strange memories to come back, like the one where me and M... Read Chapter

The Experiment

The Experiment “It’s an experiment,” Raymond says, entering information into one of his computers,  as we walk in, batte... Read Chapter


Disposed “What’s he doing, just sitting there?” a volunteer holding a clipboard asks to the woman beside him. “Yeah. We... Read Chapter


Hope “Rob!” I yell into my earpiece over the noise of the storm. “You in place?” “Yes. In position, VK.” “Giv... Read Chapter

New Problems

New Problems “So what do we do?” Rob questions as I walk inside. I sit in one of the stools at the large table we used earlier ... Read Chapter

new solutions

New Solutions I cross my fingers. This is going to work. The drone goes off, flying perfectly. Then,  it sputters for a moment... Read Chapter


Healing “Ow!” Rob walks me into Raymond’s safehouse. Raymond stares at me for a second, taking his eyes off of the equipment ... Read Chapter

Left Behind

Left Behind I watch Matt leave, and it takes every ounce of myself not to rush with him, past the posted guards, and out into the s... Read Chapter

Old Places

Old Places “So we’re just outside the base?” I ask, looking at a building near the Caesar City’s harbor. “Yes,” Rob... Read Chapter

Turns and Twists

  Turns And Twists The world swims as I’m pulled through hallways and doors. I see room after room go impossibly fast, a... Read Chapter

Dangerous Escapes

Dangerous Escapes “So what was with that transponder handheld device thing?” I ask Rob slows beside me, letting me catch up to ... Read Chapter

Second Chances

Second Chances I try and hold the side of my face where Doctor Harris hit me, but a metallic clang stops my hand midway. I look to ... Read Chapter

Back Again

Back Again We emerge from a back alley farther from where we entered than I expected. When we went in, we were outside the city, bu... Read Chapter

The Playground

The Playground Rob stands beside the empty playground, leaning against a tree, and trying to blend in, like his training taught him... Read Chapter

Not Far Enough

Not Far Enough Crash! The driver turns towards the danger in front of us. Boom! A light pole falls near us, shaking the ground and ... Read Chapter

The Short Siege

The Short Siege “How long has it been?” I ask over the mic, looking at my watch before quickly looking back into the sight. It ... Read Chapter


Permafrost I crumble, feeling the icicle breach my back. “Ah,” I gasp, rolling over, taking off my pack as I do, and the ... Read Chapter


Savior Rob looks from side to side, then, not seeing anything suspicious, allows himself to smile. Amelia does the same, but withou... Read Chapter

Post Battle

Post Battle I wake to see the bedroom ceiling, with the time displayed on it from some unseen clock projector. 1:32 p.m. I close ... Read Chapter


Safe I push myself up from the ground, Rob somewhere beside me. I feel the Earth move, noticing the pitch blackness around us, then... Read Chapter


Underground I stare at the blueprints for the fifth time in the spare room they gave me, spreadsheets with times and movements spla... Read Chapter


Rebellion I watch the newest group of parents pick out their selection, stabbing at my fingernails unemotionally, leaning back in a... Read Chapter

A Little Unexpected

A Little Unexpected “Well that was a little unexpected,” I say into the screen, not taking my eyes off of the robot. “Wha... Read Chapter