The martyrs of the January 25 revolution

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This is what the military do when they take the responsibility after a revolution . This is what happen in Egypt after the 25th revolution .

Submitted: April 20, 2012

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Submitted: April 20, 2012




I imagine if one of the martyrs of the  January 25 revolution has returned from death and saw that all what they  have sacrificed their life for it has not been achieved even on the contrary, they  will find that we are back not just before the revolution but maybe more as if there were no uprisings or sacrifices.

Thanks to the great Higher Council of soldiers who instead of protecting the revolution, they protected Mubarak and his party.

I think that any of the martyrs of January 25 will call for only one demand which is simply the success of the revolution and achieving its goals

Many people now hate to hear about martyrs and narrow chests when we talk about the rights of them and this, unfortunately, because they have such a solid hearts, hearts knows nothing about losing life of someone we love.

Have we thought of all that came down and returned an hour later carrying a bullet in his head or his body could be one of our children?

God help fathers and mothers of the martyrs of January 25, they see that their children's lives have been lost without any benefits.

Parents were cultivated patience in their heart that their son had died because he sacrificed his life for his country but now he sees that the life of his son has been lost in vain, and became only a name in a paper with the word Shahyd.

Spread chaos and the withdrawal of the security men from the street, increasing rates of poverty and raise prices, destroying roads and streets using the reason of installation gas and other reasons then leave it broken for the people to be crowded in particular streets , withdraw of all what people use in their daily living such as gas or diesel or gasoline, fabricate fires in some companies, the rejection of all decisions which comes out of the Parliament.

All of this and other  satanic means followed by the military junta and the Egyptian government to eliminate the revolution and its gains and return us to the back and rather than trying to write their name in history as protectors of the revolution, they wrote their name with the blood of the martyrs and the injured who have missed their rights and even write now their names with the blood of all of Egypt, which sold from for a few dollars


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